Four Very Cute Quilts from Kathy in Portland

When I’m kitting up tops with backs, binding and labels to send out to long-arm quilters, I often find myself commenting on how cute some of them are — and wishing I could quilt them all myself!  Noreen sent me about thirty tops fairly recently, and there are an awful lot of cute ones in the group.  I sent four of them off to Kathy Morrison in Portland, Oregon, and yesterday I received them back in the mail.  Wow!!!  All four of them are just as cute as they can be!   They were cute as tops, but they’re truly wonderful now!!

Kathy did all four of these with adorable pantographs from Ellen Munnich’s Quilt Recipes.   Kathy picked the perfect match for each of the quilts:  Bunny rabbits with hearts, water lilies,  construction machines and dinosaurs!    Please click on the photos for a larger image.  And for close-ups and better shots of the quilting, check out the photos on Kathy’s website:

Kathy is just starting up her business, but if these four wonderful quilts are any indication, she’s headed for success!  Kathy, thank you!  There will be four little children very happy to snuggle in these!  And piecers in Portland will be happy to discover you’re in business!




One Response to “Four Very Cute Quilts from Kathy in Portland”

  1. Audrey Says:

    Great job!. Both ladies.

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