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More Love to Spread!

July 7, 2014

It’s been a busy month for receiving quilts here in Utah. First up! More Fat Quarter Challenge quilts! These have been trickling in all year and it’s so fun to see the different ideas! Many thanks to Lorraine H, M J Figard, Myra Furnage and the Union County Quilt Guild and Rosemary B. Each of these quilts are sure to delight some young heart!

Lorraine H FQC M J Figard FQC Myra Furnage FQC Rosemary B FQC

Next we have some beauties from Donna Sciandra. When she heard we needed more boyish quilts, she promptly set to work and whipped the following up:

Donna S:Sandi W # Donna S:Sandi W 1 Donna S:Sandi W 2 Donna S:Sandi W 4 Donna S:Sandi W 5

So simple and yet they’ll bring a smile to your face every time.

Next, Pat F from the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild volunteered to take some kits from me to longarm which she did a wonderful job on. The tops were pieced by the Quilting for Christ Ministry from Texas. She also sent me a completed quilt made with the lotto blocks she won one month from the Online Guild.

Quilting for Christ:Pat F 1 Quilting for Christ:Pat F 2 Quilting for Christ:Pat F 3 Sunnies:Pat F


Thank you all so much, ladies! Some of these quilts will be heading out the door soon to go to the Romaniv Orphanage in Ukraine. What a delight for those boys! The others will be carefully held until the next initiative.




More Beautiful Quilts from the Talented Quilters at NILAG

July 4, 2014

NOTE:  This entry was corrected on 7/6/2014 to include the name of the quilter, Judy Long, who had pieced and quilted the three quilts previously labeled “Unknown.”  Thanks, Judy! 

I belong to the Northern Illinois Long Arm Guild, which meets every other month. It’s a group which has taught me a lot, as there are many very talented ladies who belong. We have educational sessions, sometimes bringing in outside speakers, sometimes leveraging the talents of the members. Longarming for charity is a wonderful way to build up your skills and practice new techniques and many of the NILAG members have very generously contributed to the efforts of Quilts Beyond Borders over several years.

At the meeting in June there were several quilts waiting for me. The quilters who brought them were Debbie Weber, Judy Long, Kin Hum, Marlene Kolz, Sandra Smith and Sharon Gaber. Some of the tops were pieced by Debi Jackson, Donna Sciandra, and Jan Scruggs.

Debbie Weber Debbie Weber2 Debbie Weber3 Debi Jackson & Kin Hum Donna Sciandra & Sandra Smith Donna Sciandra & Sharon Gaber 1 Donna Sciandra & Sharon Gaber 2 Jan Scruggs & Marlene Kolz Sandra Smith Sandra Smith2  Judy Long 1 Judy Long 2 Judy Long 3

To see who made each of these quilts, run your cursor over them, and the file names will appear in the lower left corner of your screen. For a closer view, click on the thumbnail.

Great thanks to all the wonderful longarmers and piecers who made these  beautiful quilts.  Some of them are on their way to Uganda and others will be going to Ukraine over the next couple of months.  I know the children who receive them will greatly appreciate their warmth and beauty!

And if you’re a reader in Northern Illinois and you’re interested in learning more about NILAG, please check out the NILAG Blog at this website:      For details on where and when the Guild meets, go to the very first post.




A Quick Turn Around

June 8, 2014

Recently I returned from vacation to find all of these lovely quilts waiting for me! The first two are Fat Quarter Challenge Quilts created by Donna Dellacamera and Jean Ruvel. Thank you so much! It’s always fun to see the individuality of each quilt even though they all started with just a single FQ for inspiration. I’ll be sure to enter both of your extra chances into the drawing for the $100 grand prize!

QBB Donna Dellacamera FQC QBB Jean Ruvel FQC

Before I left for vacation, I was quilting like a mad woman! You see, I wanted my friend, Della Burwell, to have lots to do while I was gone and she succeeded! I left her six quilts to bind and she had them all done and waiting for me even before I got home! Way to go, Della! Three of these tops are from the quilt guild, Quilting for Christ Ministries. The others are from Kathy Elston as well as tops that Della pieced. The last one is from Joann from the Sunshine Online Quilt.

QBB Quilting for Christ:Sandi w 2 QBB Quilting for Christ:Sandi w 3 QBB Quilting for Christ:Sandi w QBB Kathy Elston:Sandi W QBB Della 2 QBB Della QBB Joann sunshine

These quilts aren’t staying at my house for very long. While I was gone, we had three initiatives come to fruition. These quilts, as well as all of THESE quilts that I’ve been storing, are quickly headed to Uganda! Other Regional Coordinators are working on this as well to deliver 150 quilts to the Kasana Children’s Center there.

QBB Uganda 2014

Karen M also received the following quilts from Randee and Cindy. Love the bright colors! These will probably be going to Ethiopia!

QBB Cindy QBB Karen M QBB Randee QBB Randee 2 QBB Randee 3

We also have 80 quilts going to the Romaniv Orphanage in Ukraine. These are destined to boys who are disabled and I know it’s going to mean the world to them to receive so much love. If you go to YouTube or just Google the orphanage, you can see a video of three different groups from the orphanage at Christmas time. Note the happiness on their faces when they receive a gift and think of what it will mean to them when they receive their very own quilt!

The next initiative is to Ethiopia this September. Several members of our Board as well as friends will be hand delivering between 250-400 quilts to orphans there who have already lost so much in their young lives! It’ll be Christmas in September, for both the children AND the volunteers!

If you have a minute, we invite you to Google any of these initiatives to learn more about these charities and the wonderful work YOU are helping with! Thank you to each and every one of you! There are so many needs to be met and with all of us working together, WE DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!




A Plethora of Quilts!

April 24, 2014

We’ve had many busy bees and once again, with most of these quilts it’s been a team effort. Such a treat for the eyes!

Special thanks go out to:

Karen Matheson: One of our new RC’s who coordinated all these top makers and longarmers as well as quilting some of them herself.

Diane Dornfried Jacobson: Very talented long arm quilter

Donna Sciandra: A prolific piecer. It’s always fun to see what she comes up with.

Rose Herring: She sent four completed quilts to Karen.

Marsha Johnson: She sent 6 tops to be finished.

Regina Huber: Sent two finished quilts to Karen as well.

Sandy Morawski: A special Long-Arm teacher and quilter who worked her magic on several of these quilts.

Donna Dellacamera: Attended IQF in Houston and made two quilts, one from a kit that she picked up in Houston at our booth.

Patty Bradshaw: Sent a top to be finished.

Jamie Ringgenberg: A brand new quilter and bride! She got together with some friends. They didn’t know much about sewing but their desire to help us kept them motivated and they did a wonderful job. Hopefully they’ll get addicted and make more! :)

As always, hover over each picture to see the names of the makers and quilters. Thank you all for your help! I know these will bring many smiles all around the world!



Bennett:Diane J  Bennett:Karen M  Detail Bennett:Karen M  Detail Jamie R:Karen M  Donna D 2  Donna D1  Donna S:Karen M 2  Donna S:Karen M  Donna S:Karen M1  Jamie R:Karen M 1  Jo:Huber  2  Jo:Regina H 1  Karen M 1  Karen M 2  Karen M 3  Karen M 4  Karen M 5  Karen M 6  Karen M 7  Karen M 8  Karen M  Marsha J:Sandy M 1  Marsha J:Sandy M 2  Marsha J:Sandy M 3  Patty B Karen M  Rose Herring 1  Rose Herring 2  Rose Herring 3  Rose Herring 4

It’s been raining QUILTS!

March 15, 2014

I know most of the country has been getting deluged with snow and ice, but here in Utah, it’s been raining quilts! With an upcoming trip to Ethiopia soon, we are eagerly gathering quilts and these quilts are greatly appreciated. This storm started all the way in South America! The first quilt featured was made by Rejane M , who lives in Brasil. She visited our booth at International Quilt Festival in Houston and picked up a fat quarter. She returned home and made the quilt and while visiting family in New York, she mailed me the quilt, so this quilt already has many miles on it and it’s hasn’t even found it’s owner yet! 

FQC Rejane Menten Brazil 

Our next storm started in North Carolina and picked up steam, and another quilt, in Illinois. These two quilts are also Fat Quarter Challenge quilts, the first from Ann B and the second from Sandra O. 

FQC Ann Bordeau  FQC Sandra Ohler 2 

Just a reminder to those of you who took home fat quarters from Houston, you do get extra chances to win that $100 prize by turning in your quilt to me as early as you can. This month is an extra 7 chances, so keep the quilt showers coming! 

These next quilts blew in from all across the country. We greatly appreciate the joint efforts of these piecers and quilters. Without you, we couldn’t do what we do. Thanks goes out to:

Della Burwell

Sharleen Rainville

Sue Bickham

Quilting For Christ Ministry in Texas (they will be featured numerous times in the future I’m sure as they donated many, many tops to us in Houston)

Linda Cadzow (who also sent us 7 tops. We LOVE it when quilters go through their stash and send us unfinished projects!!)

Sandi Watters

Della Burwell:Sharleen Rainville 2 Della Burwell:Sharleen Rainville Linda Cadzow 

Quilting for Christ:Sue Bickham Sandi Watters:Sharleen Rainville 

I think the children are going to have a very hard time deciding which quilt to claim as they are all so beautiful and unique. Thank you all so very much!



This Little Light of Mine — I’m Gonna Let it Shine

July 20, 2013

When I was a little girl I loved to go to Sunday school and one of my favorite songs to sing was the one I put in the title of this post.  That song has been running through my head off and on ever since I received a big box that was sent to me from Sarah Craig in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

Sarah has a great blog called Confessions of a Fabric Addict (  ) and runs the Hands 2 Help Charity Challenge each year.  She’s also involved with the Glade Church Quilters in Gladeville Tennessee, and Sarah and the Quilters worked with the grade-school children in that church to make 16 adorable quilts for children in Ethiopia!  The children signed the quilts, so the Ethiopian children who received them will be able to see the names of the American children who helped to make those quilts.   Here’s a picture of the Glade Church Children with the beautiful quilts they sent:

Kids Helping Kids

We’ll be taking these adorable quilts with us when we go to Ethiopia in the Spring, and I’ll have to bring a copy of this picture with me so the children who receive the quilts can see pictures of the children who sent them.  For more information of this project, take a look at Sarah’s blog post here:

Sarah also included a couple of wonderful quilts in the box from one of the Hands 2 Help Charity Challenge participants, Mickey White:

Mickey White 1 Mickey White 2

Mickey, I know the children who receive these wonderful quilts are going to love them!

Now, since I mentioned that song that’s been going through my head ever since that box arrived.  I’ve been looking at some of the quilts that I’ve received from the Hands 2 Help Participants and the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild and some of our other volunteers and there are several of them that I think of as “Lights and Brights”.  They all are beautiful scrappy quilts with lots of lights, brights and whites in them, and they all have similar color schemes but they’re all so different, and all beautiful!

These quilts were made by:

  • Ann Drake
  • Etoile Gatreau
  • Julie in Georgia
  • Karen Paschke
  • Katy Sweigert
  • Ruble
  • S. Kidney
  • Shelli Leen
  • Susan N.

Hover over the thumbnails to see the names of the quilters, and click to see them up close.  The thumbnails don’t do them justice, they’re really beautiful!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Etoile Gatreau 2 Julie in Georgia

Karen Paschke & Shelli Leen H2H Karen Paschke 1 Karen Paschke 2

Katy Sweigart Ruble S. Kidney H2H


Thank you so much to Sarah and the children and quilters of Glade Church, and to all of the ladies we’ve named above.  I know all of the children who receive these wonderful quilts will feel the light and  love shining through them!



Beautiful Quilt Made With Fabrics Donated by Windham

January 8, 2013

One of the things we like to do each year is to attend Quilt Market, held in Houston during the days before the International Quilt Festival. It’s an amazing visual buffet which lets us get a “sneak peek” at new products and upcoming trends, what colors and designs we can expect to be “hot-hot-hot” in the coming year. It also allows us to meet manufacturers, tell them about our Charity, and ask them for donations of table drapes, chair covers, sales samples, anything they don’t want to have to transport home. It may be excess baggage to a manufacturer, but it might just keep several needy children and orphans warm on some of those cold, cold nights! We’ve had such wonderful response from the manufacturers each year, and one of the things we like to do is to feature at least one quilt made exclusively from their fabric on our blog.

The Windham booth was really pretty this year, and when they donated some of their beautiful fabrics from their “Hello Gorgeous” collection ( ,  Karen promptly called “Dibbs!” so that she could be the one to make the Windham quilt.  (I was jealous!  I’ll have to call out quicker next year!)

Here’s a picture of the pretty quilt Karen made:

Karen's Windham QuiltHello Gorgeous!  How cute is that?  This quilt will be delivered this year to a needy child, perhaps one in the US or perhaps I’ll be taking it with me to Ethiopia in September when I go.  I know the child who will receive it will love the cheerful colors and prints!

Thank you, Baum Textiles, for giving us these beautiful Windham Fabrics!



Quilt made from Timeless Treasures Donated Samples

August 22, 2012

At the 2011 International Quilt Festival in Houston Timeless Treasures was kind enough to donate some trade show samples to us for our use. This is one of the tops we made from it:

The pattern we used is the “Hidden Wells” block, and we used the technique demonstrated in the video at this URL:

I made this top with my friend, Brenda Barnett, and we really loved the way it came together, and the fabrics are just beautiful.

In April, when we were in Ethiopia, we presented this quilt to a young lady at Hannah’s home for Orphans. You can tell by the look on her face that she really loves this quilt too!

  This picture also features Caroline Williams, of Cherokee Gives Back, who served as our guide in Ethiopia and helped us distribute the quilts.

Great thanks to Timeless Treasures! You’ve made this young Ethiopian lady very happy.  We really appreciate your generosity.


2 Wonderful Quilts from Sandy Waters

August 20, 2012

Last week I received two wonderful quilts from Sandy Waters, who has a business called Designs by Sandy in Vail, Arizona.

The first quilt is an adorable alternating 4-patch, with some very cute giraffe fabric. I really like the embellishment that Sandy did using some ribbon and her embroidery machine and the pieced back is as cute as the front. Sandy has kindly agreed to allow us to use this great quilt as one of our fundraising quilts when we have our booth at the Houston International Quilt Festival in November. Stop by and see it in person!

The second quilt is a really great “jelly roll race” quilt with strips joined by polka dot squares. Sandy carried the polka dots out to a border flange and the binding, making this one of the nicest jelly roll race quilts I’ve ever seen. This quilt will be one of the ones that is going to an orphanage in Russia, to meet our commitment of 12 baby quilts and 24 quilts for young ladies who are “aging out” of the orphanage. I know the young lady who receives this one will love it!

Sandy, thank you very much for sending us these two wonderful quilts! We really appreciate them both!


Gifts from the “Show-Girls”

August 8, 2012

Warning: If you were Googling “Showgirls”, expecting to find Las Vegas cuties in skimpy outfits, I’m afraid I’m about to disappoint you!!  The ladies in this post are cute, but no skimpy outfits or show dancing was involved! 

Last week I went up to the Machine Quilting Today show in Oconomowok, WI. (I don’t even want to tell you how long it took me to pronounce “Oconomowok” properly!) At the show I met with two ladies, Sandi Barthel (who I’ve been corresponding with via email for quite some time, but never met in person) and Sharon Mitchell, a friend of mine from the Northern Illinois Long Arm Guild (NILAG). Both ladies came bearing gifts.

Sandi, who quilts for her own pleasure,  made 5 beautiful quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders. The fabrics she chose for her tops are just wonderful, and appropriate for tots to teenagers. She used her Circle Lord templates and quilted these beautiful tops with swirls, baptist fans, and squares. In the first picture you see LaDonna (a friend) and Sandi holding a couple of quilts and showing the remainder on the bed.

Sharon, who is the owner of a quilting business called Lofty Quilts in Palatine, IL, brought three beautiful quilts she quilted from tops made by others.   The first picture below shows Sharon holding a quilt top made by  Jan Scruggs, which is also seen in the second picture.  The third and fourth pictures show tops made by Kalena Womack and Evelyn Carlisle, respectively.  Sharon quilts with a Statler, and was kind enough to tell me the patterns she used on each quilt:

  • Pink and Yellow Quilt :
  • Orange, Green, Yellow, Multi Color (from the center out):
    • Cropped-blk-daisy  by  Page Johnson  at
    • Garden Leaves Corner and Border  by  BZ Learning  at
    • FG Flutterby Border  by  BZ Learning  at
    • Sashes-p2p-leaf-and-berry  by  Jennifer Perdue, Anita Shackleford  at
    • Clover Border,  Statler pattern
  • Christmas Quilt:


Sandi and Sharon, thank you both so much for bringing these beautiful quilts to me at the show!  I know the children who receive them will cherish each and every one of them.  Your quilting on all of them is just beautiful!




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