3 Cute Quilts Received from Sandy in Maine

One of the great things about working with Quilts Beyond Borders is that I get to open packages with lovely surprises all year round, instead of just on Christmas and Birthdays. Early this week the doorbell rang, the dogs broke into yelps of excitement, and I discovered a box on my front porch sent by Sandy Knox in Maine. Sandy had done some quilts for us earlier in the year, but I wasn’t on the receiving end, since they were sent to Carolyn who was headed to Ethiopia and collecting the quilts to take with her. This time I was the lucky one to be able to open the package. Yippee!

Sandy quilted these three tops with meanders, loops and stars, and they look very cheerful and playful. I know the children will love them!

This top was made by Mary S in California, and it really appeals to me that it was quilted by Sandy in Maine. Quilters from the far corners of the US collectively creating a soft and lovely quilt to provide warmth and comfort to a needy child on the other side of the world. Is this a great hobby, or what??

Quilt by Sandy & Mary

The next two quilts tops were not accompanied by information that identified the piecers. If you recognize them, let us know, and we’ll add the names to the labels.

Sandy, thank you very much for the lovely quilting.  I know the three children who receive these quilts will be very happy with them!




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