4 Cute Quilts from Gail

Today I’d like to feature 4 cute quilts that came from Gail Coles in North Carolina. Gail quilts for pleasure and was kind enough to volunteer to quilt 3 of our donated tops. These tops were donated to us, but I didn’t have any names attached to them when I received them, so if you recognize any of them and know the creator, please leave me a comment on this entry so we can give credit where credit is due.
Gail quilted the first top with a very cute Lorien pantograph called “Clover”. The next two quilts were quilted using the Jody Beamish panto, “Sprung”. These quilted up so nicely and were such cheerful pantos that I had to go on the internet and buy the pantos for my own use!

The last quilt, which Gail also quilted using “Sprung” is one that Gail made for us. I just love the prints and the bright colors are perfect for any child! In fact, I’ll be representing QBB in a booth at a local quilt show in September, and this one is so eye-catching that I think I’ll use it to decorate the booth before it makes it’s way into the arms of a child on our next visit to Ethiopia!

Thank you very much, Gail! These are all just adorable, and the recipients will surely love them!



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