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More booth pictures and a gentle reminder

November 28, 2011

For the past month, I have been working through the quilts and tops that were delivered to our booth at International Quilt Festival in Houston. I just want to make a gentle reminder that children are not square nor are their beds, so their quilts shouldn’t be square either. The size that works best for the children’s beds are approx. 42″ wide by 48″ to 60″ long. It would really be helpful if you can try to make the quilts and tops in that size range. Thanks for your help with this.

Martha and Richard Miller helped out in the booth this year, and sent some pictures they took of the booth.  The white box that Richard is holding in one of the pictures held a special treat.  Besides sewing, Richard loves to bake, and he brought 2 boxes of fudge that he made to share with all of us in the booth.  The fudge was divine!  Thank you Martha and Richard for your help and the fudge.  You are welcome back any time…..don’t forget the fudge.



3rd Set of tops received at IQF Houston

November 26, 2011

Thank you, Ladies and Gentleman, for making these tops.  These tops were made by Martha Miller, Myrna Ley Baccus, Paula Park, Peggy, Rachel Williams, Rebecca Overcash,  Rhonda Carson, Richard Miller, Rose Wilson, Rosalva Reyes-Hada, Rosemary Boros, Ruth Blakely, Sallie & Julie Whiteside, Sharon, Susan Smith, Virginia C. Lopez, and Winnila Dailey.  Hover over the picture to see the maker, and click on the picture to get a larger view.


8 Cute Quilt, Quilted by Hollis, Beverly and Gail

November 23, 2011

Today on the blog we’re featuring 8 quilts which were quilted by Hollis McCright, Beverly Threadgill Robey, and Gail Coles.

The first two quilts were done by Hollis, who is the owner of Midway Quilting Services in Big Spring, Texas. The purple stip quilt was made by Cheryl B, and Hollis used a lovely rose pattern to quilt it. The green lasagna quilt was made by Donna Sciandra of Buffalo, NY. Hollis meandered it and also included some script writing. Click on the photos to see the quilts close up.

The next three quilts were quilted by Beverly who quilts professionally in Nashville, TN. The first one, a cute panel quilt with pictures of vegetables, was pieced by Allison. Beverly quilted it with a pattern of swirls and curls. The next two quilts were pieced by Carolyn in Texas. Beverly quilted the first with multiple filler patterns, and quilted the second with meanders.

The last three quilts were quilted by Gail Coles, who has been featured on our blog before. The first two quilts were from tops that came to us from England and were pieced by Kathy and her friends. Gail used the Jodi Beamish “Popcorn” panto (which is one of my favorites) to complete the first quilt, and quilted the second using a feathery pattern. The pink and yellow daisy quilt was pieced by the aforementioned Donna Sciandra. and Gail used a pretty floral pattern to complete this one.

All of the quilts turned out beautifully! Ladies, thank you all very much! I know the children who receive these quilts will treasure them!


Becky and Barbara Quilt 8 Cute Tops

November 22, 2011

Today on the blog we’re featuring 8 cute quilts that were sent to us by Becky Goldner and Barbara Nilles, two friends from the State of Washington. Two of the 8 tops were pieced by Donna Sciandra in Buffalo. The others came to me with no names attached, so if anyone recognizes one of the tops and knows who the piecer was, do let me know who she is, so I can give credit where credit is due.

Please hover over the quilts so you can see whether they were quilted by Becky or Barbara, and which tops Donna created. If you click on the picture, you’ll be able to see it close up.

Thanks, Becky, Barbara, and Donna! The quilts are really cute, and the children will love them!


18 Quilts delivered to Children in Addis Ababa

November 21, 2011

Today I received these very cute pictures of a quilt delivery by Cherokee Gives Back to the Raey Child & Family Development Association in the Sefera area of Addis Ababa. QBB has worked with Cherokee since we were founded in 2007, and they’ve been very helpful to us over the years.  It’s so wonderful that they were able to deliver our quilts to this adorable group of children!

Children at this school have been identified by the local government
as having one or both parents who have died from AIDS. They are ages 3 to 10, even though the school is the KG level (Kindergarten), because the children are often behind as a result of their difficult home lives. In addition to schooling, the children receive breakfast and lunch, school uniforms, school supplies and periodic health check-ups.

