Quick! The End is Near!

Just kidding.. everything is fine, but the end of this year’s Fat Quarter Challenge is upon us.

Quilts are welcome until September 30, 2021 and then a new season of giving begins in November. See how to participate at this link. You still have time to send a quilt and qualify for not only the final monthly drawing, but also the big year-end prize!

We received one quilt in August, donated by Mandy W. of Minnesota. It looks so cuddly, doesn’t it?

Cathy L. of Iowa was the winner of the August drawing. She won a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop. If you haven’t shopped there, please check them out. It’s a great online shop, and they have loyally supported Quilts Beyond Borders for several years. Here is a photo of a Cathy L. quilt – another cuddly cutie.

September 30 is when quilts are due to me to be counted in this year’s challenge. We’ll start up again in November and will explain again how it all works then. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed quilts this year. We are at 51 quilts donated. That’s 51 kids who have been blessed with your love and generosity. 

Carol Egan – Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

Catching Up

We have not yet published photos of the Fat Quarter Challenge quilts we received in June, so it’s time to catch up. We received these beautiful quilts from Cathy L. of Iowa:

In July we received two quilts, one from Beth H. of Minnesota and one from Emily L. of California. Thanks for these beauties!

Our July winner of the $25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop was Gail H. of California. Remember, your name stays in the drawing each month, once for each quilt you donate. So even though Gail did not donate a quilt in July, she still won the prize! Pretty nifty, isn’t it?! Here is a picture of one of the quilts Gail donated in a previous month.

We have under two months left in the current run of this challenge. Can you get a fat quarter quilt made and sent in to help a child who needs extra cuddles? Use a fat quarter of your own, or we can send you one. Just leave a message at this blog, and we will contact you and get a fat quarter sent out to you as soon as possible. Quilts are due by Sept. 30, 2021.

People who donate Fat Quarter Challenge quilts are eligible for a monthly prize, and there is one end-of-year prize as well ($100 cash!). But we all know that the kids are the real winners when they receive your warm quilt cuddles in their time of need.

Thanks for sewing for Quilts Beyond Borders!
Carol Egan – Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

June Fat Quarter Challenge Winner

Beth H. of Minnesota won the June drawing for a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop!

Beth has donated 7 quilts to the Fat Quarter Challenge so far. That means her name is in the hat 7 times, and it stays there every month. Everyone who submits a quilt gets their name in the hat once per quilt they enter. And the names all stay in the hat all year. So it is quite possible to win more than once!

Here is the quilt for which Beth won the June drawing:

You still have time to get quilts sent in for the challenge. See details of how to join here.  Last date for this season is Sept. 30, 2021. The kids who receive your quilts are blessed by your generosity. Thanks for sewing for Quilts Beyond Borders!

Carol Egan – Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

MVBC Foster Kids Backpacks

Danielle, the Children’s Ministry and Outreach director at Moon Valley Bible Church in Phoenix, AZ, has a heart for foster kids.  She and her husband have been a foster family for several years and have adopted 3 of their foster children.

Earlier this year Danielle challenged the Moon Valley congregation with an outreach to fill 100 back packs for foster kids.  After collecting items for 3 months, each backpack was supplied for a specific age group with basic needs including a change of clothes, a toy or game and a quilt or blanket.  The backpacks will be donated to the Arizona Department of Children’s Services and used like a ‘GO’ bag to be given to a child  when placed with a foster family. 

Quilts Beyond Borders provided 95 quilts for these back packs for foster kids. The first photos show the 120 back packs ready to go (yes, they exceeded the goal!) and back packs being filled at a packing party on May 15. The additional photos below show many of the quilts that were placed in the back packs and will comfort a child at a time of crisis and change. You can click on each quilt picture to see it larger and see the maker’s names.

When you support Quilts Beyond Borders, you extend your help to these initiatives with the quilts you make.  When we send your quilts to initiatives like these we don’t know the specific child who receives them but we know your quilt will be a blessing and comfort to a special child.  The reach we have together to comfort a child makes a difference!  

Sherree Newhouse
Quilts Beyond Borders
Arizona Regional Coordinator

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From the Northwest and Beyond – Quilts for Refugees

We have been fortunate that despite the pandemic we have been able to get quilts overseas. Below are pictures of 592 quilts that went overseas to the Refugees in Syria and Lebanon and above are pictures of these sweet, needy children receiving quilts that our contact, Rita, shared with us. There were 100 that traveled in suitcases and the rest went by container ship and are on their way to Lebanon.

We are so pleased to continue to work with the Salaam Cultural Museum in Seattle which does incredible humanitarian work in the Middle East and North Africa. The children there are so grateful for the quilts since they have so little. Many of them live in crowded tents in refugee camps, no electricity, running water or heat. The weather has been especially difficult this spring with excessive rain that has caused flooding in some camps in Jordan.

