1st set of Pictures of Tops Received at IQF

I recognize a lot of the kits that I made up in the previous year in the tops we received at Festival.  It is gratifying to see that they are being returned.  It is always a risk to hand out something to somebody for free and ask them to sew them into tops and return them to us.  It is good to know that people are keeping in mind that the fabric isn’t theirs but only loaned to them.  It really belongs to the children who will be the recipients of the quilts.  Some of the fabric is donated to us and some of it is paid for by me personally (and for the record, I’m not independently wealthy).  So, when I see these tops with fabrics that I bought, it is like a friend coming back for a visit.  And when I see tops made with your fabric, it is like a new friend visiting.   The goodness of all of you who donate your time to make these tops and quilts for the children we don’t even know and will never meet is what keeps me going.  Thank you all, and enjoy the first installment of the tops we received at Festival.

These tops were made by:  A Friend in Houston, Ahna Hubick, Amy Garcia, Anon, Benji’s Bubbe, Bisthia, Carolina Boulangher, Deamentina/Ericka/Endino, Debora Janis, DeDe Cranford, Donna Sciandra, Donna Sciandra sponsored by Jace Bunkerhoff, Geraldine Clark, Ginny Hurt, Ginny Jones.  If you hover over the picture, you will see the names of who made the tops.  And, I apologize that some of the tops went to longarmers at the show before I got to record the receipt.  If you know who the Anonymous tops were made by, please let me know.  We did miss getting the names of the makers on a couple of tops that were turned in.



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