Trip Planned in May – Tops and Quilts Needed

We are planning a trip to Ethiopia in May.  We will be carrying finished quilts in our luggage and distributing them to the orphanages.  If we use the space bags and take large duffel bags, we can carry about 70 quilts per person.  I am working on getting enough finished quilts here for me and another lady who lives near me and who is going on the trip.  My problem is that I only have 50 finished quilts right now and I need 140.  I have another 7 that need work, and about 12 that I can send out to longarmers.  So, I am still short about 70 quilts.  We have finished quilts elsewhere around the country and those are planned for the luggage of other ladies who are also making this trip in May.

So, I need your help.  If you have a top or tops that are ready, please send me an email at or Carla an email at

Carla will find a longarmer who can quilt the top(s).  To save time, we will have you ship the top directly to the longarmer.  It would be even more helpful if you have a back to go with the top, however, if you don’t, let us know that too.

If you have a finished quilt or even one that is quilted but now bound, you can send them directly to me.  My address is in the “Where to send tops…” under Pages at the top right of this page.  Please be sure that the tops and quilts are the size needed for the children which is 42″ wide by at least 48″ long and up to 60″ long.

Getting quilts to Ethiopia is our biggest challenge, so I want to take full advantage of all the luggage space on this trip to get as many quilts to the children as we can.

I’m continuing to make tops and quilts, but because of my job (needed to pay my bills and buy more fabric) is annoyingly interfereing with my time and requiring long days and weekend work for the next couple of months.  I can’t do this without your help.  So, please if you can get a top or quilt done in the next month, I would appreciate and I know the child who receives it will appreciate it too.

Thank you so much.



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