We’ll See You in Houston at the International Quilt Festival!

October 19, 2014

We’re delighted to tell you that we’ll be having a booth at the IQF in Houston once again, starting the evening of Wednesday, October 29th and going through Sunday, November 2nd.  We’ll be in the area with the Exhibits, in the hall with all the quilts that are on display.   Once again we’ll be giving out kits to make quilt tops and encouraging participation in the Fat Quarter Challenge.  We’ll be selling some beautiful fundraising quilts made by our volunteers, and some wonderful products that I picked up in Ethiopia over the last month!  We look forward to seeing you in our booth!


I just got back from taking 250 quilts to Ethiopia (along with friends Brenda Barnett and Ann Drake) and while we were there we had a chance to pick up some great additions to the products we’ve sold in the past.  (Over the next few weeks I’ll plan to post pictures from our quilt deliveries, but we’ve been so busy getting ready to go to Houston and running initiatives to get quilts to Syrian refugee children and needy children in Uganda that I haven’t had a chance to go through the 1200 pictures I took and do that yet.  Stay tuned!)

You’re already familiar with the ever-popular string animals that we’ve been selling in the booth for the last several years:


This year we’ll be adding a string lion to the string herd.  We’ll also be adding some painted soapstone elephants and hippos, and a wonderful wooden giraffe carving, as well as some wonderful small carved and painted wooden bowls. We’ll also have some wonderful woven Ethiopian baskets.

IMG_6481  IMG_6482

We’ve also brought back some colorful bracelets and jewelry and some wonderful handmade Ethiopian crosses.  The pictures don’t do these lovely jewelry pieces justice!

IMG_6477   IMG_6480

While we were in Ethiopia we spent some time with people from the Connected in Hope’s Former Women Woodfuel Carriers’ project.  We taught sewing to some of the former woodfuel carriers so they’d have new marketable skills to support themselves and their families.  We also stopped by their shop and brought some of the beautiful scarves that are woven by some of the former woodfuel workers.  Stop by the booth and check out the selection!


This year we’ll be expanding our Fat Quarter Challenge.  As those of you who’ve participated in the past know, to participate in the Fat Quarter Challenge you pick up a fat quarter and a block pattern and (adding your own fabric and batting) make and send us a completed quilt for us to provide to a needy child.  The names of all those who return quilts are entered in a drawing which takes place on September 30th of the following year.  The winner wins a $100 prize.  We’ve had the FQC for two years, and our two winners were Renee Coakley and Donna Dellacamera.  This year we’re expanding the FQC from 100 participants to 200, and we will have additional drawings every month for those who have already returned their quilts — so for more chances to win, get your quilt in early!  The winners of the monthly drawing will receive a $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop, and at the end of the 12 month period we’ll have another drawing for the grand prize of $100.

For more info on the Fat Quarter Shop, see these links:







Great thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop for making these drawings possible!  Stop by our booth and enter the challenge for your chance to win!


If you’re attending the show, this would be a wonderful time to return any quilts or tops you’ve completed from kits you picked up at the show during prior years, if you haven’t already returned them to us.  If the kit or top has been misplaced, substitutes or monetary donations are gladly accepted.  If you won’t be attending the show and would like to send us a finished top or quilt, please send us a note at our email, quiltsbeyondborders@gmail.com , and we’ll give you the address of a Regional Coordinator who will be happy to receive your finished quilt or top.  Thanks!

We hope to see you at the show!



Pictures from Uganda, and Quilts Headed for Guatemala

October 16, 2014

Photos from Uganda:

Earlier this year my cousin, Cindy Roth, and other members of her church group went to Uganda to New Hope to the Kasana Children’s Center to do some mission work there.  We sent 150 quilts along with them for the children.  Because of scheduling conflicts Cindy’s group wasn’t able to distribute the quilts personally, which is something that happens from time-to-time.  (It’s always a disappointment when that happens, because everyone wants to be Santa at least once in their lives!)  However Cindy just received some pictures from the delivery that occurred after the missionaries had left.

Here they are!


