5 More Cute Quilts received from Nan

I just returned from a trip to the Machine Quilters Showcase in Overland Park, KS, feeling excited and inspired, and I found a large package from Nan Soles-Fishpaw, of Sew Easy to Quilt, Inc. in Wimauma, Florida. I opened it to discover these 5 adorable quilts which Nan kindly quilted for us. She did a wonderful job of them, as you can see. Lots of playful meandering, with loops, flowers, hearts, and the unexpected feather here and there. I suspect the children will have a lovely time looking to see what fun designs are hidden in some of the stitching!

I just really love the playful daisies in the first one, and the second one has a few hidden feathers and swirls to spice up the meanders.

This cute little duckie quilt is one from a top by the ladies at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Plano, Texas.  This will be cherished by one of the little ones!

This football themed quilt by Sandra P. almost makes me want to be a Vikings fan, and is sure to warm some little boy’s heart.

The last quilt was from a top by Helen U. If you look closely you’ll see some hearts that Nan quilted into the bottom right side of the border. She also created a feather motif in the center block, but it’s hard to see in the picture.

On each label, Nan wrote the following blessing to the child who will receive it, “May this quilt, like love, keep you safe and warm.” What a lovely sentiment! I will take these quilts with me to Ethiopia when I go. (My trip is currently planned for November.) I know the children will love these quilts!

Nan has been quilting for us since 2008, and has probably done about 30 quilts for us altogether. They’re always adorable. She says she’s able to create this type of volume in a pretty short time by using the “toilet paper method” of loading her frame with a really long back and batting and then doing three tops one right after another! I’m going to try that!

Nan is a lady of great talents. I’ve seen photos of some of the beautiful and intricate custom work that she’s done for her customers. We are very lucky to have such a generous and talented lady helping us out! Thank you, Nan!



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