More Quilts Coming and Going

August 23, 2014

Quilts are literally flying in and out of my door as we try to get as many sent out that we can before winter sets in around the world. I think many of you have felt the urgency as well as we have received many quilts recently. Thank you so very much!
First up, two Fat Quarter Challenge quilts have come in from Merridy Pyer and Kathleen Roseboom.I love the variety here! Their names have been entered for the drawing coming up NEXT MONTH!! Where’s the year gone?

FQC Merridy Pyer FQC Kathleen Roseboom

Now I have a couple of quilts that I couldn’t find the name of the piecer so if you made these, please let us know so we can correct them. They were a lot of fun to quilt!

Mystery Quilt2 Mystery Quilter:Sandi W

We would like to thank the following ladies for pooling their talents on behalf of the refugees and orphans:

Marilyn Barba, Sunshine Online Quilt Guild, Pat Ferguson, Carol, Becky Goldner, Della Burwell, Evelyn Carlisle, Linda Cadzow, Elaine Dekovic, Loretta, Lori Brans, Barb Nilles and Myrna Baccus. Each quilt is unique and sure to find a home very soon.

Marilyn Barba:Sandi W Elaine Dekovic:Barbara Nilles Sandi Watters  Friends of MWAW:Pat F  Sunshine:Pat Ferguson Carol:Becky 3 Carol:Becky 4  Carol:Becky 5  Carol:Becky Goldner 2 Carol:Becky Goldner Della Burwell:Sandi W  Evelyn Carlisle:Barb N Linda Cadzow 2 Loretta:Becky Goldner  Lori Brans:Barb Nilles  Myrna Baccus:Sandi W


Some of these are on their way to Guatemala and the others are going to Jordan to help the Syrian refugees. Thank you all so much! The children will love them!



Beautiful Quilts Headed to Jordan, Ethiopia and Ukraine

August 11, 2014

As we headed into summer this year we didn’t seem to have a lot on our plate as far as requests from people traveling on missions to places where they were going to be working with orphanages or with other organizations helping needy children.  I really thought we might actually have a slow summer, with more quilts coming in than going out.  Boy was I wrong!  We’ve got a lot going on now, and I hope we’ll get even more quilts to keep it going and help us meet all our commitments!

As you may know from a recent post, we’re working with the Salaam Cultural Museum to get quilts to Syrian Refugee children who have escaped to camps in Jordan.  Karen Vander Stoep is coordinating that effort for us, and she’s sent me some pictures of some of the beautiful quilts she’s received for this effort.  Quilters are Becky Goldner, Barbara Nilles, Loretta Milton, Jan from AZ, Susan Powers, Natalie and Patricia, and Karen.  Hover over the thumbnails to see names, where I have them.  I’m not sure which were pieced by Loretta and Jan, but they are among those quilted by Becky.  If someone knows, let me know via comment and I’ll add the name to the titles!  Also, click on the thumbnail for a closer look.

Becky Goldner - Barbara Nilles - Becky G 2Becky Goldner 3 & 4Becky Goldner 5 Becky Goldner 6Karen Vander StoepSusan Powers & Natalie & Patricia

Noreen also sent me pictures of the many quilts that have already gone to Ethiopia with Cherokee Volunteers, and of some that will be going to Jordan and other destinations with IRD and Gleaning for the World.  Among the quilters of these are the Cypress Creek Quilt Guild, Linda Mullins Spirio, Donna Sciandra, Alice Helms and Barbara Rodgers.

Alice - BarbaraCypress Creek Quilt GuildDonna-Linda 1 Donna-Linda 2Donna-Linda 3Donna-Linda 4 Donna-Linda 5 Linda

Finally, here are about 40 quilts from the Blanco Quilters, Quilters of St. James the Less, Helen Baczynski, Anya Baker and several others whose names I don’t know.  In the picture they’re on shelves waiting to be packed into bags by Charity Jacobson who will be transporting them to the Romaniv Orphanage for disabled boys in Ukraine.  Charity has promised to take pictures when the quilts are delivered to the children so hopefully we’ll a better view of the quilts with the happy children who receive them.

