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Our Youngest Quilter, Erin

July 30, 2011

We have a new quilter in the making!  The top was made by Erin at 12 years old (her mom, Faith, quilted it).  This quilt is just adorable, and Erin did a fantastic job.  And Faith tells me that Erin designed it too.  Faith picked up a kit at the Houston show that had the center panel and some strips of fabric.  Erin took the center panel and arranged the strips to border the panel, using some of the strips from the kit and ‘shopping’ for others from her mom and dad’s stash (yes, her dad quilts too).  I’m very impressed with Erin’s quilt, and I know it is going to be very special to the child who receives it.  Thank you so much, Erin, for making the top.  I think you have a great future in quilting ahead of you.



Two Sampler Quilts from Bonita, Quilted by Karen AND Two More Cute Quilts from Donna

July 26, 2011

Wow! This week my postman has been getting lots of exercise, getting out of his truck and bringing boxes to my door. I’ve received several quilts from several people, and I have a whole pile that I’ll be showing over the next couple of weeks, once I get the chance to bind them.

Today, I’d like to feature 4 lovely quilts. The first two are by Bonita from Texas and were quilted by Karen Berube from New Hampshire. We don’t get a lot of sampler quilts, so these are lots of fun to see.  Bonita (who is 96 years young!) did a lovely job of the pieced and appliqued blocks, and Karen quilted the first one using custom quilting for each block and a Circle Lord pattern called Swirls for the second one.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Karen’s quilting, she has an Etsy store called “lovedquilts” at

I think she and Bonita did a lovely job of these two quilts, and there will be two very happy children receiving them this winter when I take them with me to Ethiopia.  Thank you, Ladies!

The next two quilts were sent to us by Donna Sciandra in Buffalo, NY. Donna has sent us several tops over the last couple of months, and she’s also very talented at free motion quilting.   The first quilt is a “Lasagna Quilt”, which is a new technique that I’m going to have to try with some strips! Search Youtube with the phrase “lasagna quilt” to see the technique. The second quilt is made using some really fun Laurel Burch jungle fabric. Every once in awhile I find a piece of fabric that’s just too amazing to cut up, and I absolutely love what Donna did with this one! Again, there will be two children who will love these quilts this winter!

Donna also included three tops in the box with these cute tops — one made with cat fabric, and two more lasagna quilts. These will be on their way to a long-armer very shortly. Thanks, Donna, for these and for all the other tops you’ve sent us!


4 More Cute Ones Quilted by Kathy Morrison

July 19, 2011

Wow! Kathy Morrison is one fast quilter! And she’s good at it too! I sent these four tops off to Kathy in late June, and she got them back to me in just a couple of weeks, and they’re all just as cute as they can be.

This quilt top was one that I really liked.  I was tempted to hold on to it to quilt myself, but I was afraid I wouldn’t get to it very soon, so I sent it on to Kathy, and she really did a beautiful job on it.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  She quilted it with a long-stemmed rose panto.  It’s very sweet and romantic.  Some teenaged girl is going to love this quilt!

The pretty pink top below was sent to us by Lisa Doran, who used fabrics she picked up from us at the Houston IQF last year.  Lisa did a beautiful job of piecing this.   The fabrics are lovely airy florals, bows, and bunnies, and it’s just as sweet as it can be!  Kathy quilted this one with a really nice heart panto.

Lisa, thank you so much for piecing this and returning it to us!   I know that some little girl will just treasure this quilt!

Kathy used more hearts on the basket quilt above and some playful clowns and stars on the red, green and blue quilt.

All four of these quilts will be going with me to Ethiopia in December.  Thanks so much to both Kathy and Lisa!



A Couple of Cute Tops Made by Jan

July 17, 2011

Jan in Michigan just sent in these tops.  They turned out really cute.  The bold look to them will certainly enchant a child along with providing warmth and comfort.  Thank you, Jan, for making these tops.


Diagonal Scrap Quilt

July 12, 2011

I finished the top that required math.  Again, I used scrap ends, but this time I sewed them on the diagonal.  It turned out cute, but a little fussier to make.  I have a couple more ideas on using scraps ends, that I hope turn out cute, but using shorter lengths of scrap ends.  I’ll post pictures when I get them done.


