How you can help!

Fundraising Efforts
{All funds will be used for travel to Ethiopia, direct
materials for student quilts and quilt shipping.}
We are in need of:
• Quilts and crafts donated for sale
• Frequent-fl yer mile donations (~90,000 miles
for each teacher)
• Financial contributions
• Volunteers to write about the project for
advertisements, published articles and grants
• Research on grant opportunities
• Partnerships with other organizations
committed to sustainable job creation


5 Responses to “How you can help!”

  1. marla dahlk Says:


  2. Sue Says:

    Hey Carolyn I’m happy you started the blog. I have completed quilting on 4 of the quilts you sent. Slower progress than I had hoped as I am studying for national boards and have had my in-laws in town for a 3 week visit. I hope to send them on to the woman that binds by month’s end. I am really enjoying being creative with the quilting. Will send pix when all are completed…and ask for more to quilt!
    Sue in Gainesville, Fl

  3. quiltsforkids Says:

    Carolyn, your blog is great! How did I miss it for so long!! WE are hard at our sewing here in Arizona, though I don’t have as many ladies as last year. Still, the quilts are piling up. I just entered a pattern blog but will try to get a picture of th stack soon.
    Hey, in the event a director doesn’t materialize, how aobut a broad based “board of directors”, each focusing on a specific function.
    Keep up your great work, hope we’ll see each other in Ethiopia this year.
    Karen, quilts for kids

    • quiltsbeyondborders Says:

      Hi Karen, glad you like the blog. Let me know when you get a pic of the stack of quilts. I’m assuming you will post it to your blog, and I’ll link to it from the QBB blog. Yes, the plans are to make a trip to Ethiopia in May, and deliver about 250 quilts. Carolyn

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