Quilts for Romaniv Orphanage in Ukraine Quilts for Romaniv Orphanage in Ukraine2

Great thanks to all the wonderful quilters, and all the organizations who are helping us to get these quilts to the children!  Please keep them coming, everybody!  We want to keep more children warm this winter!



A Mini Quilt Show

August 7, 2014

Today I’m happy to showcase 10 quilts that have been quilted by Crystal Smith and Ramona Yurwitz. The quilts were pieced by Donna Sciandra, Mary Verrico, Kim Bennett and also Crystal. These quilts will most likely be going to children in Syria this fall. You can read about our Syrian initiative in the August 1st blog post by Carla. I’ll let the quilts speak for themselves. If you click each photo you can see who made and/or quilted each quilt. Thanks to all and what a treat for the children who will definitely enjoy these quilts.


Cheers, Tina


Call for Quilts for Syrian Refugee Children

August 1, 2014

Late last year we worked with a couple of other charities to send more than 300 quilts to Jordan for children who had escaped the war in Syria. That war continues, and this year we’d like to participate in another effort to get more quilts to more children who have escaped to the refugee camps.

We have recently communicated with The Salaam Cultural Museum (SCM),  a non-profit organization that provides education concerning the Middle East and North Africa and provides humanitarian aid to people affected by conflict. They are currently involved in monthly missions sending groups of approximately 20 medical practitioners to Jordan to provide medical assistance to Syrians who have been displaced by the war. They have expressed a concern that it becomes very cold during the winter months in Jordan, and told us that some children literally froze to death last year.

SCM has asked that we provide quilts — “as many as can be sent to us” — for their trip in October.   Quilts will be added to their container being shipped in early October going to Jordan for the benefit of the Syrian refugees there. The quilts will be distributed in northern Jordan and the outskirts of Amman. The quilts will be put to immediate use as they will arrive just as winter is setting in and many refugees are living in tents or shelters that have inadequate heating.

Quilts should be 42″ wide by 42″ to 60″ long, machine quilted and machine bound.  One of our board members, Karen Vander Stoep, will be coordinating the collection of quilts for this initiative. If you would like to donate a quilt, please send an email to us at and we will provide the address where you can send your quilt.

Thanks very much for your help! I know the children who receive the quilts you send will greatly appreciate their warmth and comfort as the winter arrives in Jordan.  Here’s a picture of children in Jordan at a refugee camp where quilts were delivered last year.


More Beautiful Quilts for the Romaniv Orphanage in Ukraine

July 23, 2014

Our Regional Coordinator in Austin, Texas, Nancy Alderman, recently sent me pictures of some of the quilts that Charity Johnson will be taking with her to the Romaniv Orphanage in Ukraine.

 20140708_115201 20140708_115322 20140708_143114

20140708_14322620140708_14324520140708_1432592014-07-08 14.35.32

These are just a few of the 86 quilts for the Romaniv Orphanage that have been put together by many different talented quilters from across the US, including Lisa Glenn, Tammy Simpson, Anya Baker, Margie Jones, Linda Fentriss, Kim Bell, Susan Bradley, James Hall, Eileen Thompson, and Margo Perkins, and members of the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild, the Blanco Quilters on the Square, and the Quilters of Saint James the Less. More quilts from these quilters have been featured on earlier posts over the last couple of months. To see them, enter the word “Ukraine” in the search field on this page.

The pictures below were taken at the Blanco Textile Studio, where the Blanco Quilters on the Square have been hard at work on many of the quilts that will be taken to Ukraine.  The young woman pulling the quilt from the box in the first picture is Charity who is coordinating the trip to Ukraine.  The second picture shows some of the Blanco Quilters.  In the third picture is Nancy Alderman and Charity’s mother Ruth.

