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Pictures of Donation Quilts

January 25, 2011

Here are pictures of some donation quilts that were received in January.  Thank you ladies and gentleman for piecing and quilting these.



A couple more scrap tops

January 24, 2011

I like the gradation on these better than the first one.  On the first one, when I ran out of the dark, I start over with the light, plus I was working with three stacks of gradated fabric.  On these when I ran out of dark, then I started back from the dark to the light.  I still have the pink, yellow, red, black, orange, tan/brown, and green strips to make into tops.

Tomorrow I’ll post pics of a couple of donation quilts that we received.


Another Scrap Top

January 22, 2011

Here is another scrap top made with 2″ wide strips (finish at 1 1/2″).  My intention was to sort the fabric from light to dark, and use that gradation until I ran out and then start with the lights again, but you can see that I didn’t always get that right.  There will be several more tops using the same pattern since a lady donated a bunch of these 2″ wide strips.


Amazing Quilter

January 20, 2011

We received a very special donation today…6 tops made by a 94 year old quilter, Bonita.  She just amazed me, and I hope that I can still sew as  good as her when I’m her age.  These are some more scrap quilts to give inspiration to those of you who have the same problem as many of us in that the scraps seem to mysteriously multiply.  I’ve posted pics of 3 of the tops that Bonita made.

Thank you to Bonita and all of you other generous quilters.


Quilts/Tops Received in Dec/Jan 2011 – updated

January 16, 2011

A couple more receipts.  Thanks for you time and effort.  Pics posted on the blog.

1 quilt    pieced by Joyce F, Ira, TX and quilted by David & Evelyn S, Snyder, TX

1 quilt    Barbara G, Snyder, TX

Thank you, Ladies.

2 tops               MS Andrew L , Elkins, PA

2  quilts           J . S, Blaine, WA

2 quilts           Flo, Leesville, SC

1 quilt             Janet W, Leander, TX

1 quilt             Mary Jo T, Phonex, AZ

1 top                Ginny C, Houston, TX

3 tops              Janice C, Elizabethtown, KY

1 quilt            Esther M, Galveston, TX

More Striped Center Diamond Tops

January 16, 2011

I said I went a little crazy with my striped fabrics by making tops with the center diamond panel.  Some of the center panels don’t look like they are striped, but those are tone on tone fabric and the camera had a hard time seeing the stripes.  Those pictures tell me that even using a plain fabric for the center panel would still make a very cute quilt.  What I forgot to say in my previous post is that to get the stripes on the diagonal, the rectangle needs to be cut on the diagonal also, and that is where the bias comes into play.  As you can see in the pics, I didn’t worry about matching stripes.


Fun and Fast Top to Make

January 11, 2011

This top sews up pretty fast, but a caution – it has a bit of bias.  This top was fun to make using the striped fabric.  The fabrics are ones that were donated by Robert Kaufman  (were used by them as table coverings at Quilt Market).  I wanted to use them all together in a single top.  The striped fabric really makes the top (the bright colors don’t hurt either).  In fact, I am looking at all my striped fabric with whole new eyes, and went a little crazy cutting out striped fabric to make this same pattern.  I hope to have some more pictures of these other tops in a few days.

To make this top, cut 2 rectangles 22 7/8″ X 13 7/8″ of both a striped and other fabric (for the corners triangles of the center block).  Cut each of those rectangles in half from corner to opposite corner (like making a half square triangle, but this one won’t have sides that are the same length as each other).  Also, cut 2 strips 2 1/2″ X 30 1/2″ and 2 strips 2 1/2″ X 44 1/2″ for the inner border. The outer border takes 2 strips 42 1/2″ X 6 1/2″ and 2 strips 48 1/2″ X 6 1/2″.  The top finishes at 42″ X 60″.

By the way, if anybody wants to sew a top or some tops and need kits sent to them, just send me an email (address is in the About page, or leave a message under Comments).

If anybody else has any easy patterns that they would like to share, let me know and I can post it.



Using Scrap Fabrics

January 1, 2011

This top is made using 4 1/2″ scraps.  It takes 54 light and 54 dark fabrics along with 3 1/2″ borders (finishes at 3″).  Very easy to make and uses up those smaller scraps.  If anybody would like the pattern, I have it in Excel along with the patterns for the 6 1/2″ tops made with scraps (pictures posted below).  Just send an email ( or leave a comment.