More Love to Spread!

July 7, 2014

It’s been a busy month for receiving quilts here in Utah. First up! More Fat Quarter Challenge quilts! These have been trickling in all year and it’s so fun to see the different ideas! Many thanks to Lorraine H, M J Figard, Myra Furnage and the Union County Quilt Guild and Rosemary B. Each of these quilts are sure to delight some young heart!

Lorraine H FQC M J Figard FQC Myra Furnage FQC Rosemary B FQC

Next we have some beauties from Donna Sciandra. When she heard we needed more boyish quilts, she promptly set to work and whipped the following up:

Donna S:Sandi W # Donna S:Sandi W 1 Donna S:Sandi W 2 Donna S:Sandi W 4 Donna S:Sandi W 5

So simple and yet they’ll bring a smile to your face every time.

Next, Pat F from the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild volunteered to take some kits from me to longarm which she did a wonderful job on. The tops were pieced by the Quilting for Christ Ministry from Texas. She also sent me a completed quilt made with the lotto blocks she won one month from the Online Guild.

Quilting for Christ:Pat F 1 Quilting for Christ:Pat F 2 Quilting for Christ:Pat F 3 Sunnies:Pat F


Thank you all so much, ladies! Some of these quilts will be heading out the door soon to go to the Romaniv Orphanage in Ukraine. What a delight for those boys! The others will be carefully held until the next initiative.




More Beautiful Quilts from the Talented Quilters at NILAG

July 4, 2014

NOTE:  This entry was corrected on 7/6/2014 to include the name of the quilter, Judy Long, who had pieced and quilted the three quilts previously labeled “Unknown.”  Thanks, Judy! 

I belong to the Northern Illinois Long Arm Guild, which meets every other month. It’s a group which has taught me a lot, as there are many very talented ladies who belong. We have educational sessions, sometimes bringing in outside speakers, sometimes leveraging the talents of the members. Longarming for charity is a wonderful way to build up your skills and practice new techniques and many of the NILAG members have very generously contributed to the efforts of Quilts Beyond Borders over several years.

At the meeting in June there were several quilts waiting for me. The quilters who brought them were Debbie Weber, Judy Long, Kin Hum, Marlene Kolz, Sandra Smith and Sharon Gaber. Some of the tops were pieced by Debi Jackson, Donna Sciandra, and Jan Scruggs.

Debbie Weber Debbie Weber2 Debbie Weber3 Debi Jackson & Kin Hum Donna Sciandra & Sandra Smith Donna Sciandra & Sharon Gaber 1 Donna Sciandra & Sharon Gaber 2 Jan Scruggs & Marlene Kolz Sandra Smith Sandra Smith2  Judy Long 1 Judy Long 2 Judy Long 3

To see who made each of these quilts, run your cursor over them, and the file names will appear in the lower left corner of your screen. For a closer view, click on the thumbnail.

Great thanks to all the wonderful longarmers and piecers who made these  beautiful quilts.  Some of them are on their way to Uganda and others will be going to Ukraine over the next couple of months.  I know the children who receive them will greatly appreciate their warmth and beauty!

And if you’re a reader in Northern Illinois and you’re interested in learning more about NILAG, please check out the NILAG Blog at this website:      For details on where and when the Guild meets, go to the very first post.




Short but Sweet

June 18, 2014

Today’s post is short but sweet and  is about a connection between many people to create  quilts for QBB. In the picture below, the Redmond Trilogy Quilting group in Washington made a dozen quilts (only a few are shown). They were able to make the quilts  with a fabric donation from Sally Stromberg who was able to purchase the fabric from a wonderful shop owner who gave her a good deal to help reduce her inventory. We are always thankful for the generous help whether in finished quilts, fabric or good deals.  Thanks ladies.  We have many upcoming initiatives that these quilts will definitely be put to good use and of course, loved by the kids.


More Quilts from St. James the Less

June 14, 2014

Over the years the quilting group of St. James the Less in Northfield, IL has made more than 120 quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders, and Sue Babbs who organizes the group, met me last month with 3 large bags and several boxes which had more than 40 quilts and 10 quilt tops that were all kitted up with backing, binding and labels so that I could send them immediately to longarmers!