Uganda - New Hope 1 Uganda - New Hope 2 Uganda - New Hope 3 Uganda - New Hope 4

The smile on this boy”s face says it all, doesn’t it?  I know the children who received these and the other quilts we sent to Uganda will cherish them!  Great thanks to all the wonderful quilters who made all the beautiful quilts we sent to Uganda.

Quilts on their way to Guatemala:

Loretta Kelldorf, our Regional Coordinator in Tyler, Texas, has been coordinating an initiative for Orphan Outreach in Plano, Texas, to take some quilts to the Downs Syndrome School in Guatemala City, Guatemala.  She recently sent me these pictures of some of the beautiful quilts that will be on their way to the children in Guatemala shortly.  The quilters include Joanne Hopkins, Donna Della Camera (the winner of our Fat Quarter Challenge this year!), Margaret of Washington, Delleen of Oregon, Karen Vander Stoep, Karen Matheson, Donna Sciandra, Alice McQueen, MJF, Susan Brown, Jennifer DeMeuse and L. Hollingsworth.  To know which quilter made which quilt, please hover your cursor over the thumbnails.  For a close-up view, click on the thumbnail.


Thank you, all the wonderful ladies who made these beautiful quilts!  We’ll post pictures of the children who receive them as soon as we get the pictures from Orphan Outreach.





Winter is Coming and Quilts are Still Needed for Syrian Refugee Children

October 14, 2014

If you’ve been reading our blog, we have been collecting quilts for the Syrian refugee children in Jordan. The need for quilts for these children continues to grow as more and more families are displaced by war. Winter is approaching and life in the tents is chilling. Your quilts are an important source of needed warmth and comfort.

Below are some pictures provided by Rita Zawaideh of the Salaam Cultural Center. Rita is very supportive of the quilts we have delivered to her and many have already made their way to Jordan. Rita is in the red shirt and Reham is holding the quilt. Reham is going back and forth to Jordan with Rita.  SCM7

Pictures from one of the first deliveries of our quilts.



Our quilters response has been terrific and we have passed the 400 mark this year for refugees alone! We are not done though. Please keep those machines “singing” as we continue to provide quilts for love and comfort, and warmth for these refugee children.

Quilts at SCM waiting for the next shipment.  SCM3
We greatly appreciate receiving completed quilts, as we’re able to get those most quickly into the hands of a child who needs it. If you don’t care to quilt your top, we would also appreciate if you can return it to us kitted up with backing and binding so that we can quickly send it to a longarmer for completion. And longarmers, we do have kits waiting to send to you if you can help us quilt them. Please contact us at quiltsbeyondborders@gmail.com and we can provide addresses, East or West Coast whichever is closer, to send completed quilts.

Here are some completed quilts from Delleen Kompkoff and also Peggy Icenogle and Nancy D. These quilts have been sent to SCM for the Syrian children. Thanks so much ladies and to all who have supported this drive.

Kompkoff (2)Kompkoff (1)PeggyIcenogle_NancyD


Karen V

And the FQC winner is…

October 1, 2014

Donna Dellacamera!!

Sorry there are no pictures of me drawing her name out of the bowl but I’m not nearly as cute as Ann’s grandson last year! :) Donna, if you could please send your address to us, we’ll get your check in the mail!

We want to thank all the participants of the Fat Quarter Challenge. It was so fun to see the many creative ways you used your fat quarter and your completed quilts brought many smiles and ooh’s and aah’s to us as we’d open each box. Rest assured those quilts are now bringing warmth and happiness to children all over the world. This is a short post so let me share with you some of those happy faces from the past year and please know that all of YOU made this possible! 2012-09-10 16.45.50 IMG_2710

Haiti1 (1) Haiti1 (7)  Syria2

And this last picture says it all!


See you in Houston!!!!

Salaam Cultural Center on the News and QBB

September 25, 2014

Tonight our local news in Seattle, highlighted the work of Rita Zamadeh, Salaam Cultural Center. Her mission is primarily medical: doctors, specialists, nurses and medical supplies for refugees in the middle east. She also fills a container of clothing, food and other items that are sent every other month.

