5 Cute Quilts from Candy and Janice

At Quilts Beyond Borders we really enjoy it when we receive the collaborations of two women (a topper and a long armer) from two different parts of the country who have never met, but have brought their skills together to create some lovely quilts for our children. Today we’re featuring 5 cute quilts. The tops were created by Candy T from Utah, and the quilting was done by Janice Duerr in Michigan.

The first quilt top was made with fall colors by Candy, and Janice enhanced it with a lovely floral panto.
Candy made the second top with large color blocks, and Janice used a wonderful feathery panto.

Janice used a very nice quarter-sized meander on the next two tops that Candy created, a lasagne quilt and a quilt with cute Pooh fabric. This size of meander is always great, because it does a wonderful job of stabilizing the quilt so it will hold up to “tough love and laundry conditions”, it goes with every kind of pattern and doesn’t detract from cute fabrics, and it always looks professional and nice.

I’ve always loved the fun 1930’s fabrics, and since I was two I’ve coveted the quilt my Grandmother made for my sister — all those pretty prints! The fifth quilt is one that Candy made with a lovely selection of 30’s reproductions, and Janice used a pretty swirly panto for this one. I confess, of these 5, I think it’s my favorite — although I really like the fall colors one too!

Janice quilts professionally in Harbor Beach, Michigan. You can see more of her quilting at her website: http://quiltingbyjanice.com/

Also, if you’re looking for a “Quilting Vacation Destination” considering going on a quilting retreat (or scrapbooking retreat), to the State Street Inn, a bed and breakfast owned by Janice and her husband, Bill, in Harbor Beach, Michigan, “on the sunrise side of Lake Huron.” http://thestatestreetinn.com/

Candy and Janice, thank you so much for this wonderful collaboration of two talented ladies from two different beautiful parts of the country!

Happy Quilting, Everybody!


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