Fat Quarter Challenge for December

Quilters are busy sewing warm cuddles for kids in need, and the Fat Quarter Challenge is the lucky though temporary recipient of these quilts. In December we received SIX beautiful quilts. They will have a quick turnaround and will soon be delivered to children and teens.
The December arrivals are as follows:
Mary B. of Massachusetts

Gail H. of California sent two.

Beth H. sent a second quilt (first one arrived in November). Beth is from Minnesota.

Kathleen R. of North Carolina sent two:

Donna S. of New York sent this in November, but we accidentally left it out of the November post. Thanks for your contribution, Donna!

The December drawing has taken place, and Gail H. is the lucky winner of the $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop. We thank them for their continued support of QBB.
Please send us a quilt for the Fat Quarter Challenge. You can make a quilt using your own fat quarter, or we can send you one. Just ask via the QBB email. When you send in quilts, the kids who receive them appreciate the warm cuddles.

Carol Egan – Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

From The Northwest and Beyond – 2020 Navajo Christmas Quilts

I want to thank all the quilters who have worked hard during 2020 to provide tops and quilts from our Northwest group. My apologies for the tardiness of getting my pictures on the blog. I appreciate you all so much and thank you for your support in 2020!

We were once again honored to provide 240 quilts for the Forgotten People of the Navajo Nation 2020 Christmas Drive. As we saw in a recent blog post, 2020 was a difficult year on the reservation and the need was so great. Our hope is that the quilts below will bring comfort and warmth to the children and elderly who receive them. You can click on the individual picture below to enlarge and to find out who pieced and quilted it.

Susan Schmidt – Northwest Regional Coordinator

Quilts for the Navajo Nation

For several years Quilts Beyond Borders (QBB) has partnered with Forgotten People to provide hundred of quilts each year to the Navajo Nation in northern Arizona during the Thanksgiving season. Normally the quilts were distributed during year-end holiday celebrations at schools and nursing homes, blessing children and the elderly. Unfortunately these in-person gatherings were not possible this year but we still helped make sure these needy people received our quilts and love.
This year 500 quilts were provided to the Nation, an area hit hard by the COVID-19 virus and closed to outsiders for many weeks.  Our contact in Flagstaff, Marsha, and her friend Leo received nearly 200 of the quilts from Arizona and transported them to join another 300 quilts mailed to a relief distribution point located in the heart of the Nation.  Relief in the form of food, water, supplies and the quilts have been distributed to the Navajo Nation as well as to neighboring Hopi’s.

2020 Navajo Marsha

Marsha and Leo in Flagstaff preparing to transport 8 large boxes of quilts from Arizona to the Navajo Nation relief distribution point

Thanks to many of you who lovingly contributed quilts that were part of this initiative. When I think of the quilters who provide quilts or piece tops, send backings and provide quilting to put it all together,  I am impressed with the generosity of all quilters and the quilting community.  QBB exists because of YOU!

– Submitted by Sherree Newhouse, Arizona Regional Coordinator

We normally share many heartwarming photos of holiday parties featuring children and elders receiving their quilts. Instead, please enjoy the following pictures of some of the quilts sent to Flagstaff from our Arizona region and these memories from last year’s celebrations.  These were contributed by many individuals and groups across the United States including Eileen E, Sharon, Dolly A, Fernando T, Barb S, Linn and Alaina, Lori R, Elizabeth and Linda L, Cyndi, Cindy,  and other friends who wish to remain anonymous. Thank you to each one!

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Kids Kingdom Quilts

Once again Quilts Beyond Borders (QBB) was able to bless the children at an orphanage in Imuris, Mexico, with quilts.  Northwest Christian School (NCS) in Phoenix, Arizona, usually travels to Kids Kingdom in Imuris several times a year as a school outreach ministry. Although this year students could not accompany their leader, Chris, he loaded up a van with supplies and 30 quilts and traveled to Mexico in December.
Kids Kingdom is a small community center, a church and an orphanage which provides a home for 18-22 children. Often children from the surrounding area join in meals and lessons. Directors Arutor and Lila have made a huge impact in the town of Imuris by providing education, jobs and spiritual guidance to local residents.
Chris said he especially loves the December trip. They hold a cookout, play games, and distribute gifts and quilts. The primary purpose of the December trip is to bless the children and “show them they are loved”.
QBB is grateful to be able to share quilts for this outreach and truly grateful for each of you and the quilts you provide.  YOU enable ‘quilt support’ of outreach ministries like Kids Kingdom.  A simple thank you does not adequately represent how thankful we are for each of you.
– Submitted by Sherree Newhouse, Arizona Regional Coordinator
The photos below show the quilts sent to Mexico. Thank you to each contributor, maker and quilter for the beautiful and colorful quilts a Kids Kingdom child will receive and surely feel loved!

