Seven More Quilts — Thanks to Marj, Leslie, Seiko, Bonita, Donna and Jean!

We’ve received 7 completed quilts recently from Marj in Michigan and Leslie Allen in West Virginia.

The first four are from Marj. She pieced and quilted the first two, the blue one with custom quilting of stars, echoes, a loopy motif and cabled border, and the pink one with grids. We greatly appreciate the generous donation of these two lovely quilts! The yellow, blue and pink quilt was pieced by Seiko in Japan, and was quilted by Marj with a large floral panto. The last of the four quilts was pieced by Bonita from Texas, who at 96 is probably the most experienced of the wonderful volunteers who piece tops for QBB. Marj quilted it with a geometric pattern.

The next three quilts were quilted by Leslie Allen, from West Virginia. Leslie and her husband, Curt, have a business called Finishing Touches Quilting Studios, and Curt is the inventor and manufacturer of “Leslie’s Husband’s Hopping Foot” and makes micro-handles for several longarm quilting machines including Voyager 17, Juki, Indigo by Nolting, Tin Lizzie and others. Leslie quilts professionally. You can see their products and Leslie’s gallery at this url:

The first quilt below was pieced by an unknown volunteer (if you recognize it, please tell us so we can give credit where credit is due!) and quilted by Leslie with a pattern of continuous swirls. The red, black and scrappy quilt was pieced by Jean. Leslie chose a lovely shade of green to quilt meanders which harmonize beautifully with the colorful fabrics. The red, white and blue homespun quilt was pieced by Donna Sciandra, one of our “frequent piecers” who has donated many tops to QBB and will be helping us in our booth in Houston next month. Leslie quilted it with a pattern of loops and stars which go beautifully with the Americana feel of the quilt.

Great thanks to all the wonderful ladies who worked to create these quilts. I know the children will be very pleased to receive them!



2 Responses to “Seven More Quilts — Thanks to Marj, Leslie, Seiko, Bonita, Donna and Jean!”

  1. Janet Sylvia Says:

    Tears in my eyes again as I read your recent posts. I came back again to look at your lovely yellow scrap quilt, which I am going to use as a pattern, and updated myself with your work – what wonderful people quilters are, and their friends and families, what a blessing it was for you to connect with Buzz.
    Blessings to all contributors – in all the ways.
    Janet in New Zealand
    “Kia kaha” we say here – all strength to you.

  2. quiltsbeyondborders Says:

    Thanks, Janet! We’ve been very blessed by having a plethora of wonderful angels quilting for us and supporting us in so many ways! It is wonderful to have connected with Buzz, he has helped us so much by transporting the quilts!

    I believe Carolyn is the one who did the lovely yellow scrap quilt. I call her the “Queen of Scraps.” She’s amazing! I’m good with 3 or 4 fabrics, but when I try to do something really scrappy it usually just looks really crappy! (Sorry — but it does rhyme!) I’m hoping to pick up some tips from her to improve my scrap quilts, because I sure generate a lot of scraps!

    But I do love to look at our blog, too. So much inspiration from all of our wonderful piecers and quilters!


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