Rita SCCSo far QBB has sent 113 quilts. During the interview she pointed to some of the items sent and picked up a quilt, with a very large label facing the camera “Quilts Beyond Borders”. Wow! We will gladly deliver another 20 quilts to her tomorrow. They are entering the winter,  so let’s try to get as many as possible to her for the November trip. It’s going to mean so much to these children, who are traumatized by war, displaced and have lost family.

Send us an email with the number of finished quilts you have, and we’ll give you an address of where to send. We are collecting on both east and west coast. Thank you for helping out.

Here is a link to watch the video:  http://www.king5.com/media/cinematic/video/15025576/seattle-aid-workers-plan-new-mission-to-syria/
Regards, Karen

2013 Fat Quarter Challenge is coming to a close

September 20, 2014

Hard to believe almost a year has passed since we started our current Fat Quarter Challenge and soon we’ll be meeting in Houston again! I’ve received FQC quilts weekly the past month and there is still a little bit of time for those of you who might be hurrying to finish yours up to send to me so your name can be entered in the $100 drawing taking place Sept 30th. Here are the latest entries.  These were made by Pam Murphree, Mary Kay Otto,  Susan Devant, Sarah Huie, Joyce Hladik, Marilyn Peery, Vickie Craddock, Pam Hish, Tena McElroy, Annette Jones, Linnie Hyde, Susan Seward, Teri Slaughter, Deb Davis, and Cathy Davidson.

FQC ANnette Jones  FQC Cathy Davidson FQC Deb Davis  FQC Joyce Hladik FQC Linnie Hyde  FQC Marilyn Peery FQC Mary Otto:Susan Devant:Sarah Huie  FQC Pam Hish FQC Pam Murphree  FQC Susan Seward FQC Tori Slaughter  FQC Vickie Craddock

I’ve also been receiving finished quilts from longarmers who have finished them for us. I’m really happy to post these finished quilts as they had been sitting in my QBB closet as tops, backs, bindings and labels just waiting for some TLC to finish them up. It’s so nice to see them all finished and waiting to be loved and needed this winter.  The folks who made these quilts happen are: Kathy Elston, Judy Cabot, Linda Cadzow, Marilyn B, Quilting For Christ Ministry, Sue, Kathy, Sophia, Anya, Ann, Jo of Australia, Delleen Kompkoff and Louise.

Joyce Hladik 1  Joyce Hladik Kathy Elston:Judy C 2  Kathy Elston:Judy C 3 Kathy Elston:Judy C 4  Kathy Elston:Judy C Linda Cadzow:Judy Cabot  Marilyn B:Judy C Quilting for Christ:Judy c 2  Quilting for Christ:Judy C Sandi W:Judy c 1  Sandi W:Judy C 2 Sue Kathy Sophia Anya Ann Jo of Australia Delleen Kompkoff Louise

All of these quilts will be leaving here shortly and on their way to Washington where they’ll be sent forward to help the refugees, just in time for cold weather! Thank you all for the great work you’ve done.



More Quilts Headed to Refugees in the Middle East

September 8, 2014

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had some significant deliveries of quilts on the East and West coast of the US that will be headed to refugee children in the Middle East. Photos of quilts that Karen was gathering for the Salaam Cultural Museum in Seattle were shown in our last posting. Karen made another delivery to Rita of SCM yesterday, and had this to say:

Paul and I delivered another 63 quilts to the Salaam Cultural Museum today. Rita was glad to receive as she leaves on Monday for the middle east, along with a fleet of medical professionals, a full container of clothing and provisions. It just leaves us amazed at what one woman can generate. It’s been a real privilege meeting her.

Our quilts are especially welcome as winter approaches. Refugees are living in tents with no heat. Rita was much concerned about babies and appreciative of the quilts, which will help.

The scope of people displaced is huge, about 10-1/2 million Syrians (1/2 outside the country and 1/2 inside). Our quilts are also going to the displaced, in Gaza. In our way, we just quilt for one child at a time. We are blessed in giving and no doubt, the child is thrilled.

