2nd Set – Pictures of Quilts Received During IQF

First, I had a couple of quilts misattributed between Lynda Young, Linda Young and Linda Sabins.  I have corrected in the listing posted a couple of days ago.

Wow, as I take pictures of these quilts, I get to look at each one more closely and I am awed by the tremendous talent and generosity of all of you.  It is great work that you all are doing and great caring for the children we don’t even know, but who will know the kindness of all of you.  Thank you so much!

The quilts below were made by:  Amy Garcia, Andrea Nelson & Colleen Anderson, Ann Strautman, Annalee Smith, Anonymous, Charlotte Miller, Clare, Donna Pyle, Donna Hart, Jane Sanders, Joyce Milles, Kelli Thompson, Linda Sabins, Lynda Young, Marsha Cribbs, Mylena Zimmerman, Ruthy sarikas, Sandy Grimes, and Tracy Williams.  If you hover over the picture, you can see the name of the maker.

Enjoy, and I will continue to post pictures of the rest.





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