Seven Beauties Arrive in Month One! First Prize Awarded!

Fat Quarter Challenge started up on November 1, and we are happy to report that we received seven beautiful quilts in November! That means seven children will be happy recipients of some quilt cuddles.

Quilts were made by Arlene B. of New York, Lynn B. of California, Donna S. of New York, two by Beth H. of Minnesota, and two by Angela L. of New York. Pictures of these beautiful quilts are below, you can click on each to see the photos larger and see the names of the makers:

We appreciate the generosity of the five quilters who made seven quilts for the kids we serve through Quilts Beyond Borders. Just so you know, these seven quilts have already been sent on their merry ways to arrive in the arms of children.

Every month we draw the name of a Fat Quarter Challenge participant. That person receives a $25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop. Fat Quarter Shop has supported Quilts Beyond Borders for several years. We greatly appreciate their support!

The winner of the November drawing is Lynn B.! Have fun shopping, Lynn.

We want to repeat a big Thank You to the quilters who donated quilts in November. Is anyone ready to send us a quilt in December? To get the address for sending in your Fat Quarter Challenge quilts, please leave a message at this blog post. Also let us know if you want us to send you a FQ for your challenge. You may also choose to use a FQ of your own. The Fat Quarter Challenge continues with monthly drawings for most of 2022 so there is plenty of time to sew and send as many quilts as you’d like! For quilt specifications, see this page
Happy Sewing!

Carol Egan – Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

New Season of Fat Quarter Challenge Has Begun!

The new season of Fat Quarter Challenge is up and running! It runs from Nov. 1, 2021 to Sept. 30, 2022. Please participate! It’s fun, prizes are awarded, and the best part is giving a quilt to a child who needs a special hug or support. Last year we collected 51 quilts for this challenge. I was just thinking…wouldn’t it be fun to receive at least one quilt from all 50 states? Tell your friends across the U.S. to join us!

You can make a quilt using any FQ of your choice. Add other fabrics to complete a quilt that meets criteria listed on our website here and submit using these instructions. If you want me to send you a FQ, I would be happy to, or you can choose your own.

I mentioned prizes. Yes! We are blessed to have the continued and generous support of Fat Quarter Shop. – Check out their Holiday Gift Guide soon!

Each month I will draw the name of a winner, and that person gets a $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop. Once you send in a quilt, your name goes in the hat. It stays in the hat all year! So you could even win multiple months! And another cool thing: you can donate as many quilts as you want. Each donation gets your name in the hat again. Your name could be filling the hat and increasing your chance of winning! Of course, we know the kids are the real winners.

Please ask me if you have questions about the challenge.. just address your questions to and put “FQC Coordinator” in the subject line.

We have already received our first quilt for this season. It is from Arlene of New York. Thank you, Arlene, for this adorable quilt! It will be well-loved by a child in need of a hug. I look forward to receiving lots more adorable quilts this year! Have fun sewing!

Carol Egan – Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

Comfort Cases Update – Hundreds More Donated!

We last wrote about our partnership with Comfort Cases in June in this post, but that is far from the end of the story! Since then, with leadership and coordination from QBB’s Linda Mullins-Spirio, we have continued to commit to 85 quilts per month to this worthy cause. These quilts are sent to the youngsters transitioning into foster care all across the US. First days of foster care can be daunting for all involved. Rather than arriving with all their earthy goods packed in an undignified ugly black plastic bag, as is often the norm, back packs filled with new pjs, books, toiletries, toys and a brand new quilt are sent with each child as they enter their new home. 

QBB has committed 85 quilts every month to Comfort Cases and have been providing quilts since 2020. The need is great. In the words of Rob Scheer, the founder of Comfort Cases, “Thank you so much I truly believe that the over 428,000 kids in foster care need to know they are loved and you ladies are doing that!

Below are pictures of the lively quilts and names of the quilters (when available) from all over the US and the world that are sure to put a smile on the faces of these children. 
Many thanks, as always, to all of you talented and dedicated quilters! We tried to credit each maker when the names were known, either in the text, file name or shown in the picture. As always, you can click on each picture to see the larger image.

Photos from Karen of the Northeast team:
Judith and Ginger Nuno (VT); Sheila Hughes, Fran Fink (MA); Linda Chaffee, Linda Ferraro (RI); Rita Gladych, Marguerite Boslaugh, Lauren Elliott Lett, Paula Place, Peg Thomsen, Mary Gridley, Barbra Buckley (CT); Nancy Kane (NH); Hong Chang (Australia): Marsha Johnson (FL); Alice Aldrich White (OK). 