KK Alaina and Linda L 1

Alaina and Linda L

KK Alaina and Linda L 2

Alaina and Linda L

KK Linn and Alaina

Linn and Alaina

KK LtoR Penny L-Cyndi W-Dianne-Donna-Barb S-Cindy H

LtoR: Penny L-Cyndi W-Dianne-Donna-Barb S-Cindy H

KK Dolly A

Dolly A

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FQC Year Starts Off With a Bang

The Fat Quarter Challenge (FQC) quilts collection begins every year in November. This year we are happy to report that we have already received nine quilts in our first month. The beautiful quilts are pictured below:

JulieAnnF.2.NovBy Julie-Ann F. of NY .. she made two identical quilts; we are posting only one picture

BethH11.20By Beth H. of MN

These 4 are by Cathy L. of IA


By Emily L. of CA


By Linda L. of LA

The quilts we collect are all given to children in need around the world. The quilty love speaks volumes on our behalf, letting the kids know that people care about them. Thank you so much for all who contribute to this cause.

To make a Fat Quarter Challenge quilt, simply use a fat quarter of your choice, or ask us to send you a fat quarter (leave a message at our email address below). Then make a quilt that is approximately 40” x 60” and send it , finished, to our FQC coordinator (Carol E.) You can get her address via our email, quiltsbeyondborders@mail.com  You may send in as many quilts as you wish. Your name is put in a drawing once for every quilt you make, and your name stays there for the whole year, meaning more chances to win!

A winning name is drawn every month. The winner receives a $25 gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop. They have been generously supporting QBB for several years.

The November winner was Cathy L. of Iowa! One of her four beautiful quilts pictured above was a winner.

We look forward to adding your beautiful quilts to our collection and giving them to children. The kids are the real winners in this challenge.

Carol Egan

Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

Is it really Fall?

The weather for the past week in southwestern Virginia has been nothing short of spectacular. The grass is still growing and my horses are happy. The angora goats were shorn and I don’t have to worry about cold weather chilling them. Plus, the sunshine just makes all of us happy. The only downside is it’s hard to quilt when the weather is calling your name. The weather and landscape made for a lovely backdrop to showcase photos of your colorful quilts – please enjoy the photos below and you can hover your mouse on each to see the names of the makers, or click to see each photo larger.

I have been AWOL from writing or sharing photos for some time. Life happens and priorities are shifted. I want to apologize to our quilters that I am featuring here today for the delay in posting photos. More importantly, I want to apologize to 4 quilters in a photo which I had marked with a duplicate name card from another photo. So, if you recognize your quilts, let us know and we can give you credit.

Most of these quilts will be given to the Maasay Yahdav Orphanage in Israel or to a child abuse center in Maryland. You can imagine that all of these children will feel the love that each of you have contributed in the making of these quilts.

Thanks to all our volunteers. We couldn’t do it without all of you.

Cheers, Tina

Quilts for the Navajos

Believe it or not, it’s almost that time again, we are getting close to the annual quilt distribution for the Navajos, we have partnered with the Forgotten People organization and been a part of their holiday parties for many years. The quilts are starting to come in from all over the country and our Regional Coordinators are busily organizing and sending them along. The update below celebrates just one beautiful group of quilts making their journey to Arizona, via Connecticut!

Thanks for your amazing response to the call for quilts for the Forgotten People of Bennett Freeze on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. Boxes after boxes of quilts arrived on my doorstop (in Connecticut, thank you!!) when we returned from Rhode Island. (Perfect timing since we had to quarantine 14 days when we got here.) Yesterday I was able to ship 52 larger, mostly flannel-backed quilts to our contact in Flagstaff. She has already been in touch via email, so excited about the size of the quilts and the extra warmth that the flannel will provide. 
The pictures below show the extraordinary work that you did! If your quilt is NOT in this group, don’t fret. I selected the larger, flannel-backed ones first this time. Your quilt will find a perfect home, soon!
Thank you, especially to the following, talented, dedicated quilters and piecers: Judith Nuno and Ginger Seip-Nuno from Vermont; Bonnie Salt, Barbara Mroz, Fran Fink from Massachusetts; Sue Hurley, Barbara Fegley from New Jersey; Marguerite Boslaugh, Sue Sweeney, Jean Unger, Sharon Gower, Peg Thomsen, Josi Klein, Paula Place, Emma Weiler, from Connecticut; Cindy Hatfield, Jan Sylvestre from Rhode Island; Diane Carlson from New York; Diane Combs from Indiana; Hong Chang from Australia; Nancy Kane from New Hampshire; Alice Aldrich White from Oklahoma; Lynne Aldrich from Texas.
Special thanks to my friend Sue Sweeney who binds and labels lots of not-quite-finished quilts for us  – all the while creating beautiful pieced tops for the long arm! Also, thanks to Angela Church who bundles up your pieced tops into dandy little kits ready for the long armers. I would be sunk without these two wonderful friends. 
Also thanks to Sarah Lazor and Janice Hallaman whose tubs of fabric arrived on my doorstep and to those of you who generously think to tuck a check into your box of quilts. Wow!
I have felt overwhelmed with joy this month as I have been logging and processing your gifts of love.  Life is kinda wacky out there right now. It’s a great privilege to work with all of you. Thank you.

