8 Cute Quilt, Quilted by Hollis, Beverly and Gail

Today on the blog we’re featuring 8 quilts which were quilted by Hollis McCright, Beverly Threadgill Robey, and Gail Coles.

The first two quilts were done by Hollis, who is the owner of Midway Quilting Services in Big Spring, Texas. The purple stip quilt was made by Cheryl B, and Hollis used a lovely rose pattern to quilt it. The green lasagna quilt was made by Donna Sciandra of Buffalo, NY. Hollis meandered it and also included some script writing. Click on the photos to see the quilts close up.

The next three quilts were quilted by Beverly who quilts professionally in Nashville, TN. The first one, a cute panel quilt with pictures of vegetables, was pieced by Allison. Beverly quilted it with a pattern of swirls and curls. The next two quilts were pieced by Carolyn in Texas. Beverly quilted the first with multiple filler patterns, and quilted the second with meanders.

The last three quilts were quilted by Gail Coles, who has been featured on our blog before. The first two quilts were from tops that came to us from England and were pieced by Kathy and her friends. Gail used the Jodi Beamish “Popcorn” panto (which is one of my favorites) to complete the first quilt, and quilted the second using a feathery pattern. The pink and yellow daisy quilt was pieced by the aforementioned Donna Sciandra. and Gail used a pretty floral pattern to complete this one.

All of the quilts turned out beautifully! Ladies, thank you all very much! I know the children who receive these quilts will treasure them!



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