Thanks, Jan Smith and Sally B!

Today we’re featuring 7 quilts from Jan Smith and Sally B.

The first 3 quilts were quilted by Jan Smith, who quilts and embroiders professionally. Her business is “Stitchin on the Fox” in Fox River Grove, Illinois. Jan free-motion quilted all three quilts, using patterns and motifs that complemented the fabric. Take special note of the second quilt. Jan’s sister-in-law, Carolyn Gerkin, was visiting, and Jan made this quilt a team project, with Carolyn meandering in the solid squares and Jan custom-quilting the printed squares. I’ll have to consider a project like this for sisterly bonding the next time my sister visits!

The thumbnails don’t do them justice, but for a closer look at the quilts, double click and then zoom in.

The next four quilts were quilted by Sally B, who quilts for pleasure. She chose some lovely pantos to compliment the tops. The sock monkey quilt was quilted with “Sprung”, by Jodi Beamish. It’s one of my favorite pantos, and considering the monkeys are jumping up and down on the bed, it seems very appropriate here! Sally quilted the musical quilt with Hermione Agee’s panto, “Windy Day” which has a lovely swirling pattern reminiscent of a treble clef. She quilted the batik quilt with Irene Steele’s panto, “Come Dance with Me”, and used Jodi Beamish’s “Wandering Daisies” for the floral quilt. All wonderful choices, Sally!

All of the quilt tops were received by me with no attribution for the piecers. If you know who pieced these wonderful quilts, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

Sally, Jan, and Carolyn, thank you very much for the great work you did on these quilts. I know the children will love them!



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