4 More Cute Ones Quilted by Kathy Morrison

Wow! Kathy Morrison is one fast quilter! And she’s good at it too! I sent these four tops off to Kathy in late June, and she got them back to me in just a couple of weeks, and they’re all just as cute as they can be.

This quilt top was one that I really liked.  I was tempted to hold on to it to quilt myself, but I was afraid I wouldn’t get to it very soon, so I sent it on to Kathy, and she really did a beautiful job on it.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  She quilted it with a long-stemmed rose panto.  It’s very sweet and romantic.  Some teenaged girl is going to love this quilt!

The pretty pink top below was sent to us by Lisa Doran, who used fabrics she picked up from us at the Houston IQF last year.  Lisa did a beautiful job of piecing this.   The fabrics are lovely airy florals, bows, and bunnies, and it’s just as sweet as it can be!  Kathy quilted this one with a really nice heart panto.

Lisa, thank you so much for piecing this and returning it to us!   I know that some little girl will just treasure this quilt!

Kathy used more hearts on the basket quilt above and some playful clowns and stars on the red, green and blue quilt.

All four of these quilts will be going with me to Ethiopia in December.  Thanks so much to both Kathy and Lisa!




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