Photos from Carol – Quilts by Carol, Beth H, Karrie, and Sharon:

Photos from LaDonna – Quilts by LaDonna, Gail, Alice, Adrianna and others:

Village of Hope Quilt Delivery

It’s been two years since I traveled to Ghana, Africa with 99 quilts in tow to give to the beautiful children that live at the Village of Hope. The pictures of this trip keep popping up in my social media feed and making me smile, so I thought others might just enjoy reliving the trip with me and seeing the joy that Quilt Beyond Borders was able to provide to so many.

Hope Children’s Village is a licensed Residential Home in Fettah, Ghana for children which exists to rehabilitate and nurture orphaned and vulnerable children in a holistic manner; by providing lifelong excellent child care services in an enabling environment for their total development. They operate on the principle of the family as the basic socialization unit of a child, and consider the unique natural abilities of each child for their rehabilitation and development. The children that live there are housed in seven homes with married couples, known as House Parents, caring for them.

The children receiving the quilts were excited to get a gift of their own that they didn’t have to share with anyone and that was made exclusively for them! The smiles on their faces tell their story of excitement and gratitude. You can click on any of the images below to see them larger – enjoy! 

Debra Atchison – QBB Project Coordinator

Thanks to the Northeast Team for 150 Quilts!

Adjectives and accolades are hanging limply as I struggle to find the right words to adequately thank and compliment you for your extraordinary response to our commitment to the Forgotten People of Bennett Freeze on the Navajo reservation.

Initially we committed to sending 100 quilts. So many of you created perfect quilts for these folks, I packed up and shipped 150! Fifteen boxes total! (By the way, for those of you who have friends who don’t sew but are intrigued by our mission, the shipping costs were nearly $1000. Postage is exorbitant, but fortunately, because of your donations of fabrics, batting and labor, postage is our only large expense.)

To say I have been touched, and indeed, overwhelmed by your response is putting it lightly. Quilt after quilt after quilt arrived this summer and early fall. These appropriately themed, flannel backed, extra warm quilts will surely be cherished by our Navajo friends. I wonder if you were simply inspired by the plight of these people or were energized by a specific assignment. Perhaps some of both. Remember the story of the man on the reservation who ran back into his burning house and ran back out with one item – his QBB quilt! Our efforts are little ambassadors of love for the people of Bennett Freeze.

While everyone has gone over the top this time I want to give a shout out to a couple of our volunteers. My friend, Angela Church, who creates kits for the long armers out of the tops you have pieced and sent, made 10 extraordinary quilts out of denim, all lined in flannel. There are charming, heavy duty “blankets” that are sure to be a hit with the Navajos! Judith Nuno, whom I had the pleasure of “meeting” on our last  zoom call, has created and sent over 300 quilts in the three plus years she has worked with QBB. Almost every day or at least every week another box arrives from Vermont filled to the brim with her perfectly pieced stars and squares in fabric that I drool over! I still can’t figure out how she does it.

Many of you are wildly prolific and all of you have a unique style. When I revisit your quilts, held in inventory in my closet, I see if I can identify the quilt before I peek at the label. I usually can! Wish I could share with you first hand the great joy it gives me to receive your quilts, enjoy them while they wait here for the appropriate delivery and then handle them again as I pack them up.

Below are photos and the list of quilters and piecers for the 150 quilts that have gone to Flagstaff, and stay tuned in the coming months for more updates on our yearly donation to this worthy cause.

Thank you! With fondness and sincere appreciation,


From CT:  Angela Church, Sue Sweeney, Leesa Plude, Donna Motyl, Nancy Ralston, Jan Baker, Paula Place, Shoreline Guild, Barbra Buckley, Barbara Ruland, Marguerite Boslaugh, Kim Bennett, Joy McAuley, Madeline, Deb Jacoby, Amy Parlak, Diane Hamm, Rita Gladytch, Linda Walter
From MA:  Frances Fink, Donna Hopkins, Barbara Mroz, Bonnie Salt, Pam Belanger, Sheila Hughes
From VT:  Judith and Ginger Nuno
From NH:  Nancy Kane
From NY:  Diane Carlson
From RI: Lois Gardner, Linda Chaffee, Linda Ferraro, Yvette Drurey, Cindy Hatfield
From FL:  Marsha Johnson
From OK:  Alice Aldrich White
From TX:  Lynne Aldrich
From Australia: Hong Chang

Are you going to the IQF in Houston?

Every year one of my favorite experiences is the International Quilt Festival in Houston. I missed it a lot when it was cancelled in 2020, and I was delighted to hear that it was back for 2021.

Unfortunately, this summer when it came time to make a decision about whether Quilts Beyond Borders would participate this year, the Delta variant of the pandemic seemed to be in full swing, particularly in Texas. After a lot of discussion between the team members we made the hard decision not to have a booth this year.

