Beautiful Smiles!!!

Ok, well the one little guy is crying, but I’m sure it isn’t because he is getting a quilt.  These are pictures of quilts being given to children in an orphanage in Ziway which is several hours outside of Addis Ababa.  Fekade, the General Manager for Door of Hope Humanitarian Service, (we have a link to their facebook page on our blogroll) sent these pictures.  When we went in May, we had left quilts with him to distribute to orphanages outside of Addis since we were not able to travel to them.

Here is what Fekade wrote when he sent the pictures.

“Dear Carolyn Sower, Thank you again for the quilts you gave me for the children that live in Ethiopia, Ziway. Here are some photos that I took when I gave them Yesterday.
God bless you and your collage who are working for these needy children.
Fekade Tesema
General manager of  Door of Hope Humanitarian Service”
It warms my heart to see those smiles, and I add my thanks for all your hard work.  Check out the names on some of those photos, that is how they were named when sent to me.
Fekade is also the one who has asked for another 200 quilts for an orphanage that will be opening up this fall.  Those tops and quilts you are making and sending to Carla will be provided to Fekade for that new orphanage.  So, ladies and gentlemen, keep those quilts coming – we want to put a smile on every child’s face.
I’ll be posting the pictures in higher resolution to our Shutterfly site when I get some time.  You will be better able to see the beautiful faces.  I’ll post and let you know when I do so.

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2 Responses to “Beautiful Smiles!!!”

  1. Yared Agizachew Says:

    May God bless you & your service.

  2. quiltsbeyondborders Says:

    Thank you. I feel very blessed to be doing this. I spent my formative years in Ethiopia, and the country and it’s people are precious to me. I love to quilt, and it makes me very happy to provide a quilt to a child who needs it.


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