Double Your Pleasure – Joanne and Donna (with tops by Richard and Jennifer)

Longarm quilting can be a very solitary pursuit. Let’s face it, we can’t exactly drag our 12’Lx4’Dx3’H frames and our 40 pound longarms to guild meetings, bees and buddy’s houses without a great deal of work, expense and preparation! However, it’s lovely to have a friend in your area who shares this marvelous longarming addiction, to get together from time-to-time to share new ideas, techniques and challenges. I’m very lucky to be in a longarm guild in my area, and recently I’ve had a couple of situations where two longarmers were getting together to send all the QBB tops they’d quilted back to me — sharing postage and leveraging their good ideas and techniques.

The first twosome that has sent quilts to me is comprised of two friends from Massachusetts, Donna Babchuck and Joanne Dana.

The first 6 quilts were done by Joanne. Of those, the first three were made by Richard Miller (who is one of our most prolific “toppers”, and has turned it into a family affair by inspiring his wife, Martha, to create tops for us as well!) Continuing the “family affair” theme, the next three quilts were pieced by Joanne’s daughter, Jennifer James, of Arizona. Jennifer created these tops for her mother to practice on, when Joanne first started quilting, and they’re just adorable. Joanne used a variety of techniques on these 6 quilts, from meandering, to hearts, flowers, baptist fans and swirls.

The next four quilts were quilted by Donna, who has a business called Calendar Quilts & Crafts. Donna quilted these with meanders, swirls, and clamshells. Hmmmm… that first quilt looks suspiciously as though Jennifer might have been involved in that one as well!

All 10 quilts are just adorable. I know there will be 10 children really enjoying the fruits of your labors! Thank you!



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