Sharyn’s Pictures From our Quilt Delivery to Ethiopia

Sharyn took a lot of pictures showing the children learning to sew.  They made clothes for the dolls, lots of yo-yos which some of the children put on headbands, and then scrunchies which you can see on some of the children.  You will notice in the pictures that a lot of the children choose to ‘wear’ their quilts with the quilt top on the inside and the backing on the outside.  It was interesting as the children choose their quilt that they didn’t choose following what many of us traditionally think of as gender-specific colors or designs.  You can see by the pictures that they were all thrilled with their quilts.  Sharyn even has some pictures where the boys went back to their bedrooms to put the quilts on their beds.

And, the murals on the walls we were told were done by Lufthansa flight attendants who come every year and paint in the orphanages.  Check out the painting on the trees, and the children whirling around with their quilts.

All of you who made tops, quilts or did quilting are responsible for putting the smiles on those children’s faces.

Link to the pictures



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