5 Cute Quilts — tops from England and West Virginia, quilted by Marlene and Emma

Today we’re featuring 5 cute quilts which were quilted by Marlene Kolz and Emma Everett, both members of the Northern Illinois Long Arm Guild (NILAG).

The first two quilts are from tops which were sent to me by Kathy Osland-Moore, in England. She and her friends sent me two boxes of lovely tops, which were sent to long armers in many part of the US. Emma Everett, who does some professional quilting here in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, quilted the first with flowers and leaves, and the second with swirls.

The third quilt, which Emma quilted with feathers, circles and swirls, was from a top sent by Mary Ellen Kinkel, who quilts with a group of talented ladies called the Sisterhood of the Thimble in West Virginia. The Sisterhood sent me a large box of tops, which, like the tops from England, were distributed to long armers all over the US.

The Sisterhood of the Thimble also created the tops for the next two quilts. These were quilted by Marlene, who quilted the disappearing 9-patch with playful loops and quilted the embroidered quilt with a pattern of echoed hearts.

All the quilts turned out so beautifully! I know the children who receive them will love to snuggle in them! Thank you, Ladies!



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