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800 quilts to deliver

February 9, 2010

In August of 2007, Quilts Beyond Borders visited Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and distributed 210 handmade quilts to an HIV/AIDS orphanage and conducted 16 hours of sewing and quilting training to five students. The total number of
quilts was 60 quilts more than our original goal of gathering 150! In 2008, Quilts Beyond Borders returned to Ethiopia to conduct 16 more hours of training and distribute 250 more quilts so that each orphan (over 500) has a quilt of their own.
We now have 800 additional quilts from all over the country to deliver to Ethiopia in 2010.



How you can help!

February 9, 2010

Fundraising Efforts
{All funds will be used for travel to Ethiopia, direct
materials for student quilts and quilt shipping.}
We are in need of:
• Quilts and crafts donated for sale
• Frequent-fl yer mile donations (~90,000 miles
for each teacher)
• Financial contributions
• Volunteers to write about the project for
advertisements, published articles and grants
• Research on grant opportunities
• Partnerships with other organizations
committed to sustainable job creation