More Quilts to Children

Fekade with Door of Hope Humanitarian Service sent some more pictures.  These are children on the outskirts of Addis Ababa in the subcity of Lafto.  These children are living with family and not in orphanages.  Ethiopia has been trying to reduce the number of children in orphanages and trying to keep the children with family even if it is extended family.  Unfortunately, there seems to be resources that are available to orphanages, but not to individual families.  You can see by the children in the picture that the children don’t seem to be as well dressed as the children from the orphanages.  I’m happy that we can provide quilts to those children.  And, when I was in Ethiopia, the people there told me that these quilts will be considered prize possessions of the children.

These pictures are very special to me.  You see, we all make these quilts and then we let them go.  As volunteers, we don’t know exactly where they will end up, but we hope that the life of the child who receives them is brighten by the gift of the quilt.  We don’t get pictures of all of the quilts that are delivered, and I’m sure that we all look hard at the pictures we do get hoping to see one of the quilts that we made.  Well, I have made well over 100 quilts, and I finally had the pleasure of seeing a child wrapped in a quilt that I had a large part in making.  I cut the kit that we handed out at the Houston International Quilt Festival, somebody else sewed the top (and if you are the person, please let me know), and the top was returned to me and I quilted it.  That adorable little boy in the 4th picture is wrapped in that quilt.  I couldn’t be more thrilled!

I hope you all have this same experience of seeing one of your quilts wrapped around some child halfway around the world knowing that you are putting a little love in their life.



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4 Responses to “More Quilts to Children”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I pieced the homespun and just love the quilting that was done to it, can I have it back ,just kidding, Cant wait to meet and greet everyone in Houston, looking forward to the experience. donna

    • quiltsbeyondborders Says:

      We’re looking forward to meeting you in person, Donna! Thanks for everything you’ve done for us! And, NO!!! You CAN’T have it back!!!


    • Hong Chang Says:

      Altho I can’t identify any of the quilts as mine the mere thought that one of mine is giving happiness to an underprivileged child is a heart warming thought. I love sewing and whatsbetter than doing something you enjoy to give some happiness

  2. quiltsbeyondborders Says:

    Hong, your quilts are always lovely, and we really appreciated all your help at our booth in Houston this year! I really enjoyed meeting you. If you click on the links to pictures on the side of the blog perhaps you’ll find one or more of your quilts that were taken by Karen and Carolyn to Ethiopia early last year.

    We don’t always get pictures, but it’s always a treat to spot one of the quilts I’ve made when it’s wrapped around some happy child! I know that they children who’ve received your quilts absolutely treasure them!


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