I always love to receive the quilts from this group, as they’re made of brightly colored children’s fabrics with lots of fun patterns. These quilts are made by Sue, Anita, Meredith, Donna, Michelle, Mary, Jill, Susan, Angel, Nancy, Betsy, Sarah, and even one by the children who attend the church’s Summer Program! Hover your cursor over the thumbnails to see the names of the quilters.


Some of these lovely quilts have already been packed up to go to needy children in Uganda.  Others will be headed to an orphanage for disabled boys in Ukraine.  Still others will be headed to initiatives for Iraq, Syria, and Jordan which will take place later this year.

Great thanks to the wonderful quilters of St. James the Less, and the children of the Summer Program for these beautiful quilts!  I know the children who receive them will cherish these quilts, and greatly appreciate their warmth and cheerful fabrics!




A Quick Turn Around

June 8, 2014

Recently I returned from vacation to find all of these lovely quilts waiting for me! The first two are Fat Quarter Challenge Quilts created by Donna Dellacamera and Jean Ruvel. Thank you so much! It’s always fun to see the individuality of each quilt even though they all started with just a single FQ for inspiration. I’ll be sure to enter both of your extra chances into the drawing for the $100 grand prize!

QBB Donna Dellacamera FQC QBB Jean Ruvel FQC

Before I left for vacation, I was quilting like a mad woman! You see, I wanted my friend, Della Burwell, to have lots to do while I was gone and she succeeded! I left her six quilts to bind and she had them all done and waiting for me even before I got home! Way to go, Della! Three of these tops are from the quilt guild, Quilting for Christ Ministries. The others are from Kathy Elston as well as tops that Della pieced. The last one is from Joann from the Sunshine Online Quilt.

QBB Quilting for Christ:Sandi w 2 QBB Quilting for Christ:Sandi w 3 QBB Quilting for Christ:Sandi w QBB Kathy Elston:Sandi W QBB Della 2 QBB Della QBB Joann sunshine

These quilts aren’t staying at my house for very long. While I was gone, we had three initiatives come to fruition. These quilts, as well as all of THESE quilts that I’ve been storing, are quickly headed to Uganda! Other Regional Coordinators are working on this as well to deliver 150 quilts to the Kasana Children’s Center there.

QBB Uganda 2014

Karen M also received the following quilts from Randee and Cindy. Love the bright colors! These will probably be going to Ethiopia!

QBB Cindy QBB Karen M QBB Randee QBB Randee 2 QBB Randee 3

We also have 80 quilts going to the Romaniv Orphanage in Ukraine. These are destined to boys who are disabled and I know it’s going to mean the world to them to receive so much love. If you go to YouTube or just Google the orphanage, you can see a video of three different groups from the orphanage at Christmas time. Note the happiness on their faces when they receive a gift and think of what it will mean to them when they receive their very own quilt!

The next initiative is to Ethiopia this September. Several members of our Board as well as friends will be hand delivering between 250-400 quilts to orphans there who have already lost so much in their young lives! It’ll be Christmas in September, for both the children AND the volunteers!

If you have a minute, we invite you to Google any of these initiatives to learn more about these charities and the wonderful work YOU are helping with! Thank you to each and every one of you! There are so many needs to be met and with all of us working together, WE DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!




Quilt, Quilts, and More Beautiful Quilts!

May 19, 2014

I’ve received a lot of beautiful quilts lately and I’ve finally gotten a chance to photograph them and share them with you. They come from several wonderful quilters from various parts of the country, all very talented ladies.

The first 10 quilts are all made and quilted by Helen Baczynski, who has created many quilts since 2011. Helen brought these beautiful quilts to me at the Machine Quilting Show in Wichita, Kansas, where she was representing Intelliquilter at the show, teaching classes, and where she won ribbons for two of her quilts (“Night Hawks” and “Hungarian Blues”) that were in the show.

