Making Travel Plans

I’m busy trying to get ready for the trip to Ethiopia.  In addition to delivering quilts to the orphans, we will be teaching sewing to some of the older children.  In my head I had only been thinking  of girls, but Noreen said there may be some boys too.  So if anybody has any suggestions for easy sewing projects that boys might be interested in and that I can prepare in a relatively short time, I would love to hear them.  In the meantime, I am continuing preparing dolls where the girls can sew clothes for them.  Noreen said that on a previous trip, some of the girls were making dolls with old clothes.  I bought some muslin dolls which turn out to be made out of polyester.  Since you can’t really dye polyester, I had to paint the dolls.  I have one completely done and included a picture of one after it has been painted.  I want to sew the hair and and make the faces before I go.  Then the children can make the clothes.  I’m bring sparkly fabric and trims, ribbons, beads, sequins and buttons.  I figure if you want to keep the children interested in sewing, it will help if it is fun for them.  And, what little girl can resist a bit of bling.  However, I’m still stumped on projects for the boys.  All the sewing will be hand sewing, so it has to be something interesting, but simple enough with hand sewing that they can finish it before they get bored with it.

Ideas, please.




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2 Responses to “Making Travel Plans”

  1. Carla Says:

    Carolyn, how about hacky sacks (a.k.a. footbags). Wikipedia claims that a couple of Americans invented this in 1972, but I remember Ethiopian boys playing it when I was a child. You could probably make the bags as simply or ornately as you liked, and there seem to be a lot of patterns on the internet (search “hacky sack patterns”).

    You could fill them with dried beans you buy there. A fun little toy, inexpensive, and lots of inspirational Youtube videos!

    Good luck!

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