It was a day of “awe”. In all I’ve been able to deliver 113 quilts, they are all well done and beautiful. Thank you to everyone who has quilted to this occasion. Honestly, it was one amazing quilt show.

Currently QBB is sending quilts to refugees from a port in Virginia and also the port in Seattle. So, if you have quilts to send, please email quiltsbeyondborders@gmail.com, let us know the quantity and where you are sending from and we’ll provide an address, east or west, the closest to you.

Thank you for all you do, sewing and creating smiles!


Additionally, Noreen Fling and her husband Rodger have made a recent delivery of about 100 quilts to Gleaning for the World in Concord, VA for their upcoming deliveries to Jordan for Syrian refugees and Iraq for the Yazidi and Christian Refugees there.  Noreen sent pictures of the experience.

The first three pictures show her living room lost under 100 quilts!  Way in the corner between lamp and french door are 130 kitted quilt  tops, ready, so if you’re a longarmer with a little extra time and a generous heart, looking for something to practice on while developing new skills which will also improve the lives of children living in very difficult circumstances, drop us an email to quiltsbeyondborders@gmail.com and we’ll send you some tops  (kitted up with backing and binding) to work on.


The pictures below show our delivery to Gleaning.  Noreen is the blond wearing the striped shirt and green capris.  Our contact at Gleaning, Daphne, is the blond wearing the black and white top and black slacks.  The other young women in the pictures are working at Gleaning, and you can see from the shots of the warehouse that they are working very hard to move lots of supplies and humanitarian aid that will make a great deal of difference to people living in crisis.




Great thanks to all the quilters who have made it possible for us to deliver these 200+ beautiful quilts to SCM and Gleaning.  The children who receive them will love them, and as winter sets in they will greatly appreciate their warmth.



More Beautiful Quilts Headed to Syrian Refugee Children in Jordan

September 3, 2014

Last week Karen Vander Stoep and her husband Paul had the privilege of delivering 50 gorgeous quilts to the Salaam Cultural Museum (SCM) in Seattle. Karen is a member of our Board of Directors and Paul has worked closely with us for many years as well. SCM is a group which provides humanitarian aid, and we’ve been working with them to provide quilts to Syrian refugee children.

Following is a picture of Karen standing beside SCM’s founder, Rita Zawideh. On a monthly basis Rita arranges for trips by a team of doctors, nurses, dentist, psychiatrists plus needed medications, clothing, quilts, gloves, scarves and “you name it” for Syrian refugees.

1 Karen Vander Stoep & Rita Zawideh

How many refugees? Rita says, about 10 1/2 million: half outside Syria and half displaced in Syria. Rita is a native of Jordan and clearly, her heart and her life is dedicated to the refugees. She is so zealous about the cause, It makes you want to engage your highest speed.

Below are some of the quilts we received from Delleen Kompkoff, Marion Bergstrom and her block exchange group, Donna Sciandra, Karen Okerstrom, Linda Mullins-Spirio, Loretta Kelldorf and Mary-Elizabeth Crane.  Hover over the pictures with your cursor to see which quilters participated in making the quilts in each picture.

Delleen Kompkoff - Marion Bergstom Group 1 Delleen Kompkoff - Marion Bergstrom Group 2 Donna Sciandra - Linda Spirio 1 Donna Sciandra - Linda Spirio 2  Donna Sciandra - Linda Spirio 3 Karen Okerstrom Loretta Kelldorf Mary-Elizabeth Crane

Thank to everyone who contributed quilts!  We are currently searching for a person or guild to help us collect for the November shipment.  If you are interested in assisting us, please contact us at our gmail ID, quiltsbeyondborders@gmail.com.



More Quilts Coming and Going

August 23, 2014

Quilts are literally flying in and out of my door as we try to get as many sent out that we can before winter sets in around the world. I think many of you have felt the urgency as well as we have received many quilts recently. Thank you so very much!
First up, two Fat Quarter Challenge quilts have come in from Merridy Pyer and Kathleen Roseboom.I love the variety here! Their names have been entered for the drawing coming up NEXT MONTH!! Where’s the year gone?

FQC Merridy Pyer FQC Kathleen Roseboom

Now I have a couple of quilts that I couldn’t find the name of the piecer so if you made these, please let us know so we can correct them. They were a lot of fun to quilt!

Mystery Quilt2 Mystery Quilter:Sandi W

We would like to thank the following ladies for pooling their talents on behalf of the refugees and orphans:

Marilyn Barba, Sunshine Online Quilt Guild, Pat Ferguson, Carol, Becky Goldner, Della Burwell, Evelyn Carlisle, Linda Cadzow, Elaine Dekovic, Loretta, Lori Brans, Barb Nilles and Myrna Baccus. Each quilt is unique and sure to find a home very soon.

Marilyn Barba:Sandi W Elaine Dekovic:Barbara Nilles Sandi Watters  Friends of MWAW:Pat F  Sunshine:Pat Ferguson Carol:Becky 3 Carol:Becky 4  Carol:Becky 5  Carol:Becky Goldner 2 Carol:Becky Goldner Della Burwell:Sandi W  Evelyn Carlisle:Barb N Linda Cadzow 2 Loretta:Becky Goldner  Lori Brans:Barb Nilles  Myrna Baccus:Sandi W


Some of these are on their way to Guatemala and the others are going to Jordan to help the Syrian refugees. Thank you all so much! The children will love them!



Beautiful Quilts Headed to Jordan, Ethiopia and Ukraine

August 11, 2014

As we headed into summer this year we didn’t seem to have a lot on our plate as far as requests from people traveling on missions to places where they were going to be working with orphanages or with other organizations helping needy children.  I really thought we might actually have a slow summer, with more quilts coming in than going out.  Boy was I wrong!  We’ve got a lot going on now, and I hope we’ll get even more quilts to keep it going and help us meet all our commitments!

As you may know from a recent post, we’re working with the Salaam Cultural Museum to get quilts to Syrian Refugee children who have escaped to camps in Jordan.  Karen Vander Stoep is coordinating that effort for us, and she’s sent me some pictures of some of the beautiful quilts she’s received for this effort.  Quilters are Becky Goldner, Barbara Nilles, Loretta Milton, Jan from AZ, Susan Powers, Natalie and Patricia, and Karen.  Hover over the thumbnails to see names, where I have them.  I’m not sure which were pieced by Loretta and Jan, but they are among those quilted by Becky.  If someone knows, let me know via comment and I’ll add the name to the titles!  Also, click on the thumbnail for a closer look.

Becky Goldner - Barbara Nilles - Becky G 2Becky Goldner 3 & 4Becky Goldner 5 Becky Goldner 6Karen Vander StoepSusan Powers & Natalie & Patricia

Noreen also sent me pictures of the many quilts that have already gone to Ethiopia with Cherokee Volunteers, and of some that will be going to Jordan and other destinations with IRD and Gleaning for the World.  Among the quilters of these are the Cypress Creek Quilt Guild, Linda Mullins Spirio, Donna Sciandra, Alice Helms and Barbara Rodgers.

Alice - BarbaraCypress Creek Quilt GuildDonna-Linda 1 Donna-Linda 2Donna-Linda 3Donna-Linda 4 Donna-Linda 5 Linda

Finally, here are about 40 quilts from the Blanco Quilters, Quilters of St. James the Less, Helen Baczynski, Anya Baker and several others whose names I don’t know.  In the picture they’re on shelves waiting to be packed into bags by Charity Jacobson who will be transporting them to the Romaniv Orphanage for disabled boys in Ukraine.  Charity has promised to take pictures when the quilts are delivered to the children so hopefully we’ll a better view of the quilts with the happy children who receive them.

Quilts for Romaniv Orphanage in Ukraine Quilts for Romaniv Orphanage in Ukraine2

Great thanks to all the wonderful quilters, and all the organizations who are helping us to get these quilts to the children!  Please keep them coming, everybody!  We want to keep more children warm this winter!




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