Helen B 1 Helen B 2 Helen B 3 Helen B 4 Helen B 5 Helen B 6 Helen B 7 Helen B 8 Helen B 9 Helen B 10

The next two adorable quilts were made by my friend Jeanne Ayers, who is a member of the Pelican Piecemakers guild in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Jeanne makes beautiful quilts and took the time last year to teach me how to make feathers that didn’t look like thumbs! Yay!!

Jeanne Ayers 1 Jeanne Ayers 2

The next 6 quilts were beautifully longarmed by Lori Roelse, who has quilted many tops for us over the last year or so. Lori pieced and quilted the first one herself, and the remainder were sent to her by one of our Regional Coordinators, Noreen Fling.

Lori Roelse 1 Lori Roelse 2 Lori Roelse 3 Lori Roelse 4

Lori Roelse 5 Lori Roelse 6

The last four quilts were made by Rebecca Cordes in Missouri. Rebecca’s playful quilts were all quilted on her domestic machine, using decorative stitches. She did a beautiful job, and the children who receive these will adore them!

Rebecca Cordes 1 Rebecca Cordes 2 Rebecca Cordes 3 Rebecca Cordes 4

Helen, Jeanne, Lori and Rebecca, these quilts are such a visual feast! It was a treat to hang them and photograph them all! The children who receive them will be delighted with them! Thank you all!



More awesome quilts

May 9, 2014

First off I’ve received another wonderful Fat Quarter Challenge Quilt from Trudy P in Texas.  She did a wonderful job on it.  I love the weaving! It’s always fun to figure out which fabric was the fat quarter.

FQC Trudy Pickle

Thank you very much, Trudy and I’ll be sure to get your extra chances for the $100 prize drawing registered too! Only a few more months left to get the extra chances to win that $100 prize.

We also have some very fun quilts that have been sent to our California Regional Coordinator, Ann. Sadly, for most of these quilts we only have first names and no email addresses to thank them so we hope they’re followers of the blog and know of our heartfelt gratitude. We have quilts from Donna Sciandra and Joann D, Kay in AZ and Sally. These are sure to bring smiles!

Kay in AZ 3  Kay in AZ 4  Sally  Kay in AZ 2  Kay in AZ 1  Donna S:Joann D 3  Donna S:Joann D 2  Donna S:Joann D 1


Thank you again and if you know any of these piecers, please let them know to come check out the blog and know we appreciate their help!



Ring, ring!

May 5, 2014

Ok, is that title telling my age when I’m talking about a telephone? :) In my defense, it was my cell phone ringing so that at least brings me to the 90′s, right? Anyway, I received the kind of phone call that all regional coordinators dream about! A very nice lady named Becky was calling asking for my address. She stated that she and a friend had asked Carla for some quilt tops last fall that they could quilt for us and oh my! What a great job they did! As the conversation continued, I asked her how many quilts she was sending. She casually replied, “18 I think”. Whoa! That’s REALLY the type of phone calls that regional coordinators enjoy getting! Hot diggity. I was on pins and needles waiting for that package to arrive and it was so much fun to ooh and aah as each one was taken from the box. They certainly had a lot of fun quilting these, I think, as you can see when you do a close up on the pictures. She actually apologized that it had taken her awhile to get them done. No apologies needed! These are wonderful, happy quilts. Some of them even have a really cool binding on them. I’m not sure if they’ll show up in the pictures but kind of like a double binding. Does that make sense? I’m sure there’s a much better name for them but that’s the best I can do right at this moment. Can you imagine trying to pick just ONE of these if you were receiving one? Of course, we send a big THANK YOU out also to the wonderful ladies who took the time to create all these beautiful tops as well. It’s always fun to see the imagination and creativity of the piecers. Today we have everything from panels to strip piecing to wonky log cabins to one that is just a single log cabin block; from brights to pastels to deeper, boyish colors and they all look fantastic.