I am so thankful for the many quilters in the Northwest group who so faithfully have supported QBB and me. Their commitment to children in need and the beautiful quilts they have made are a cherished treasure! Thank you all for everything you do for QBB!! As always, you can click on each picture below to see it larger and to see the maker’s name.

Susan Schmidt – Northwest Regional Coordinator

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May Flowers

Remember in April we had a shower of quilts? Naturally after the April Showers we received May Flowers. Both quilts glow like a garden full of amazing color. This quilt was made by Gail H. of California:

And this one was made by Sharon E. of Minnesota:

Gail and Sharon and all others who submitted quilts for the current annual challenge will be eligible for all upcoming monthly challenge drawings this year. In May we also drew the name of the April challenge winner. Christina B. of Washington won a $25 gift card to Fat Quarter Shop. Here is her winning quilt:

To participate in the Fat Quarter Challenge, follow directions here. Quilts are due by Sept. 30, 2021. You could win a prize for every quilt your submit, but even more importantly, you could make a child very happy and blessed. For this reason we appreciate every single quilt we receive at QBB.
Carol Egan – Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

From the Northwest and Beyond – Comfort Cases Quilts

We were so excited to send these 150 quilts from the Northwest Reqional quilters group to the Comfort Cases program in 2020 as part of our ongoing partnership.  We are so grateful for the many quilters who shared their time and talents to provide quilts for foster children back east. You can read more about the Comfort Cases program in our post from earlier this year and you can click on each photo to see it larger and see the name of the maker.

Thank you all so much for the beautiful quilts and for providing comfort to children who have had to leave their homes.

Susan Schmidt – NW Regional Coordinator

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Kamp for Kids – Quilts and Kiddos!

You know we love to share adorable photos of children receiving and enjoying the quilts you sew for Quilts Beyond Borders, alongside beautiful pictures of the many quilts we take in and deliver to children around the world… Today we are happy to share both! Tim Morton of Pennsylavania’s Kamp for Kids, a new partnership for us we recently posted about, was kind enough to share these heartwarming photos and we also have photos of our next group of quilts going to these kids as part of this ongoing initiative.

As always, you can click on each quilt photo to see it larger and to see the maker name in the filename.

April Showers (of Quilts)!

In April we received six beautiful quilts for the Fat Quarter Challenge. Thank you so much for sewing for Quilts Beyond Borders!

Quilt makers in April were Moira M. of Texas, Beth H. of Minnesota, Kathy D. of Minnesota, and Maureen L. of Minnesota. Pictures of the quilts follow:

The children who receive these quilts will be blessed by your generosity.

We recently announced April’s monthly winner of the $25 gift card to Fat Quarter Shop, you can win also! To find out how to participate in the Fat Quarter Challenge, please see here. After the lovely shower of quilts we received in April, we look forward to the blooms that are arriving in May!
Thank you, generous quilters!

Carol Egan – Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

Kamp For Kids Quilts

We are excited to let everyone know that 100 of your beautiful QBB quilts have arrived in Feasterville, Pennsylvania. Tim Morton, Director of “Kamp for Kids” sent me a great email, his enthusiasm for the 10 huge boxes of quilts he had just unpacked just oozing out! It is a long labor of love for all of us to create, distribute, pack and repack 100 quilts. I always breath a huge sign of relief when I know they “have arrived!”

Kamp for Kids is a new initiative for QBB. The camp is a non-profit dedicated to helping autistic and under-served kids and their families in the Philadelphia area (among others) enjoy free events, direct assistance, food and goods (like quilts!) Lives are empowered and changed with the assistance of the capable counselors.

Below is a list of the quilters and piecers whose quilts were included in this delivery. I chose the quilts from our inventory based on size and fabric theme; these of course were mostly kid sized and themed. Many thanks to all of you and also to our faithful kit maker (thank you, Angela Church!)  and my all-around capable assistant who pieces, binds and sews on labels (bless you, Sue Sweeney!) Our good work is indeed a TEAM EFFORT!

From Connecticut: Paula Place, Barbra Buckley, Jean Dougherty, Susan Elliott, Mary Gridley, Sue Sweeney
From New Hampshire: Sarah Lazor, Nancy Kane, Jossi Pickett
From Massachusetts: Randee Majka, Pam Belanger, Jean Thibodeau Fran Fink, Sheila Hughes, Bonnie Salt, Barbara Mroz
From Colorado: Sue Holden
From Vermont, Judith Nuno, who also sent a generous monetary donation (which helps to cover shipping costs)
From Pennsylvania: Jean Unger
From Australia: Hong Chang
From IQFestival in Houston: Carol Larson

Karen Matheson – QBB Regional Coordinator