End of 2019-2020 FQC Report – Wow!

The 2019-2020 season of Fat Quarter Challenge (November 2019 – October 2020) has come to an end. This was my first time serving as Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator. I thank all of you for being so generous and making my first year loads of fun! I will continue on as Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator for another year.

Can you believe it? Our final total of quilts collected this year is …. drumroll, please …. 85 quilts! Isn’t that fantastic? That is 85 kids who are feeling the love and cuddles that they needed. YOU did that! And the kids are the winners. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In September we received 12 quilts, all made by Deb W. of Michigan! Here they are. Some were duplicates so are only pictured once:

October brought our last quilt of the year’s challenge. It was made by Mandy W. of Minnesota:


October Winner

Even though it’s only half a month, October gets to award a gift certificate to a lucky winner, just like all the other months. The October winner is: Linda L. of Louisiana. Linda gets a $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop. Have fun shopping, Linda!

Here is a picture of Linda’s quilt:

LindaL.FQC20 (2)

End of Year Winner

You may not know this, but at the end of each yearly FQC season we draw a winner who is given $100 cash! This year’s end of season winner is: … Deb W. of Michigan! She generously donated 27 quilts this year. Pictures of her most recent quilts are posted above.


I want to sincerely thank all of you who donated the 85 bright and cheerful quilts that the children will love. Some of the children experience enormous life challenges, and your gift of color and warmth lets them know that someone is thinking of them. Can you imagine what a difference that can make in a difficult time? Please continue to support Quilts Beyond Borders through your participation in the Fat Quarter Challenge. It’s fun, you might win something, and the children receive the best of all: your loving thoughts in the form of a beautiful quilt. What could be better?

Our next season begins in November 2020 and runs through next October. The rules and prizes are the same as this year. You can start sending your quilts right away!

With gratitude,

Carol Egan

Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

P.S. Please try to make your quilts close to 60 inches long if you can. We accept a range of sizes, but approximately 60 inches long makes the quilts more shareable and able to get to their destination more quickly.

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August and September Challenge Winners

As you know, every month we draw the name of one of our Fat Quarter Challenge participants who has sent in a quilt for the challenge. That person receives a $25 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop. Fat Quarter Shop has been a loyal supporter of Quilts Beyond Borders for years. We really appreciate their participation as well as the contributions of all the quilters who send in such gorgeous quilts for the children.

In August Beth B. from Oregon won. She has sent in three very pretty quilts! Here is one of them, that granted Beth a gift certificate prize in our drawing.
September’s winner is Gail H. from California. Here is her very cute quilt:
GailH.FQC20 (1)
You, too, can participate. We are still accepting quilts for the challenge. If you want to play in this year’s program and be eligible for the $100 year-end prize, be quick! Quilts are due by October 15. That will close out the 2019-2020 Fat Quarter Challenge. It will start up again in November 2020. So either way, whether you are super quick or a little slower, you can send in a quilt, and we will gladly share it with a child somewhere in the world. Eventually, you might win one of the monthly prizes. For further details, click here.
The children are the real winners in this endeavor!
Carol Egan
Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

A Half Dozen Lovelies in August

We received six beautiful quilts for the Fat Quarter Challenge during the month of August: one from Brenda E. of Washington:


one from Emily L. of California:


and four from Cathy L. of Iowa:


Aren’t these pretty?
The kids will love snuggling in these pretty quilts. Some of them have already been sent out to QBB initiatives and will be in the hands of children very soon. Thank you all for helping spread the comfort of quilts around the world.
Fat Quarter Quilts can still be sent in. Deadline is October 15. Check here to see how to be a part of the fun!. 
Carol Egan
Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

Quilts for Royal Family Kids Camp

In June, Quilts Beyond Borders sent 45 quilts to the Royal Family Kids camp held for foster kids in central Iowa. This year the usual week long camp was compressed into a single day and was located at a rural residential acreage which provided lots of outdoor fun. Camp highlights included a creek walk, fun with a slip and slide, crafts, snow cones, and the quilts distributed at a birthday celebration with birthday cake. All this was accomplished with social distancing and lots of hand sanitizer! A very full day for the kids, and lots of fun was had and memories were made.
These group photos show many smiling faces and some posed to protect privacy of the children, and please scroll down to see pictures of each quilt with the names of the talented quilters.

