In Praise of Piecers!

I wanted to share pictures of some of the quilts that I’ve quilted that were pieced by others.  In all cases, please click and take a closer look, because the small pictures in the article just really don’t do them justice!

The first two are by Janet from St. Louis, Mo. She initially contacted me to get some information about Quilts Beyond Borders for her guild, and she followed up by sending me a box of beautiful tops (12 or 15 I think!) that she’d made herself for our children. Most of them I sent to other longarmers to do, but these two I was lucky enough to get to do myself!

The next three are by Debra from Watervliet, MI.   Debra was the first piecer to send me quilt tops back in 2008, after someone gave her my address.  Since then, she’s sent me 5 more every year, and I love to receive them.  They’re always beautifully pieced and very original.  Over the years most of them have gone to Ethiopia, but we also sent one to Haiti and two to Japan, so we have children in 2 hemispheres, 3 countries, snuggling in Debra’s quilts.   Do you see the little appliqued running guy in the second quilt?  So cute!

The final quilt is by the “Unknown Piecer!”  We have a lot of tops that come in with no names.  Many of those are done at the quilts shows where QBB has a booth.  This one was fun to do, and gave me lots of “blank space” to practice feathers and “fancy stuff.”  Whoever you are, thanks for the opportunity to quilt this!  I envision this one going to a teen-aged girl who is going to love the romantic cabbage roses in the fabrics on the front and back.

My role with QBB is as the longarm coordinator, and sometimes I find myself so busy “coordinating” that I don’t have time to quilt some of these beautiful donations that we get, but I’ve been very lucky to be able to facilitate delivering hundreds of wonderful quilts to almost 100 talented and generous longarmers who have added their own special magic to the tops we receive.  Many of the longarmers are new, so it gives them a wonderful chance to practice their new craft and try new things.  Others are experienced and some even rather famous in the quilting world for their quilting accomplishments — books, dvd’s, teaching — and they are so incredible to share their talents with us!

I’m hoping to get some time over the next couple of days to quilt some very cute tops received from Richard and Martha (Thank you!!), and will show them in an upcoming blog post.  In the meantime, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to Debra, Janet, and all the piecers and long armers who do such loving work!  We appreciate the donation of your precious time and materials, and the children will treasure the quilts.

Thanks, everybody!!



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