Quilts with Fun Fillers from Diane

Today one of our great volunteers gently reminded me that we hadn’t blogged in the last week or so — yikes! Carolyn has been very busy with work, and I’ve been very busy kitting up tops to send to longarmers and preparing for our participation in a local quilt show here in Hoffman Estates, IL. But, enough of my excuses!

Today, on our blog, we’re featuring 4 quilts that were quilted by Diane Kennedy. Diane quilts for pleasure, and that really comes through when you look at these quilts.

This first quilt was created with a top made by Georgia K. Diane alternated loops and stars in the black squares with a playful meander on the printed oranges that doesn’t distract from the fabric.

Diane used “line dancing” in the squares of the second quilt, and an undulating formal feather in the borders.

The third quilt has been one of my favorites, since I first saw it as a top. I love the beach and this quilt has all the things that make for a perfect day — boats, water, sand, sea gulls, flip-flops — I really like these fabrics. Diane enhanced this quilt by using a lot of different fillers which complement the “subject matters” of the fabrics — waves, loops, stars, wiggly lines, “wind current meanders”, and squiggles on the faux sashing that frames the pictures of boats and seaside scenes in the cheater fabric.

The final quilt is a dainty pink and purple “girly-girl” quilt that is going to make some very feminine little girl very happy. Diane quilted that one with a loop-in-a-loop all-over meander that complements the soft fabrics very nicely.  

Thanks, Diane, for doing such a nice job of these quilts. I know the children will enjoy them very much!



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