We greatly appreciate the staff of Cherokee who located this organization, presented the quilts and sent the pictures. Thanks!


2nd Set of tops received at IQF Houston

November 21, 2011

Here is the second set of tops from IQF Houston.  These were donated by:  Jan in TX, Janet, Janet Guarino, Jayne Davis, Jazz Paz, Jeanne Whittle, Linda W. Rodge, Liz Clark, Lori Brans, Marcia Karns, and Marsha A. Cribbs.  Thank you, ladies for your donations.  As before, just hover over the picture to see the name of who made the top.


1st set of Pictures of Tops Received at IQF

November 19, 2011

I recognize a lot of the kits that I made up in the previous year in the tops we received at Festival.  It is gratifying to see that they are being returned.  It is always a risk to hand out something to somebody for free and ask them to sew them into tops and return them to us.  It is good to know that people are keeping in mind that the fabric isn’t theirs but only loaned to them.  It really belongs to the children who will be the recipients of the quilts.  Some of the fabric is donated to us and some of it is paid for by me personally (and for the record, I’m not independently wealthy).  So, when I see these tops with fabrics that I bought, it is like a friend coming back for a visit.  And when I see tops made with your fabric, it is like a new friend visiting.   The goodness of all of you who donate your time to make these tops and quilts for the children we don’t even know and will never meet is what keeps me going.  Thank you all, and enjoy the first installment of the tops we received at Festival.

These tops were made by:  A Friend in Houston, Ahna Hubick, Amy Garcia, Anon, Benji’s Bubbe, Bisthia, Carolina Boulangher, Deamentina/Ericka/Endino, Debora Janis, DeDe Cranford, Donna Sciandra, Donna Sciandra sponsored by Jace Bunkerhoff, Geraldine Clark, Ginny Hurt, Ginny Jones.  If you hover over the picture, you will see the names of who made the tops.  And, I apologize that some of the tops went to longarmers at the show before I got to record the receipt.  If you know who the Anonymous tops were made by, please let me know.  We did miss getting the names of the makers on a couple of tops that were turned in.


Last set of Quilt from Houston Festival

November 18, 2011

But, I still have all the tops to take pictures of, and a few corrections on the list of donations from a few days ago.  These quilts were made and donated by:  A Friend in Houston, Bridget, Corina Q, Donna Hart, Ellen Campos, Joyce Holmes, Kim McEuen, Richard Miller, Sara Hernandez, Shirley Simpson, Stella, Martha Miller with one of them quilted by Sharon Wilt, Karen Vender Stoep, Christine Christoffersen and Donna Sciandra.  If you hover over the picture of the quilts, you will see the names of who made them.  Enjoy.


Four Cute Tops by Donna, Quilted Beautifully by Sandy

November 17, 2011

The only thing nicer than receiving lovely well-made tops is seeing how beautiful they look when they come back all quilted up! These four tops were quilted by Sandy Knox of Maine and the tops were made by my pal and Houston QBB Booth volunteer, Donna Sciandra from New York. Great work, Ladies! There are going to be 4 happy little children who receive these quilts!



2nd Set – Pictures of Quilts Received During IQF

November 16, 2011

First, I had a couple of quilts misattributed between Lynda Young, Linda Young and Linda Sabins.  I have corrected in the listing posted a couple of days ago.

Wow, as I take pictures of these quilts, I get to look at each one more closely and I am awed by the tremendous talent and generosity of all of you.  It is great work that you all are doing and great caring for the children we don’t even know, but who will know the kindness of all of you.  Thank you so much!

The quilts below were made by:  Amy Garcia, Andrea Nelson & Colleen Anderson, Ann Strautman, Annalee Smith, Anonymous, Charlotte Miller, Clare, Donna Pyle, Donna Hart, Jane Sanders, Joyce Milles, Kelli Thompson, Linda Sabins, Lynda Young, Marsha Cribbs, Mylena Zimmerman, Ruthy sarikas, Sandy Grimes, and Tracy Williams.  If you hover over the picture, you can see the name of the maker.

Enjoy, and I will continue to post pictures of the rest.