Charity Johnson Blanco Quilters on the Square Nancy & Ruth Johnson

Ladies, great thanks to all of you for your beautiful work! I know the children who receive these quilts will love them, and will be warmed and comforted by them.


More Love to Spread!

July 7, 2014

It’s been a busy month for receiving quilts here in Utah. First up! More Fat Quarter Challenge quilts! These have been trickling in all year and it’s so fun to see the different ideas! Many thanks to Lorraine H, M J Figard, Myra Furnage and the Union County Quilt Guild and Rosemary B. Each of these quilts are sure to delight some young heart!

Lorraine H FQC M J Figard FQC Myra Furnage FQC Rosemary B FQC

Next we have some beauties from Donna Sciandra. When she heard we needed more boyish quilts, she promptly set to work and whipped the following up:

Donna S:Sandi W # Donna S:Sandi W 1 Donna S:Sandi W 2 Donna S:Sandi W 4 Donna S:Sandi W 5

So simple and yet they’ll bring a smile to your face every time.

Next, Pat F from the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild volunteered to take some kits from me to longarm which she did a wonderful job on. The tops were pieced by the Quilting for Christ Ministry from Texas. She also sent me a completed quilt made with the lotto blocks she won one month from the Online Guild.

Quilting for Christ:Pat F 1 Quilting for Christ:Pat F 2 Quilting for Christ:Pat F 3 Sunnies:Pat F


Thank you all so much, ladies! Some of these quilts will be heading out the door soon to go to the Romaniv Orphanage in Ukraine. What a delight for those boys! The others will be carefully held until the next initiative.




More Beautiful Quilts from the Talented Quilters at NILAG

July 4, 2014

NOTE:  This entry was corrected on 7/6/2014 to include the name of the quilter, Judy Long, who had pieced and quilted the three quilts previously labeled “Unknown.”  Thanks, Judy! 

I belong to the Northern Illinois Long Arm Guild, which meets every other month. It’s a group which has taught me a lot, as there are many very talented ladies who belong. We have educational sessions, sometimes bringing in outside speakers, sometimes leveraging the talents of the members. Longarming for charity is a wonderful way to build up your skills and practice new techniques and many of the NILAG members have very generously contributed to the efforts of Quilts Beyond Borders over several years.

At the meeting in June there were several quilts waiting for me. The quilters who brought them were Debbie Weber, Judy Long, Kin Hum, Marlene Kolz, Sandra Smith and Sharon Gaber. Some of the tops were pieced by Debi Jackson, Donna Sciandra, and Jan Scruggs.

Debbie Weber Debbie Weber2 Debbie Weber3 Debi Jackson & Kin Hum Donna Sciandra & Sandra Smith Donna Sciandra & Sharon Gaber 1 Donna Sciandra & Sharon Gaber 2 Jan Scruggs & Marlene Kolz Sandra Smith Sandra Smith2  Judy Long 1 Judy Long 2 Judy Long 3

To see who made each of these quilts, run your cursor over them, and the file names will appear in the lower left corner of your screen. For a closer view, click on the thumbnail.

Great thanks to all the wonderful longarmers and piecers who made these  beautiful quilts.  Some of them are on their way to Uganda and others will be going to Ukraine over the next couple of months.  I know the children who receive them will greatly appreciate their warmth and beauty!

And if you’re a reader in Northern Illinois and you’re interested in learning more about NILAG, please check out the NILAG Blog at this website:      For details on where and when the Guild meets, go to the very first post.




Short but Sweet

June 18, 2014

Today’s post is short but sweet and  is about a connection between many people to create  quilts for QBB. In the picture below, the Redmond Trilogy Quilting group in Washington made a dozen quilts (only a few are shown). They were able to make the quilts  with a fabric donation from Sally Stromberg who was able to purchase the fabric from a wonderful shop owner who gave her a good deal to help reduce her inventory. We are always thankful for the generous help whether in finished quilts, fabric or good deals.  Thanks ladies.  We have many upcoming initiatives that these quilts will definitely be put to good use and of course, loved by the kids.