We’ll miss the fun, and we’ll definitely miss seeing all of you who typically stop by to pick up kits and drop off tops and quilts. If you have completed quilts and tops you were planning to bring to us at the show, please send us an email at and tell us where you live. We’ll let you know the name and address of your nearest Regional Coordinator so you can mail them or arrange to meet.

Great thanks to all of you who make the beautiful quilts we give to needy children and orphans. If you go to the IQF, stay safe and enjoy the show and the many wonderful classes that will be taught. We’ll see you next year!


Carla – Quilts Beyond Borders President

Fat Quarter Challenge Wrap-Up, 2020-2021

This year was another fun and successful year. We collected 51 Fat Quarter Challenge quilts! These are such treasures, and the children are blessed to receive them. We also received a cash donation this year. We thank everyone who donated so generously. 

The September drawing ($25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop) went to Deb W.  of Michigan who donated multiple beautiful quilts. Here is one of Deb’s quilts:

The end of the year $100 cash prize went to Maureen L. of Minnesota who donated this beautiful quilt:

As coordinator I decided to add a couple of surprise gifts. I drew two names for these books of fat quarter patterns. Winners were Emily L. of California and Sue T. of Washington.

Here are quilts donated by Emily and Sue:

I will continue as Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator for another year and the Fat Quarter Shop has generously agreed to extend their support for us with monthly prizes in 2022. I feel so lucky to see and touch most of these gorgeous quilts in person! Then I send them on and think of the children who will be so happy to receive them.

Please continue to send in Fat Quarter Challenge quilts starting on November 1, 2021 and as often as you wish until September 30, 2022. Rules will be the same as previous years, but I will re-post them as the new season of quilts begins.

In gratitude and celebration,

Carol Egan – Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

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Quick! The End is Near!

Just kidding.. everything is fine, but the end of this year’s Fat Quarter Challenge is upon us.

Quilts are welcome until September 30, 2021 and then a new season of giving begins in November. See how to participate at this link. You still have time to send a quilt and qualify for not only the final monthly drawing, but also the big year-end prize!

We received one quilt in August, donated by Mandy W. of Minnesota. It looks so cuddly, doesn’t it?

Cathy L. of Iowa was the winner of the August drawing. She won a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop. If you haven’t shopped there, please check them out. It’s a great online shop, and they have loyally supported Quilts Beyond Borders for several years. Here is a photo of a Cathy L. quilt – another cuddly cutie.

September 30 is when quilts are due to me to be counted in this year’s challenge. We’ll start up again in November and will explain again how it all works then. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed quilts this year. We are at 51 quilts donated. That’s 51 kids who have been blessed with your love and generosity. 

Carol Egan – Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

Catching Up

We have not yet published photos of the Fat Quarter Challenge quilts we received in June, so it’s time to catch up. We received these beautiful quilts from Cathy L. of Iowa:

In July we received two quilts, one from Beth H. of Minnesota and one from Emily L. of California. Thanks for these beauties!

Our July winner of the $25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop was Gail H. of California. Remember, your name stays in the drawing each month, once for each quilt you donate. So even though Gail did not donate a quilt in July, she still won the prize! Pretty nifty, isn’t it?! Here is a picture of one of the quilts Gail donated in a previous month.

We have under two months left in the current run of this challenge. Can you get a fat quarter quilt made and sent in to help a child who needs extra cuddles? Use a fat quarter of your own, or we can send you one. Just leave a message at this blog, and we will contact you and get a fat quarter sent out to you as soon as possible. Quilts are due by Sept. 30, 2021.

People who donate Fat Quarter Challenge quilts are eligible for a monthly prize, and there is one end-of-year prize as well ($100 cash!). But we all know that the kids are the real winners when they receive your warm quilt cuddles in their time of need.

Thanks for sewing for Quilts Beyond Borders!
Carol Egan – Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator

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June Fat Quarter Challenge Winner

Beth H. of Minnesota won the June drawing for a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop!

Beth has donated 7 quilts to the Fat Quarter Challenge so far. That means her name is in the hat 7 times, and it stays there every month. Everyone who submits a quilt gets their name in the hat once per quilt they enter. And the names all stay in the hat all year. So it is quite possible to win more than once!

Here is the quilt for which Beth won the June drawing:

You still have time to get quilts sent in for the challenge. See details of how to join here.  Last date for this season is Sept. 30, 2021. The kids who receive your quilts are blessed by your generosity. Thanks for sewing for Quilts Beyond Borders!

Carol Egan – Fat Quarter Challenge Coordinator