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Good News! We’ll see you in Houston!

September 28, 2011

We’ve just found out that Quilts Beyond Borders will be having a booth once again at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. We’re very grateful for and excited about this opportunity. Carolyn’s been there almost every year, and I know Karen’s been there before, but this will be my first time at Festival, so perhaps I’ll get the chance to meet many of you in person. 

We are currently planning to have another sit-and-sew, assuming we can round up the machines, so if you find you need to get off your feet for awhile, come on over to our booth and we’ll make you very comfortable and let you stitch to your heart’s content!  The pictures in this post are from our 2010 booth at Festival, and you can see how much fun people were having!

I know Carolyn and the others have worked the booth in past years and give out hundreds of kits for people to make tops for us. If you haven’t stitched up your tops and returned them to us, please stop by the booth, return them in person and say hello.

We know that “stuff happens” and sometimes the kits are misplaced or perhaps didn’t turn out as well as you’d hoped. In that case, please feel free to make us a replacement top (preferably about size 42×60 inches) and drop that off to us. Or, we’d also be happy to accept a donation of $25 in lieu of the top — which is about what it would cost us to replace the fabric.

Stop by, say “hi!”, and see what’s new at QBB! We’re looking forward to seeing you!



6 Cute Quilts from Sharon, Richard and Martha

September 24, 2011

Richard and Martha are “That Talented Twosome from Texas” who make a lot of great tops for us. Sharon Wilt, who has a business called Fabric Creations, recently sent us 6 quilts made from some of those great tops, after she’d applied her special magic to finish them.  Sharon quilted them with loops, meanders, circles, and bigger circles in some of the borders that almost made them look like “egg and dart” moldings!  Really nice quilting that enhanced the cute tops without attracting attention away from the wonderful fabrics that were chosen by Richard and Martha.

Martha has mentioned that she and Richard are “trying to outdo each other!”  Clearly the competition is very good for us!  The first four quilt tops below were made by Richard, the last two by Martha.  Please note the two elephant panels that Richard and Martha each gave their own spin.  Both quilts are as cute as can be, one (Richard’s) enhanced with “hot” red and green borders and the other (Martha’s) with soothing blues and yellows.  It’s always fun to see people start with the same panel (or block or theme) and add their own tastes and personalities to it.  Variety is clearly the spice of life, and sure spices up these quilts!

Thank you, Sharon, Richard and Martha for making these adorable quilts.   I know the children who receive them will truly love them.  We’ll have to try to find a pair of buddies or siblings to bless with that pair of elephants!  I always hate to break up a matching set!



Wonderful Scrap Quilts by Helen

September 21, 2011

These quilts were sent in by Helen Baczynski who did a fantastic job.  The quilts are absolutely gorgeous in person.  The color placement, piecing, quilting, binding and label are all just perfect.  The children who receive them will have loads of fun looking at all the prints.  Thank you, Helen for making these wonderful quilts for the needy children who will receive them.


Orphan Blocks

September 17, 2011

I have been working to reduce the pile of orphan blocks that have been donated to QBB.  In addition to orphan blocks we were also the recipient of other blocks that aren’t enough for a full quilt top It takes a lot of thinking to design a top with the various mish mash of blocks.  Making these tops takes a bit longer, but there is such a feeling of satisfaction in solving the puzzle of what to put where and what to add to get a full top.  And, I really get to exercise that creativity that we all have.  I still have a few more to put together, but thought you all might enjoy looking at these.


QBB to be at the NSQG Quilt Show in Hoffman Estates, IL

September 15, 2011

Hi! If any of you will be in the Chicagoland area this weekend, please stop by the NSQG Quilt Show which will be held at the Prairie Stone Fitness Center in Hoffman Estates, IL. QBB has been given the opportunity by Deb Figved, of “Deb’s Quiltery” to share her booth at the show, and I’d love to get the chance to meet some of you in person.

QBB will have some brochures, pictures of our quilt deliveries in Ethiopia, a few charity quilts on display, and some “QBB-Bee Interest Cards” for you to fill out if you’re interested in forming or joining a local group of people to create quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders.

We are very grateful to Deb for giving us the opportunity to share her booth. Deb represents Pellon batting and will have batting packages and rolls in the booth for sale. I think she will also be selling some charity batting by the yard. This could be a great opportunity for you to stock up! Deb’s website is:

For more info on the show:

I’ll look forward to seeing you!


Some interesting pictures

September 15, 2011

Fekade sent a link to where Door of Hope Humanitarian Services has posted some pictures on Picasa.  The quilt picture is a repeat of one we have already seen, but some of the other pictures show children which I swear are younger pictures of some of the children who received quilts.  Look in the album called “Dedicated Founders of the organization” to see those pictures.  Here is the link

Then there are some pictures posted on their facebook site.  Some of these pictures are also ones we have already seen, but there are three new ones.  You might even see a quilt that you made!

And, just a little tidbit, Sep 11 was the start of the Ethiopian new year.  If anybody knows Ahmaric  this is what Fekade called it,  “Meskerm 1” the first day of the year.

Take care,


5 Cute Quilts from Candy and Janice

September 13, 2011

At Quilts Beyond Borders we really enjoy it when we receive the collaborations of two women (a topper and a long armer) from two different parts of the country who have never met, but have brought their skills together to create some lovely quilts for our children. Today we’re featuring 5 cute quilts. The tops were created by Candy T from Utah, and the quilting was done by Janice Duerr in Michigan.

The first quilt top was made with fall colors by Candy, and Janice enhanced it with a lovely floral panto.
Candy made the second top with large color blocks, and Janice used a wonderful feathery panto.

Janice used a very nice quarter-sized meander on the next two tops that Candy created, a lasagne quilt and a quilt with cute Pooh fabric. This size of meander is always great, because it does a wonderful job of stabilizing the quilt so it will hold up to “tough love and laundry conditions”, it goes with every kind of pattern and doesn’t detract from cute fabrics, and it always looks professional and nice.

I’ve always loved the fun 1930’s fabrics, and since I was two I’ve coveted the quilt my Grandmother made for my sister — all those pretty prints! The fifth quilt is one that Candy made with a lovely selection of 30’s reproductions, and Janice used a pretty swirly panto for this one. I confess, of these 5, I think it’s my favorite — although I really like the fall colors one too!

Janice quilts professionally in Harbor Beach, Michigan. You can see more of her quilting at her website:

Also, if you’re looking for a “Quilting Vacation Destination” considering going on a quilting retreat (or scrapbooking retreat), to the State Street Inn, a bed and breakfast owned by Janice and her husband, Bill, in Harbor Beach, Michigan, “on the sunrise side of Lake Huron.”

Candy and Janice, thank you so much for this wonderful collaboration of two talented ladies from two different beautiful parts of the country!

Happy Quilting, Everybody!

Cute, bright tops from Mylaka

September 11, 2011

Today we are featuring several very colorful and cheerful tops received from Mylaka.   These tops are very fun and will definitely brighten the children’s rooms and their lives.  Thank you, Mylaka for making and donating these tops.  Sorry for my wonky pictures on some of them.

More Quilts to Children

September 10, 2011

Fekade with Door of Hope Humanitarian Service sent some more pictures.  These are children on the outskirts of Addis Ababa in the subcity of Lafto.  These children are living with family and not in orphanages.  Ethiopia has been trying to reduce the number of children in orphanages and trying to keep the children with family even if it is extended family.  Unfortunately, there seems to be resources that are available to orphanages, but not to individual families.  You can see by the children in the picture that the children don’t seem to be as well dressed as the children from the orphanages.  I’m happy that we can provide quilts to those children.  And, when I was in Ethiopia, the people there told me that these quilts will be considered prize possessions of the children.

These pictures are very special to me.  You see, we all make these quilts and then we let them go.  As volunteers, we don’t know exactly where they will end up, but we hope that the life of the child who receives them is brighten by the gift of the quilt.  We don’t get pictures of all of the quilts that are delivered, and I’m sure that we all look hard at the pictures we do get hoping to see one of the quilts that we made.  Well, I have made well over 100 quilts, and I finally had the pleasure of seeing a child wrapped in a quilt that I had a large part in making.  I cut the kit that we handed out at the Houston International Quilt Festival, somebody else sewed the top (and if you are the person, please let me know), and the top was returned to me and I quilted it.  That adorable little boy in the 4th picture is wrapped in that quilt.  I couldn’t be more thrilled!

I hope you all have this same experience of seeing one of your quilts wrapped around some child halfway around the world knowing that you are putting a little love in their life.


Quilts with Fun Fillers from Diane

September 7, 2011

Today one of our great volunteers gently reminded me that we hadn’t blogged in the last week or so — yikes! Carolyn has been very busy with work, and I’ve been very busy kitting up tops to send to longarmers and preparing for our participation in a local quilt show here in Hoffman Estates, IL. But, enough of my excuses!

Today, on our blog, we’re featuring 4 quilts that were quilted by Diane Kennedy. Diane quilts for pleasure, and that really comes through when you look at these quilts.

This first quilt was created with a top made by Georgia K. Diane alternated loops and stars in the black squares with a playful meander on the printed oranges that doesn’t distract from the fabric.

Diane used “line dancing” in the squares of the second quilt, and an undulating formal feather in the borders.

The third quilt has been one of my favorites, since I first saw it as a top. I love the beach and this quilt has all the things that make for a perfect day — boats, water, sand, sea gulls, flip-flops — I really like these fabrics. Diane enhanced this quilt by using a lot of different fillers which complement the “subject matters” of the fabrics — waves, loops, stars, wiggly lines, “wind current meanders”, and squiggles on the faux sashing that frames the pictures of boats and seaside scenes in the cheater fabric.

The final quilt is a dainty pink and purple “girly-girl” quilt that is going to make some very feminine little girl very happy. Diane quilted that one with a loop-in-a-loop all-over meander that complements the soft fabrics very nicely.  

Thanks, Diane, for doing such a nice job of these quilts. I know the children will enjoy them very much!