More Quilts from St. James the Less

June 14, 2014

Over the years the quilting group of St. James the Less in Northfield, IL has made more than 120 quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders, and Sue Babbs who organizes the group, met me last month with 3 large bags and several boxes which had more than 40 quilts and 10 quilt tops that were all kitted up with backing, binding and labels so that I could send them immediately to longarmers!

I always love to receive the quilts from this group, as they’re made of brightly colored children’s fabrics with lots of fun patterns. These quilts are made by Sue, Anita, Meredith, Donna, Michelle, Mary, Jill, Susan, Angel, Nancy, Betsy, Sarah, and even one by the children who attend the church’s Summer Program! Hover your cursor over the thumbnails to see the names of the quilters.


Some of these lovely quilts have already been packed up to go to needy children in Uganda.  Others will be headed to an orphanage for disabled boys in Ukraine.  Still others will be headed to initiatives for Iraq, Syria, and Jordan which will take place later this year.

Great thanks to the wonderful quilters of St. James the Less, and the children of the Summer Program for these beautiful quilts!  I know the children who receive them will cherish these quilts, and greatly appreciate their warmth and cheerful fabrics!




A Quick Turn Around

June 8, 2014

Recently I returned from vacation to find all of these lovely quilts waiting for me! The first two are Fat Quarter Challenge Quilts created by Donna Dellacamera and Jean Ruvel. Thank you so much! It’s always fun to see the individuality of each quilt even though they all started with just a single FQ for inspiration. I’ll be sure to enter both of your extra chances into the drawing for the $100 grand prize!

QBB Donna Dellacamera FQC QBB Jean Ruvel FQC

Before I left for vacation, I was quilting like a mad woman! You see, I wanted my friend, Della Burwell, to have lots to do while I was gone and she succeeded! I left her six quilts to bind and she had them all done and waiting for me even before I got home! Way to go, Della! Three of these tops are from the quilt guild, Quilting for Christ Ministries. The others are from Kathy Elston as well as tops that Della pieced. The last one is from Joann from the Sunshine Online Quilt.

QBB Quilting for Christ:Sandi w 2 QBB Quilting for Christ:Sandi w 3 QBB Quilting for Christ:Sandi w QBB Kathy Elston:Sandi W QBB Della 2 QBB Della QBB Joann sunshine

These quilts aren’t staying at my house for very long. While I was gone, we had three initiatives come to fruition. These quilts, as well as all of THESE quilts that I’ve been storing, are quickly headed to Uganda! Other Regional Coordinators are working on this as well to deliver 150 quilts to the Kasana Children’s Center there.

QBB Uganda 2014

Karen M also received the following quilts from Randee and Cindy. Love the bright colors! These will probably be going to Ethiopia!

QBB Cindy QBB Karen M QBB Randee QBB Randee 2 QBB Randee 3

We also have 80 quilts going to the Romaniv Orphanage in Ukraine. These are destined to boys who are disabled and I know it’s going to mean the world to them to receive so much love. If you go to YouTube or just Google the orphanage, you can see a video of three different groups from the orphanage at Christmas time. Note the happiness on their faces when they receive a gift and think of what it will mean to them when they receive their very own quilt!

The next initiative is to Ethiopia this September. Several members of our Board as well as friends will be hand delivering between 250-400 quilts to orphans there who have already lost so much in their young lives! It’ll be Christmas in September, for both the children AND the volunteers!

If you have a minute, we invite you to Google any of these initiatives to learn more about these charities and the wonderful work YOU are helping with! Thank you to each and every one of you! There are so many needs to be met and with all of us working together, WE DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!





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