18 Quilts delivered to Children in Addis Ababa

Today I received these very cute pictures of a quilt delivery by Cherokee Gives Back to the Raey Child & Family Development Association in the Sefera area of Addis Ababa. QBB has worked with Cherokee since we were founded in 2007, and they’ve been very helpful to us over the years.  It’s so wonderful that they were able to deliver our quilts to this adorable group of children!

Children at this school have been identified by the local government
as having one or both parents who have died from AIDS. They are ages 3 to 10, even though the school is the KG level (Kindergarten), because the children are often behind as a result of their difficult home lives. In addition to schooling, the children receive breakfast and lunch, school uniforms, school supplies and periodic health check-ups.

We greatly appreciate the staff of Cherokee who located this organization, presented the quilts and sent the pictures. Thanks!



4 Responses to “18 Quilts delivered to Children in Addis Ababa”

  1. quiltsbeyondborders Says:

    Beautiful smiling faces! This is the reason we all do this. And that little guy on the far right in the second picture just says it all. I wish I could hug them all in person.

  2. quiltsbeyondborders Says:

    I know what you mean. Every time I feel overwhelmed with the crush of daily life and all the work we are doing to keep this charity going and figure out how to get quilts to the children, I get a transmission like this that reinvigorates me!


  3. Audrey Says:

    Thank you for these pictures. The little girl 5th from left is holding a quilt I made. To see the girls smiling makes me wonder what the little girl said to her. It is so heartwarming. Thank all of you for doing this. Audrey

    • quiltsbeyondborders Says:

      Audrey, isn’t it fun to be able to spot a quilt you did and know how happy the child who receives it is! After 4 years of making quilts for this charity I really don’t know how many I’ve done, and still, every time I see a picture of a smiling child holding a quilt I recognize as “one of mine”, I get excited!

      I know you’ve done a lot of quilts for us over the years. Thank you very much!!


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