More tops quilted and returned!

These tops were quilted by Nancy and Sandy.  Thank you, ladies.  You did a great job.  The children will love these quilts.

You know it is a real treat that we who have so much can have this opportunity to have an effect on the lives of children who have so little.  I want to thank all the women and men who donate their time, fabric and shipping costs to enable us to be able to get quilts to the children.

All the fabric donations that we receive are used to make quilts for the orphans, and this is all done with volunteers (there is no paid staff).  When we give out kits at the Houston show, we are hoping that the women who take the kits will honor the mission to make a top or a quilt for the children, or if they find they are unable that they will return the kit to us so we can get it to somebody else to make the quilt or top.  We all have so much there is no need for us to keep something that belongs to orphans in one of the poorest countries in the world.  I just get a little disheartened when what was intended for the orphans is kept by other people, good intentions at the time aside, still after 3-4 years not returned to help provide warmth and comfort to the orphans.

Have a Happy Easter!



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