Sherree Newhouse

These quilts were created by 1) Linda L and Teresa M, 2) Betty L and Linda L, 3-5) Linn R and Cyndi H:


These Quilts were created by Linda L:


The first 2 quilts were made by the Night Owls Guild in Arizona, the last 3 were quilted by Mechelle B:image_1c

These quilts were created by Linda L:


First 3 quilts were created by Helen B and Edith created the last 2 quilts:


Created by Linda L and Elizabeth L:


First 3 quilts created by Suzanne and Esther created the last 2 quilts:

image_3aQuilts created by Dolly (first 3) and Alaina (remaining 2):image_3bQuilts were created by several QBB supporters: 1) Dianna W, 2) Holly and Angela W, 3) Annette and Pauline, 4) Sandy, 5) Hilda:image_3c

July Fat Quarter Challenge Winner

The lucky winner of the July drawing for a gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop is Karen R. of Minnesota. Karen donated two beautiful quilts for the challenge. This is one of them:
Fat Quarter Shop has sponsored our Fat Quarter Challenge for several years, and we appreciate their support. Check out their web site at the above link. They have a great shop! You still have time to submit a quilt and be entered into the drawing, Click Here for more information on participating!
Carol Egan
Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator
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July Bloomed With 11 Quilt Donations

We received 11 beautiful quilts in July for the Fat Quarter Challenge. All of them were submitted to Regional Coordinators who then sent me the picture and info about the quilts. Together they make a beautiful quilt garden, don’t you agree?
Beth B. of Oregon made these three:
Delleen K. of Oregon made these two:
Lori C.:
Kathleen H.
Laura R.:
Marlyene S.:
Ruth S.:
Teresa M. of Louisiana:
We hope you are enjoying completing more sewing and perhaps even a quilt for the Fat Quarter Challenge. You can submit one any time from now until the deadline of October 15.
Carol Egan – Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

June Quilts and June Challenge Winner

We received three beautiful quilts in June for the Fat Quarter Challenge. These two are by Beth H. of Minnesota. She has now submitted four lovely quilts for the Fat Quarter Challenge.
This quilt is from Doris M. of Alabama. Isn’t it pretty? She was using an “ugly” fat quarter from another challenge, and managed to make the quilt beautiful, disguising any ugliness that might have been there.
The monthly prize drawing took place, and the lucky winner was Deb W. of Michigan. Deb has submitted a total of 15 quilts for the challenge! Here is a picture of one of her beautiful quilts.
Deb has won a $25 gift certificate to the online store Fat Quarter Shop. Check them out. It’s a great shop and has supported QBB for several years.
We hope you are enjoying completing more quilts and perhaps even a quilt for the Fat Quarter Challenge. You can submit one any time until the deadline of October 15.
Carol Egan
Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

Southwestern Quilters Sew for Syrian Refugees

Recently the Southwest area sent some quilts to the Salaam Cultural Museum for their next container shipment which we gave more information on in this recent blog post.  The following photos show the 33 quilts sent to SCM and are just a sample of the many quilts sent to Quilts Beyond Borders for children who need them for warmth and comfort.
I am never surprised by the generosity of quilters, but often overwhelmed seeing the beautiful, colorful and creative quilts donated to our cause.  The QBB Quilters are truly amazing and so appreciated!
Sherree Newhouse – Arizona Regional Coordinator
Pieced and quilted by Eva C. from Arizona


Pieced and quilted  by Eileen E. of Arizona


Created by the quilters at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Texas

These lovely quilts were created by Judy C. and Camille C.


These were made by (left to right):  Edith(TX), MJ, Eileen N, Beth M, Linda L (LA)

May FQC Quilt and the May Winner

The lucky winner of the May drawing for a gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop is Linda L. of Louisiana. Linda made this beautiful quilt:
LindaL.FQC20 (1)
Fat Quarter Shop has sponsored our Fat Quarter Challenge for several years, and we appreciate their support. Check out their web site at the above link. They have a great shop!
In May we received one quilt in the Fat Quarter Challenge. This lovely quilt was received from Lia B. of New Mexico:
She sent the quilt to her closest Regional Coordinator, Ann D., and the picture was sent to me. You can do it that way, too, if you wish. Send the quilt to your nearest Regional Director and ask her to send me the photo. Or you can send the quilt to me, and I’ll get it logged into our system. Please email us at quiltsbeyondborders@gmail.com to get the lowest-postage address for you to use to send us your quilt.
Quilts are due to me by October 15, 2020. That’s the end of our year of the Fat Quarter Challenge. It starts up again with a new year in November.

From the Northwest and Beyond – Quilts for Syrian Refugees

These 350 quilts displayed below journeyed over 12,000 miles by container ship to Amman Jordan to be distributed to the Syrian Refugees. The Salaam Cultural Museum, based in Seattle, is the humanitarian group that does incredible work by providing medical care, education, food and other essentials for the refugees. We are so grateful that they take our quilts as well, we have partnered with them to distribute thousands of quilts over the years. This large shipment of quilts was delivered in December, and we hope to share joyful pictures of the distribution events with you soon!

You can click on the picture to see who pieced and who quilted each quilt. Thank you to each quilter who helped us reach this goal, we appreciate it so much. I know that the children appreciate and cherish their quilts as well.

Susan Schmidt  –  Northwest Regional Coordinator