6 Cute Quilts from Sharon, Richard and Martha

Richard and Martha are “That Talented Twosome from Texas” who make a lot of great tops for us. Sharon Wilt, who has a business called Fabric Creations, recently sent us 6 quilts made from some of those great tops, after she’d applied her special magic to finish them.  Sharon quilted them with loops, meanders, circles, and bigger circles in some of the borders that almost made them look like “egg and dart” moldings!  Really nice quilting that enhanced the cute tops without attracting attention away from the wonderful fabrics that were chosen by Richard and Martha.

Martha has mentioned that she and Richard are “trying to outdo each other!”  Clearly the competition is very good for us!  The first four quilt tops below were made by Richard, the last two by Martha.  Please note the two elephant panels that Richard and Martha each gave their own spin.  Both quilts are as cute as can be, one (Richard’s) enhanced with “hot” red and green borders and the other (Martha’s) with soothing blues and yellows.  It’s always fun to see people start with the same panel (or block or theme) and add their own tastes and personalities to it.  Variety is clearly the spice of life, and sure spices up these quilts!

Thank you, Sharon, Richard and Martha for making these adorable quilts.   I know the children who receive them will truly love them.  We’ll have to try to find a pair of buddies or siblings to bless with that pair of elephants!  I always hate to break up a matching set!




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