Special thanks to:

Donna Sciandra

Nyla Gordon

Marilyn Barba

Linda Strachn

Elaine Dekovic

Carol Boethel

Evelyn Carlisle

Carolyn Sower

And Longarm Quilters and Friends Becky Goldner and Barbara Nilles


Barb Nilles  Carol Boethel:Barb Nilles  Carolyn Sower:Barb Nilles  Donna Sciandra:Becky Goldner 2  Donna Sciandra:Becky Goldner 4  Donna Sciandra:Becky Goldner 5  Donna Sciandra:Becky Goldner 6  Donna Sciandra:Becky Goldner 7  Donna Sciandra:Becky Goldner 8  Donna Sciandra:Becky Goldner  Donna Sciandra:Becky Goldner3  Elaine Dekovic:Barb Nilles  Evelyn Carlisle:Barb Nilles 2  Evelyn Carlisle:Barb Nilles  Linda Strachn:Becky  Goldner  Marilyn Barba:Becky Goldner  Nyla Gordon:Becky Goldner



April Showers Bring May Flowers

April 30, 2014



Can you believe it’s already May tomorrow? Today we have another wonderful quilt show and tell. We have quilts sent to us that were picked up as kits at Houston (always fun to see these quilts returned); we have quilts that were done by a volunteer who has now volunteered to be our new Regional Coordinator (Karen Matheson); quilts by military personnel and engineers;  quilts by first time volunteers; and quilts by previous volunteers.  Thanks to all of you, Susan Powers; Patricia from Port Austin, MI and also Nataie (sorry ladies I don’t have your last names); Camille Martin; Ramona Yurwitz; Maryanna Caldwell; Jamee Pemberton; Karen Matheson; Donna Sciandra; Capt. Kim Phillips; Hays Nichol; Marissa Charrier;  Carolyn Gower; Dathy Schwabel; & Crystal Smith.   As always you can see the quilt information by hovering over the pictures.
Enjoy, Tina



Camille Martin (1) Camille Martin (2) Camille Martin (3) Capt Kim Phillips & Karen Matheson Carolyn Gower & Karen Matheson Donna Sciandra & Crystal Smith (1) Donna Sciandra & Crystal Smith (2) Donna Sciandra & Crystal Smith (3) Donna Sciandra & Crystal Smith (4) Hays Nichols & Karen Matheson Jamee Pemberton KathySchwabeland (1) KathySchwabeland (2) KathySchwabeland (3) Marissa Charrier & Karen Matheson Maryanna Caldwell Natalie & Patricia MI Patricia MI (1) Patricia MI (2) SusanPowers1 SusanPowers2


A Plethora of Quilts!

April 24, 2014

We’ve had many busy bees and once again, with most of these quilts it’s been a team effort. Such a treat for the eyes!

Special thanks go out to:

Karen Matheson: One of our new RC’s who coordinated all these top makers and longarmers as well as quilting some of them herself.

Diane Dornfried Jacobson: Very talented long arm quilter

Donna Sciandra: A prolific piecer. It’s always fun to see what she comes up with.

Rose Herring: She sent four completed quilts to Karen.

Marsha Johnson: She sent 6 tops to be finished.

Regina Huber: Sent two finished quilts to Karen as well.

Sandy Morawski: A special Long-Arm teacher and quilter who worked her magic on several of these quilts.

Donna Dellacamera: Attended IQF in Houston and made two quilts, one from a kit that she picked up in Houston at our booth.

Patty Bradshaw: Sent a top to be finished.

Jamie Ringgenberg: A brand new quilter and bride! She got together with some friends. They didn’t know much about sewing but their desire to help us kept them motivated and they did a wonderful job. Hopefully they’ll get addicted and make more! :)

As always, hover over each picture to see the names of the makers and quilters. Thank you all for your help! I know these will bring many smiles all around the world!



Bennett:Diane J  Bennett:Karen M  Detail Bennett:Karen M  Detail Jamie R:Karen M  Donna D 2  Donna D1  Donna S:Karen M 2  Donna S:Karen M  Donna S:Karen M1  Jamie R:Karen M 1  Jo:Huber  2  Jo:Regina H 1  Karen M 1  Karen M 2  Karen M 3  Karen M 4  Karen M 5  Karen M 6  Karen M 7  Karen M 8  Karen M  Marsha J:Sandy M 1  Marsha J:Sandy M 2  Marsha J:Sandy M 3  Patty B Karen M  Rose Herring 1  Rose Herring 2  Rose Herring 3  Rose Herring 4


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