Good News! We’ll see you in Houston!

We’ve just found out that Quilts Beyond Borders will be having a booth once again at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. We’re very grateful for and excited about this opportunity. Carolyn’s been there almost every year, and I know Karen’s been there before, but this will be my first time at Festival, so perhaps I’ll get the chance to meet many of you in person. 

We are currently planning to have another sit-and-sew, assuming we can round up the machines, so if you find you need to get off your feet for awhile, come on over to our booth and we’ll make you very comfortable and let you stitch to your heart’s content!  The pictures in this post are from our 2010 booth at Festival, and you can see how much fun people were having!

I know Carolyn and the others have worked the booth in past years and give out hundreds of kits for people to make tops for us. If you haven’t stitched up your tops and returned them to us, please stop by the booth, return them in person and say hello.

We know that “stuff happens” and sometimes the kits are misplaced or perhaps didn’t turn out as well as you’d hoped. In that case, please feel free to make us a replacement top (preferably about size 42×60 inches) and drop that off to us. Or, we’d also be happy to accept a donation of $25 in lieu of the top — which is about what it would cost us to replace the fabric.

Stop by, say “hi!”, and see what’s new at QBB! We’re looking forward to seeing you!



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