175 quilts delivered!

I just got back from Ethiopia and we delivered 175 quilts to 3 orphanages.  We  gave each child a quilt in the AHope orphanage.  These children are all HIV positive.  There were 79 children and 2 more arrived the day we delivered.  Luckily we had included 5 additional quilts for just such a situation.  We also spent 5 days teaching sewing to 11 of the children who expressed an interest in learning.  We gave them each a doll and taught them how to make clothes and necklaces for the dolls.  We even had 2 boys who participated.  We also taught them how to make yo-yo’s and they absolutely loved making them.  They made necklaces with the yo-yo’s, embellished headbands with them and adorned their dolls with them.  We also taught them how to make scrunchies.  They were absolutely fearless in learning and so enthusiastic.

We gave 30 quilts to Door of Hope Humanitarian Service.  Fekade will carry those quilts to orphans in Ziway which is 160 km. from Addis Ababa.  He promised to provide pictures when he delivers the quilts.  He will be opening another orphanage in Addis this fall which will be for disabled children.  He is anticipating that he will need another 200 quilts for those children.

Additionally, we gave 60 quilts to Bethzatha Children’s Home Association.  Samuel had asked for 120, but we only had 60 left.  We are hoping to make another trip this fall and should be able to get the rest of the 60 to the orphanage then.  Samuel has orphanages in several regions in western and southern Ethiopia in addition to the one in Addis.

People always ask why we don’t ship the quilts.  Mainly it is because of the cost.  It is horribly expensive to ship to Ethiopia because Ethiopia is landlocked so shipments have to go by ship and then across land.  Our organization just doesn’t have that kind of money.  Additionally, transportation is rather unreliable.  We talked to an American couple who lives in Addis most of the year.  They had a small package that took nine months to arrive.  So we will continue to have all of our quilts hand carried to Ethiopia which makes distribution somewhat slow, but ensures the quilts do arrive.

You can see pictures of the children receiving the quilts at http://qbborphans.shutterfly.com/ additionally, there are other pictures of Addis from our travels around the city.  Maybe you will see a quilt that you made.



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