Karen – Regional Coordinator


End of 2019-2020 FQC Report – Wow!

The 2019-2020 season of Fat Quarter Challenge (November 2019 – October 2020) has come to an end. This was my first time serving as Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator. I thank all of you for being so generous and making my first year loads of fun! I will continue on as Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator for another year.

Can you believe it? Our final total of quilts collected this year is …. drumroll, please …. 85 quilts! Isn’t that fantastic? That is 85 kids who are feeling the love and cuddles that they needed. YOU did that! And the kids are the winners. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In September we received 12 quilts, all made by Deb W. of Michigan! Here they are. Some were duplicates so are only pictured once:

October brought our last quilt of the year’s challenge. It was made by Mandy W. of Minnesota:


October Winner

Even though it’s only half a month, October gets to award a gift certificate to a lucky winner, just like all the other months. The October winner is: Linda L. of Louisiana. Linda gets a $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop. Have fun shopping, Linda!

Here is a picture of Linda’s quilt:

LindaL.FQC20 (2)

End of Year Winner

You may not know this, but at the end of each yearly FQC season we draw a winner who is given $100 cash! This year’s end of season winner is: … Deb W. of Michigan! She generously donated 27 quilts this year. Pictures of her most recent quilts are posted above.


I want to sincerely thank all of you who donated the 85 bright and cheerful quilts that the children will love. Some of the children experience enormous life challenges, and your gift of color and warmth lets them know that someone is thinking of them. Can you imagine what a difference that can make in a difficult time? Please continue to support Quilts Beyond Borders through your participation in the Fat Quarter Challenge. It’s fun, you might win something, and the children receive the best of all: your loving thoughts in the form of a beautiful quilt. What could be better?

Our next season begins in November 2020 and runs through next October. The rules and prizes are the same as this year. You can start sending your quilts right away!

With gratitude,

Carol Egan

Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

P.S. Please try to make your quilts close to 60 inches long if you can. We accept a range of sizes, but approximately 60 inches long makes the quilts more shareable and able to get to their destination more quickly.

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August and September Challenge Winners

As you know, every month we draw the name of one of our Fat Quarter Challenge participants who has sent in a quilt for the challenge. That person receives a $25 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop. Fat Quarter Shop has been a loyal supporter of Quilts Beyond Borders for years. We really appreciate their participation as well as the contributions of all the quilters who send in such gorgeous quilts for the children.

In August Beth B. from Oregon won. She has sent in three very pretty quilts! Here is one of them, that granted Beth a gift certificate prize in our drawing.
September’s winner is Gail H. from California. Here is her very cute quilt:
GailH.FQC20 (1)
You, too, can participate. We are still accepting quilts for the challenge. If you want to play in this year’s program and be eligible for the $100 year-end prize, be quick! Quilts are due by October 15. That will close out the 2019-2020 Fat Quarter Challenge. It will start up again in November 2020. So either way, whether you are super quick or a little slower, you can send in a quilt, and we will gladly share it with a child somewhere in the world. Eventually, you might win one of the monthly prizes. For further details, click here.
The children are the real winners in this endeavor!
Carol Egan
Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

A Half Dozen Lovelies in August

We received six beautiful quilts for the Fat Quarter Challenge during the month of August: one from Brenda E. of Washington:


one from Emily L. of California:


and four from Cathy L. of Iowa:


Aren’t these pretty?
The kids will love snuggling in these pretty quilts. Some of them have already been sent out to QBB initiatives and will be in the hands of children very soon. Thank you all for helping spread the comfort of quilts around the world.
Fat Quarter Quilts can still be sent in. Deadline is October 15. Check here to see how to be a part of the fun!. 
Carol Egan
Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator