See you in Houston!

October 15, 2019

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll once again have a booth at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, October 30 – November 3.  This would be an excellent time to turn in quilt tops or finished quilts made from kits or from fat quarters for the Fat Quarter Challenge that you picked up from us at last year’s IQF or other shows in prior years.

We greatly appreciate receiving completed quilts, as we’re able to get those most quickly into the hands of children who need them.  If you don’t care to quilt your top, we would also appreciate if you can return it to us kitted up with backing (6-8” longer and wider than the top to allow the longarmer to attach the backing to her frame) and binding so that we can quickly send it to a longarmer for completion.

If the quilt or top has been misplaced, substitutes or monetary donations are gladly accepted.

We currently have initiatives going on to get quilts to needy, fostered and homeless children in the US, as well as children in refugee camps in Jordan and Greece.  We are also delivering quilts to Navajo children and elders in the Navajo Nation in the US in time for the cold winter weather.  We anticipate more initiatives during the final months of 2019, as winter is usually our busiest season, so we’re looking forward to seeing the wonderful quilts and tops you bring us!

We also have some items for sale in our booth, including products we have from countries where we have delivered quilts, as well as some of the handmade items made by volunteers for Quilts Beyond Borders.  We recently returned from Ethiopia and brought some items you haven’t seen before.   Every penny you spend in our booth goes to getting more quilts to more children, as we have no paid staff.  We’re all volunteers, working from our homes and communicating via internet.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

If you have completed quilts but won’t be attending the Festival this year just email, letting us know where you live, and we’ll send you the address of your closest Regional Coordinator.

Thanks for quilting for us!  Regards,

Carla Triemer

The River of Quilts

October 12, 2019
Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “Indeed the river is a perpetual gala, and boasts each month a new ornament.”   The river flowing through my house is certainly a gala and the quilts are the ornaments.
The quilters in the Southwest region have made some wonderful quilts.  I am privileged to receive them and then send them along to those in need. Since my last blog post, the river has carried 20 quilts to the Syrian people in May, 20 quilts to children in Israel in June and in September, 50 more quilts to the Syrian people and 60 to an orphanage in Ghana.  It is becoming a rushing river. You can click on each image below to see a larger picture and the maker’s names.
Some Syrian refugees have arrived in San Diego county with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and a suit case crammed with their belongings.  My grandson, my wonderful helper, Roberta and I packed up several boxes and bags full of quilts.  Roberta drove them all to the agency in San Diego that is helping the people with their relocation.  Many of these families sleep on the floor with no coverings.  Quilts from generous donors are a welcome addition to their homes.
Some of our quilts went to an orphanage in Mexico.  These children have wonderful smiles as they hold their new quilts.  They all say, “Muchas gracias!”  They are very happy to have a quilt to call their own as you can see from the photos below, posted with permission from their caregivers.
The generosity of so many people has made all these donations possible.  I am honored to help this river of quilts keep on flowing.  Thank you all very much.
Ann Drake
Southern California Regional Coordinator

Quilts for Royal Family Kids Camp

September 20, 2019
Royal Family Kids is a Christian-led organization that exists to transform communities by interrupting the cycles of neglect, abuse, and abandonment of children in the foster care system. Their mission provides an array of programs, all directed toward changing the trajectory of young lives.  The kids camp specifically focus on making moments matter and lets the kids be…kids!
It was my privilege to coordinate the Quilts Beyond Borders donation of quilts for the children attending one of the Royal Family Kids camps held in Iowa in July 2019. Darcy Cowan, the camp director, said the quilts were distributed as part of their ‘welcome to camp’ gift.  Darcy sent some sweet pictures of a few of the recipients, shown below (Note:  Pictures of  the children can only be shared if altered for privacy purposes. You can still see the smiles and delight from receiving their own quilt).  All 46 campers were thrilled with their quilts and so excited to learn they could take them home!
As Darcy said, “All your hours of cutting, sewing and stitching are worth it for these kids.  Their lives are changed, their hearts are comforted.”
Quilters, what a difference we can make in these lives and lives of all the others who receive our quilts!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to each of you, for being part of Quilts Beyond Borders and touching children in a special comforting way.
And… pictures of all the quilts sent to the Iowa Royal Family Kids camp are below:
– Sherree Newhouse

Congratulations to Recent Fat Quarter Challenge Winners

September 14, 2019
Over the last three months we have randomly selected winners for the Quilts Beyond Borders (QBB) Fat Quarter Challenge.  The winners are…
June 2019 – Beth H. From Eden Prairie, MN
image2 (3)

Beth (also November 2018 winner)

July 2019 – Kathleen R. From Castro Valley, CA
image1 (1)

Kathleen-also challenge winner January 2019

August 2019 – Sue T. From Anacortes, WA
Each has won a gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop, which has supported the QBB Fat Quarter Challenge for several years.
We SEW appreciate the Fat Quarter Shop for their support.  Check out the great selection of quilting fabrics and notions, gifts and other wonderful things at the online shop.
QBB can support the children in orphanages, foster care, refugee camps, and many other situations because of caring quilters like these.  We appreciate each and every one of you!
The Fat Quarter Challenge for this year is wrapping up with only a couple more months to enter.  Information about the Challenge can be found at this link.
The quilts below were recently received for the Fat Quarter Challenge and are eligible for a future prize. Every quilt is unique and beautiful and certain to warm the heart of a  child.
Made by Susan S, Superior, CO


Made by Pat Q, Humble, TX

Made by Patty D, Ridgefield, WA

Sherree Newhouse
Quilts Beyond Borders
Arizona Regional Coordinator

Quilts for Children in Israel

August 30, 2019

Members of the Georgia-based non-profit Maasay Yahdev, which serves those in need in Israel, will be taking another trip to Israel in late October and will be taking 300 quilts provided by QBB.  These quilts will be donated to children at these facilities:

  • Beit Singer is a home and school for children who have been abused and/or orphaned.
  • Neve Michael Children’s Village has two programs that we will be providing quilts to:  The Children’s Emergency Crisis Center and the Teenage Girls Emergency Crisis Center which house children and teenage girls who have been removed from their homes because of abuse.
  • Lev Lalev Girls Orphanage and Children’s Home, located in Netanya, Israel, provides orphaned and disadvantaged girls from all over Israel with a safe, warm, and loving Home.
  • Bet Elizraki Children’s Home, which houses children who have been removed from their homes by welfare officials because of physical or verbal abuse or neglect, or because of alcohol/drug or other dysfunction in their families.

Here are just a few photos of the 300 quilts sent for these initiatives in Israel.  Enjoy!



Pictures below from Sheri.


Created by Bert C, Katie Jo, and Letha. First 2 were quilted by Linda L and the third one was quilted by Susan S

Created by Bert C, Katie Jo, and Letha. First 2 were quilted by Linda L and the third one was quilted by Susan S

Fernando T (first 3), Mignon L, and Doris M

Fernando T (first 3), Mignon L, and Doris M

Fernando T, Carolyn R & Susan S, Fernando T (last 3 in the photo)

Fernando T, Carolyn R & Susan S, Fernando T (last 3 in the photo)

Fernando T

Fernando T

made and quilted by Susan S

made and quilted by Susan S

5 Photos below from Kim Bell

Pic 1-DorisMintz

5 x Sunshine quilt guild

Pic 2-DorisMintz

1 – Barbara
1 – Nelda Lamar 
3 x Beverly herring

Pic 3-DorisMintz

1 – Olivia Brouwer
4 x Judy Calloni

Pic 4-DorisMintz

2 x Nelda Lamar;
Judy Terry, Tonya Schroeder, Patti Lee;
Ann McCellan & Janna Price;
Patti Lee

Pic 5-DorisMintz

Mary Louvieve, Mari from Tx, Janna Price, Edith from TX, Debbie C.

5 photos below from Linda Mullins-Spirio


Donna Sciandra; Kathryn Zurek; Doris Goins


Donna Sciandra; Kathyn Zurek; Donna Sciandra


Donna Sciandra x3


Doris Goins; Donna Sciandra; Donna Sciandra


Sandy; Donna Sciandra; Amy Johnson


Laura Trubey


Donna S & Mary V, Kathy K & Pat L


Sookie & Donna Y, Suzie & Donna Y, Rhonda & Donna Y, Rosalind W & Donna Y, La Donna H


Kathy S, Ann D & Pat L, Ora S & Vicky W


Deb W


Sonja M, La Donna H, Linda C & Pat L


C. Family & Megan S

The following set of 75 quilts photographed by Karen Matheson were made by:

Hong Chang, Australia; Diane Mainville, Sandy Darlington, PA; Susan Elliott, Lee O’Connor, Diane Carlson, Angela Church, Donna Motyl, Donna Killoran, CT; Mary Gibbons, WI; Michael Elinski, NY; Kit Gibby, Marsha Johnson, FLA; Judith Nuno, VT; Linda Chaffee, RI; Alice Aldrich White, OK; Lynne Aldrich, TX; Judy Vanblarcom, Randee Majka, Bonnie Salt, Fran Fink, Ann McGinley, Pam Belanger,  MA; Diane Combs, IL; Nancy Kane, NH.

Navajo Nation Memorial Day Celebration

August 23, 2019
0527191709a_HDRThe May 27th Quilt giveaway by Quilts of Valor and Quilts Beyond Borders at Many Farms was a great success! QBB donated 50 quilts for this event, it was a touching celebration honoring veterans, family members of deceased veterans and community members who are part of the Navajo Nation. This event was supported by our friend Marsha Monestersky, of The Forgotten People.
These photos highlight some of the quilts donated from our Southwest Region, and heartwarming photos from the event, please enjoy!



The first two quilts were created by Bert C. and Sherree, next by Letha Baze and Susan S, and the fourth (across sideways lower in the  photo) created by Debi Jackson.


These were created by Linn R. And Nahid H., Kathleen R., and Melinda Davis


These three quilts (left to right) were created by Night Owls Quilt Guild Arizona, Bert C. And Linda L. And Mari Kimoto.

Pic 5-MarshaM

Quilts by Trudy Pickle

The following pictures show quilts by some of our wonderful Northeastern quilters, Jan Bennett, Angela Church, Robin Schofield, CT; Bonnie Salt, Frances Fink, MA; Diane Combs, IL; Linda Dranchak, ME; and Alice Aldrich White, OK.


More Beautiful Quilts from the 3 Giving Grandmas in Illinois

August 6, 2019

The 3 Giving Grandmas, Jean McConaughy, Peggy Krug and Earline Devito, have been very busy this year! They created 20 beautiful quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders. Then they utilized a modern-day version of the Pony Express to transport those lovely quilts. to me. The 3 Giving Grandmas (from Bourbonnais, IL) brought their large box of quilts to Judy (in Frarkfort, IL). Judy transported it to her stitching group and passed it to our mutual friend Nancy (in Naperville), who transported it to me at our most recent Longarm Guild meeting in Wheaton. Great way to save on postage, and since we were all planning to go to those meetings anyway, we didn’t waste gas! I love it when a plan comes together!

Here are pictures of those wonderful quilts.  Click on the pictures to get a close up.  These are made from bright, cheerful, happy fabrics.  Many of them will likely go to Ethiopia with me in September.  I know the children who receive them will cherish them!

Great thanks to Jean, Peggy and Earline for making these wonderful quilts!  And thank you also, to Judy and Nancy for providing transportation!



The Magdalene Project

July 30, 2019

About 6 months ago, I heard about an organization called “The Magdalene Project”, whose mission is to bring hope to people on the streets of Niagara Falls, NY, founded by Joanne Lorenzo. The project is home to Kidz Club, Rose Café, Street Outreach and Hotel Outreach Ministries. On Friday nights volunteers deliver food, toiletries, clothing, stuffed animals for children, and bottled water.

A light went on in my head that said Quilts Beyond Borders could possibly help these women with a snuggly quilt for the winter, and it may be 90 degrees now, but in Buffalo, winter is not far behind.

Joanne agreed, and set up the event for my friend Barb and me to hand out quilts at the Rose Café for about 22 woman. Joanne emailed me the next day.

“There were so many ladies who were appreciative of the quilts you brought!! They are calling and Facebooking me to say Thank you to the ladies who brought them. Thank you so much and blessings!”

I am truly thankful to all of our QBB volunteers that give us the opportunity to make such beautiful quilts of love and comfort. I have mentioned to many how making quilts for this organization has enriched my life and saved my sanity in so many ways. Thank you all!

I especially want to thank Regional Coordinator Karen Matheson for sending the quilts with Diane Carlson who also resides in Connecticut and near Buffalo, NY.  Diane and her friend were kind enough to drop the quilts off the quilts to me.

Hugs, Donna Sciandra

Here are some of the wonderful quilts that were made by talented and generous quilters in the Northeast.  From top to bottom, these quilts were made by Nancy Kane (MA), Judith Nuno (VT), and Bonnie Salt (MA).  Thank you so much, Nancy, Judith and Bonnie!

Here are some of the photos taken at the distribution.


May Fat Quarter Challenge and Amnesty Winners

July 2, 2019
Congratulations to Delleen K. From Gresham, Oregon and the QBB Northwest region.  Delleen is the randomly chosen winner for the Quilts Beyond Borders May Fat Quarter Challenge (FQC). Here is the lovely quilt she created:
image1 (1)
Delleen wins a gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop which graciously sponsors the QBB Fat Quarter Challenge.  Check out the Shop’s offerings at!
Click here to find out how you can participate in the Fat Quarter Challenge.
And announcing another winner…. of the  FQ Amnesty Challenge announced earlier this year.  Karisa H. from Yucaipa, CA submitted the beautiful quilt below and will receive a thank you gift for her participation.
Karisa's FQC
Thank you to everyone who has submitted a FQC quilt this challenge year.  We have a few more drawings and it is not too late to send your FQC quilt today!

Sherree Newhouse – Quilts Beyond Borders Arizona Regional Coordinator

Navajo Nation Quilt Delivery Dec 2018 Photos

June 28, 2019
For the last few years, Quilts Beyond Borders has provided quilts to the Navajo Nation (The Forgotten People) in northern Arizona.  We first wrote about this year’s delivery in this January blog post – click to see the pictures of the holiday elf, Marsha Monestersky, who collects and distributes the quilts for the Navajo children and elders.  This past year 600 quilts were sent to Marsha to distribute.
Thank you to the many quilters who provided the quilts for this purpose.  Marsha sent this note and a link to the photos she took of the children and elders receiving quilts in December.   Very much appreciated as you can see from Marsha’s note below…
“ Greetings!  Please share our great appreciation to all the Quilters who have made so many Navajo people so happy. Thank you!!!!
With your help and the assistance of Fabian Bedonie of Big Mountain (Forgotten People Project Director), we gave away quilts at Dilkon Chapter, Indian Wells Chapter, Teesto Senior Center, Lukachukai Senior Center, Rocky Ridge school (K-6 grade), and with the help of Navajo Royalty and a Princess, we gave away quilts at a Holiday party.”
Thank you again and please enjoy these cheery photos!