July Bloomed With 11 Quilt Donations

We received 11 beautiful quilts in July for the Fat Quarter Challenge. All of them were submitted to Regional Coordinators who then sent me the picture and info about the quilts. Together they make a beautiful quilt garden, don’t you agree?
Beth B. of Oregon made these three:
Delleen K. of Oregon made these two:
Lori C.:
Kathleen H.
Laura R.:
Marlyene S.:
Ruth S.:
Teresa M. of Louisiana:
We hope you are enjoying completing more sewing and perhaps even a quilt for the Fat Quarter Challenge. You can submit one any time from now until the deadline of October 15.
Carol Egan – Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

June Quilts and June Challenge Winner

We received three beautiful quilts in June for the Fat Quarter Challenge. These two are by Beth H. of Minnesota. She has now submitted four lovely quilts for the Fat Quarter Challenge.
This quilt is from Doris M. of Alabama. Isn’t it pretty? She was using an “ugly” fat quarter from another challenge, and managed to make the quilt beautiful, disguising any ugliness that might have been there.
The monthly prize drawing took place, and the lucky winner was Deb W. of Michigan. Deb has submitted a total of 15 quilts for the challenge! Here is a picture of one of her beautiful quilts.
Deb has won a $25 gift certificate to the online store Fat Quarter Shop. Check them out. It’s a great shop and has supported QBB for several years.
We hope you are enjoying completing more quilts and perhaps even a quilt for the Fat Quarter Challenge. You can submit one any time until the deadline of October 15.
Carol Egan
Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

Southwestern Quilters Sew for Syrian Refugees

Recently the Southwest area sent some quilts to the Salaam Cultural Museum for their next container shipment which we gave more information on in this recent blog post.  The following photos show the 33 quilts sent to SCM and are just a sample of the many quilts sent to Quilts Beyond Borders for children who need them for warmth and comfort.
I am never surprised by the generosity of quilters, but often overwhelmed seeing the beautiful, colorful and creative quilts donated to our cause.  The QBB Quilters are truly amazing and so appreciated!
Sherree Newhouse – Arizona Regional Coordinator
Pieced and quilted by Eva C. from Arizona


Pieced and quilted  by Eileen E. of Arizona


Created by the quilters at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Texas

These lovely quilts were created by Judy C. and Camille C.


These were made by (left to right):  Edith(TX), MJ, Eileen N, Beth M, Linda L (LA)

May FQC Quilt and the May Winner

The lucky winner of the May drawing for a gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop is Linda L. of Louisiana. Linda made this beautiful quilt:
LindaL.FQC20 (1)
Fat Quarter Shop has sponsored our Fat Quarter Challenge for several years, and we appreciate their support. Check out their web site at the above link. They have a great shop!
In May we received one quilt in the Fat Quarter Challenge. This lovely quilt was received from Lia B. of New Mexico:
She sent the quilt to her closest Regional Coordinator, Ann D., and the picture was sent to me. You can do it that way, too, if you wish. Send the quilt to your nearest Regional Director and ask her to send me the photo. Or you can send the quilt to me, and I’ll get it logged into our system. Please email us at quiltsbeyondborders@gmail.com to get the lowest-postage address for you to use to send us your quilt.
Quilts are due to me by October 15, 2020. That’s the end of our year of the Fat Quarter Challenge. It starts up again with a new year in November.

From the Northwest and Beyond – Quilts for Syrian Refugees

These 350 quilts displayed below journeyed over 12,000 miles by container ship to Amman Jordan to be distributed to the Syrian Refugees. The Salaam Cultural Museum, based in Seattle, is the humanitarian group that does incredible work by providing medical care, education, food and other essentials for the refugees. We are so grateful that they take our quilts as well, we have partnered with them to distribute thousands of quilts over the years. This large shipment of quilts was delivered in December, and we hope to share joyful pictures of the distribution events with you soon!

You can click on the picture to see who pieced and who quilted each quilt. Thank you to each quilter who helped us reach this goal, we appreciate it so much. I know that the children appreciate and cherish their quilts as well.

Susan Schmidt  –  Northwest Regional Coordinator


From the Northwest and Beyond – Navajo Nation Holiday Delivery

We were so excited to be a part of the annual 2019 Navajo Nation’s Holiday Delivery. Quilters from the Northwest and Beyond provided 305 quilts for children and the elderly. You can see below pictures of the beautiful and colorful quilts that were sent. Click on each picture to see the names of the piecers and quilters.

For more information about the delivery see our February 8th post and pictures of the event posted on March 4th.

Thank you so much to all the quilters who shared their time and talents to provide such needed quilts!

