Quilts received from Winnie and Bea

Today was a fun day. I had an email in my inbox from a fellow who found me and this blog by Googling “growing up in Addis.” He was directed to my Father’s Day entry, in which I talked about my dad and a little bit about my experience of growing up in Ethiopia. He was there when he was 15, back in 1960-61, but since he was a “big kid” we didn’t know each other, although we knew some people in common. Anyway, he’s actually trying to track down his first little sweetheart from those years — 51 years later! So we exchanged notes and contacts, spent some time on the phone together, and we’ll keep in touch. After all, I need to hear the end of this story! Is there a woman in the world who wouldn’t want her very first love to look her up 51 years later? And, just in case, if any of you know a person whose maiden name was Jackie Snow, who grew up in Ethiopia, let me know and we’ll see if we can get these two back in touch!

Now to the subject in the title, the quilts are really beginning to roll in, which is wonderful! I think we’re going to make many children very happy. Some of these quilts are just so cute!

The quilts I’m featuring today were quilted by Winnie Jensen and Bea Lee.

The first quilt was done by Winnie, using a cute panto with Teddy Bears, moons and stars. Some child is going to love that! The second quilt was pieced by Jean U, and Winnie used a leaf panto which picks up the theme of several of the patches — very pretty! The third quilt was pieced by Donna Sciandra, who has made many lovely tops for us. Winnie quilted it with a star panto which really works with the red, white and blue homespun fabrics. Winnie quilts for her own pleasure, and for her lucky family and friends. Great job, Winnie! Three children will really treasure these quilts!

The next two quilts were quilted by Bea Lee.  Bea took these two quilts and did some custom quilting on both of them to show off the appliqued bunny and center panel cat to great advantage. The bunny is just too cute with the stitching she did on his face and paws. The bunny quilt was pieced for us by Leverne H.

Bea quilts professionally, and has both a website and a blog:

Great thanks to both Winnie and Bea. The quilts are all 5 just great, and the children who receive them will love them!



3 Responses to “Quilts received from Winnie and Bea”

  1. Sharon Watson Says:

    When will you be taking more quilts to the orphans? Did I miss this? I don’t see it posted. Thanks so much. I love your charity. Sharon

    • quiltsbeyondborders Says:

      Hi, Sharon! We’re currently planning a trip, but the date hasn’t yet been set. We thought four of us were going in November or December, but unfortunately one of us had an unexpected illness in the family, and another had a job conflict. Therefore, we’re currently revising our plans, finding new participants, rescheduling.

      Going to Ethiopia isn’t a trivial decision for most people, as the cost is about $2000 and there are a number of vaccinations required, many of which must be done months before the actual trip, so it does take a lot of planning.

      Once we get some decisions made and plans firmed up, we’ll post about the trip. Right now we’re probably looking at spring.

      Thanks for asking, and thanks for viewing our blog. I’m glad you love our charity. Believe me, we love all our wonderful piecers, quilters, donors and supporters!


    • quiltsbeyondborders Says:

      Hi Sharon, Right now, the trip is planned for the end of this year. Were you maybe thinking of the trip we took in May of this year? The link to those pictures are on the right side of the blog under links. Thank you for visiting us, and you know we couldn’t get quilts to the children if it wasn’t for people like you who donate your time and talent. Carolyn

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