Our Youngest Quilter, Erin

We have a new quilter in the making!  The top was made by Erin at 12 years old (her mom, Faith, quilted it).  This quilt is just adorable, and Erin did a fantastic job.  And Faith tells me that Erin designed it too.  Faith picked up a kit at the Houston show that had the center panel and some strips of fabric.  Erin took the center panel and arranged the strips to border the panel, using some of the strips from the kit and ‘shopping’ for others from her mom and dad’s stash (yes, her dad quilts too).  I’m very impressed with Erin’s quilt, and I know it is going to be very special to the child who receives it.  Thank you so much, Erin, for making the top.  I think you have a great future in quilting ahead of you.



One Response to “Our Youngest Quilter, Erin”

  1. Carla Says:

    Wow!! I really like that — nice choice of colors, and an unusual and fun placement of the panel.

    We had a couple of other very young quilters, who were living with their American mom who was posted in Japan or Korea (I don’t remember which). I had the privilege of quilting the quilts they sent in 2008, and their quilts were among those given to boys in Ethiopia that year. I hope they’re still quilting because, like Erin, they had a lot of talent.

    It’s such a treat to see these talented youngsters taking this wonderful old art and creating precious gifts for needy children in another part of the world. It’s great for quilting, and it gives me such a good feeling about the future!


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