My sincere apologies for the late posts due to a loss of pictures and computer troubles, thankfully all is corrected.

Susan Schmidt  – Northwest Regional Coordinator

The River of Quilts

Quilts keep flowing in and out of my house.  What a wonderful routine I have of receiving beautiful quilts from many people and passing them on to those in need.  I am very thankful to be able to process these lovely quilts.  Thank you to all of you who produce them and generously give them to fill our requests.
Since I last posted, quilts have been sent to Syrian refugees, foster children, and homeless shelters.  I am preparing to send another shipment to the Salaam Cultural Museum for their shipment to Syrians.  They are waiting for things to open up, but are collecting quilts so they are ready to go.
I hope folks will enjoy the “virtual quilt show” below of quilts that have flowed through my home in recent months, and be inspired by the giving spirit of so many quilters. You can click on each image to see it larger and see the names of the makers.
Ann Drake
Southern California Regional Coordinator
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April Challenge Quilts and a Winner

In April we received two quilts for the Fat Quarter Challenge. This one is from Julie S. of Minnesota:
This is from Crystal F. of Arizona:
Both are so pretty and full of love. Two kids will be happy to cuddle in these lovely quilts. Thanks, generous quilters!
Our winner of the April FQC drawing is Beth H. of Minnesota! Beth will receive a $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop. Here is Beth’s winning quilt:
As you can see, we are still collecting quilts for this challenge. You have until October 15, 2020 to submit your quilt. If you have questions about how to participate, see here or send an email to QuiltsBeyondBorders@gmail.com.
Thanks for keeping children warm and cuddled!
Carol Egan
Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator
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Travels of the Lost Quilts

In Mid-April, Heidi K, a wonderful volunteer who longarm quilts for QBB in Central Texas, completed a set of 6 quilts and her husband then dropped these quilts off at their local shipping store for shipment. They had a large label taped on the top of the box with their local QBB Regional Coordinator, Kim Bell’s name and address.  When we say taped, we mean lots and lots and lots of tape.  The store even texted them a copy of the shipping label to confirm it was underway.  
The box was later found in a parking lot, with no shipping labels.
The young man who found the box gave it to his friend to open, and when she saw the beautiful quilts inside she showed them to her mother, Glenna Y. Glenna noticed that each quilt had a label attached reading Quilts Beyond Borders, so she looked in the Yellow Pages for Quilts.  Yes that is correct, the “Yellow Pages”.  How sweet!
She had no luck there, so she called a quilt place in New Braunfels, TX and asked them if they were familiar with Quilts Beyond Borders.  They were not, but they were sweet and looked up QBB online for her and gave her the website to go to.  She then contacted us! Amazing!
We don’t know for sure how this box ended up in a parking lot, but are just so Thankful for people like Glenna that took the time to try to find the owners of the quilts.
Both Glenna and her friend Lilly were so sweet and so excited to figure out the mystery behind the quilts.  We are grateful that they did and happy these quilts will get to their intended recipients safe and sound.
Attached is a picture of Glenna and her friend Lilly who helped with the detective work, with a few of the quilts.  We hope you enjoy this good news story!
Lilly is on the Left and Glenna is on the Right.
Lilly (left) & Glenna Young (right)

Quilts for Heartland Alliance

The very lovely quilts pictured below have been delivered to our contact in Chicago for a new initiative for QBB – Heartland Alliance Health. You can go online to learn more about HAH, an organization that works with the chronically homeless, providing, among other necessities, medical and counseling assistance. We learned that the organization is currently housing 69 unaccompanied minors from the border, at least 37 of whom have tested positive for COVID-19. These larger quilts will be given to adults being served by HAH while we keep the young immigrants in our prayers. 
I really wish you could see these quilts up close! There is some amazing quilting going on here! Talent just bursting from the seams!  
The first group of quilts are thanks to: Linda C, from Rhode Island; Randee M from Massachusetts and Linda W from Connecticut; Barbara F from New Hampshire; and Pam B from Massachusetts.
IMG_3297 Karen M
IMG_3296 Karen M
The next group includes 7 beautiful quilts received from the Sunshine Quilt Group in Minnesota. The Sunshine group did not identify individual makers.


The following quilts were made by friends in Florida, and given to Debbie Brinley and Kathy R.  Several of Kathy’s were pieced by others, including Becky M., Daphne H., Susan H, and Nevyn.  Click on each photo to see the names of the makers.  

Great thanks to all the wonderful quilters who made these beautiful quilts.  Nights are still in the thirties and forties in Chicago, so the warmth of these quilts will be very much appreciated!  

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