Tops from Candy

July 11, 2011

Candy from Utah just sent 5 tops.  She did a great job and I recognize the fabric from the salesman samples that Andover donated to QBB.  These tops will provide a nice palette for a longarmer to do some wonderful quilting.  And, in fact, these tops will shortly be on their way to Janice in Michigan to quilt.  Then, they will be sent to Carla in Illinois to take to Ethiopia on her trip there this fall.  These quilts for the children are truly a community effort, and I know they are going to be able to feel all the love and care from the many hands that went into making them.

Thank you, ladies for doing such a wonderful job!


Another Way to Use Those Scrap Ends

July 10, 2011

I have a lot of scrap ends that are the width of the fabric.  I wanted to make a top that was a little more interesting than just sewing them all together and leaving it like that.  So, I came up with this idea to sew all the strips together into a square, approx 42″ square.  I made up two of the squares, then I quartered them both.  Two of the quarters will have the strips going vertical and the other two horizontal (which is why I made 2 squares).  Then, just sew all the horizontal ones together, the vertical ones together, add borders, and the top is done.  This works up really fast and uses up all those stray ends.  You could also piece the strips to make them 42″ wide which sounds really interesting and a great way to use up all those shorter pieces.  I’ll have to try that after I use up all the full width strips.

My next experiment is to use the strips and put them all on the diagonal.  A little bit of math will be involved on this one.


3 Cute Quilts Received from Sandy in Maine

July 8, 2011

One of the great things about working with Quilts Beyond Borders is that I get to open packages with lovely surprises all year round, instead of just on Christmas and Birthdays. Early this week the doorbell rang, the dogs broke into yelps of excitement, and I discovered a box on my front porch sent by Sandy Knox in Maine. Sandy had done some quilts for us earlier in the year, but I wasn’t on the receiving end, since they were sent to Carolyn who was headed to Ethiopia and collecting the quilts to take with her. This time I was the lucky one to be able to open the package. Yippee!

Sandy quilted these three tops with meanders, loops and stars, and they look very cheerful and playful. I know the children will love them!

This top was made by Mary S in California, and it really appeals to me that it was quilted by Sandy in Maine. Quilters from the far corners of the US collectively creating a soft and lovely quilt to provide warmth and comfort to a needy child on the other side of the world. Is this a great hobby, or what??

Quilt by Sandy & Mary

The next two quilts tops were not accompanied by information that identified the piecers. If you recognize them, let us know, and we’ll add the names to the labels.

Sandy, thank you very much for the lovely quilting.  I know the three children who receive these quilts will be very happy with them!



Sharyn’s Pictures From our Quilt Delivery to Ethiopia

July 8, 2011

Sharyn took a lot of pictures showing the children learning to sew.  They made clothes for the dolls, lots of yo-yos which some of the children put on headbands, and then scrunchies which you can see on some of the children.  You will notice in the pictures that a lot of the children choose to ‘wear’ their quilts with the quilt top on the inside and the backing on the outside.  It was interesting as the children choose their quilt that they didn’t choose following what many of us traditionally think of as gender-specific colors or designs.  You can see by the pictures that they were all thrilled with their quilts.  Sharyn even has some pictures where the boys went back to their bedrooms to put the quilts on their beds.

And, the murals on the walls we were told were done by Lufthansa flight attendants who come every year and paint in the orphanages.  Check out the painting on the trees, and the children whirling around with their quilts.

All of you who made tops, quilts or did quilting are responsible for putting the smiles on those children’s faces.

Link to the pictures


Karen’s Pictures from Quilt Delivery

July 6, 2011

Karen’s pictures of the children from our trip in May to deliver quilts to orphanages in Ethiopia are now posted.  It makes me smile all over again to see the joy on the children’s faces when they received their quilts.  Plus, there is a picture of the children’s dolls that they made clothes for.  They did a great job making the clothes.

Direct link to Karen’s pictures.  Hope they make you smile too.

Thanks everybody for your part in making it possible to deliver these quilts.  It’s not too late to get your tops and quilts finished and shipped to Carla for our upcoming trip the end of this year.  We are hoping to deliver 230 quilts at a minimum.