Donations from, Natalie, DeDe, Ida

   Natalie made this beautiful quilt.  The play of light and dark colors makes it especially interesting.  The child who receives it will love tracing the pattern of the triangles. Thanks, Natalie, on behalf of the child who receives this quilt.






DeDe made this top which turned out adorable and already looks very cozy.    This is the 9th top that DeDe has made for the orphans this year.  She also sent a big box of fabric that had been gifted to her and she gifted it to QBB.  The fabric is very welcome as we always need backs.  Thanks, DeDe for your continuing support.  We really appreciate it.




Ida who also sent us fabric this year and last, and sent 2 tops with the most recent boxes of fabric.









In addition to the fabric, Ida sent strips of patches already sewn.  All I had to do was join all the strips together.  The batik below is just one of the tops that was made with the strips.  All three of these tops are super cute.  Once they get quilted up, they will make some children warm and happy.  Thank you, Ida, for helping out our children.









Enjoy the pictures.



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