Thank you, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s Prayer Quilt Ministry

2010 was the year I retired, and I fully expected to be able to devote most of my time to quilting. However, it seems that I’m not very good at retirement, and I’ve spent an awful lot of time out of the country doing some consulting on behalf of my former employer.

As a result, I’ve only reached the bottom of my stack of “QBB Tops to Quilt” in the last week – and I found some wonderful surprises in that stack!

On our blog today I’d like to feature 5 adorable panel quilts from the Prayer Quilt Ministry at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Plano, Texas. These are only 5 of the 60+ quilt tops they made and sent to our longarmers all over the country. We would like to express great thanks to all of the fantastic members of the Prayer Quilt Ministry, especially to the following 3 wonderful people:

  • Carolyn McNally, who brought the idea to the Prayer Quilt Ministry that they make these tops for us. Carolyn also coordinated sending the quilt tops (and labels and many backs!) to the dozen or so longarmers who quilted them.
  • Nancy LaVerdure, who is one of the women who heads up the Prayer Quilt Ministry, and said “yes” immediately when Carolyn suggested they participate in this project for Quilts Beyond Borders.
  •  Susan Combs, who bound many of the quilts as they were completed by longarmers and returned.

The quilts below were quilted by my quilting buddy, Brenda, and myself.  I anticipate taking them to Ethiopia in a trip that is tentatively planned for November.  I know that Carolyn Sower is also taking many of the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Prayer Quilt Ministry’s quilts to Ethiopia in May.  Soon over 60 orphans in Ethiopia will be snuggling in these beautiful quilts! Thanks SO MUCH to the quilters of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton!

For more information on the Prayer Quilt Ministry, please see St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s website at this URL:

I encourage you to click on the pictures of the quilts to see them “up close”.



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