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Another finished quilt!

January 30, 2012

Eiko Enkvetchakul from Columbia, MO did a great job quilting this top which was made by me.  Unfortunately, it is hard to see the quilting in the picture, but it definitely improves the quilt.  Thank you, Eiko.



Quilted by Diane Graifemberg

January 27, 2012

These two tops made by Donna Sciandra of Buffalo, NY were quilted by Diane Graifemberg of Farmers Branch, TX.  The blue one was made by Donna, and sponsored by Cole Brinker.  These are very cheerful quilts and will be great for the children.  Thank you, ladies, for doing such a good job.


Finished Quilts, Yea!

January 26, 2012

Ramona Yurwitz from Crownsville, MD quilted these tops made by me.  They turned out great!  You can’t see the quilting really well, but on the Flintstones one, Ramona quilted dinosaurs all around the border.  Too cute!   The fabric on the other one was donated by Ida Gaglio from Twain Harte, CA. Thanks, Ramona and Ida, for your donation to brighten some children’s lives.


Theola Breaux Delivers Again!

January 24, 2012

These 5 tops were made by Theola Breaux of Houston, TX.  With these 5 that makes 15 tops that Theola has made since December.  I think she qualifies for superstar status.  Thank you, Theola, for doing such a good job making these tops.  They will make some children very happy.


More Finished Quilts, well almost finished

January 22, 2012

These tops were quilted by Dalene Hokanson from Milford, CA.  She did a really great job.  If you click on the pictures, you can see the quilting better, except for the last one where it didn’t show up well in the picture.  The first top was made by Liz Clark, the next one by DeDe Cranford and the last one by me.  Everybody did a wonderful job making these beautiful quilts.  I said they are almost finished because I still have to bind them.   Thank you, ladies, for your efforts.  The children will love these quilts.


Finished Quilts

January 17, 2012

These quilts were all quilted by Sandy Smith from Joliet, IL.  Sandy quilted all of these freehand.  She did an excellent job.  I especially love the quilting on the first quilt and am going to try it on the next top that I quilt.  The tops were made by Donna Sciandra, Kathy O-M and Friends, and Sisterhood of the Thimble.  Thank you, ladies.  The children will love these quilts.


Cozy Tops

January 16, 2012

These two cozy looking tops were made by Liz Clark of Los Gatos, CA.  We don’t get as many boy-type quilts as we do girl-type ones.  However, I should mention that what we consider boy versus girl type quilts aren’t always how children view the quilts.  So, any style and any colors are much appreciated.

Liz did a good job, and they almost have a stained glass look to them.  They will be very cuddly once they are quilted and I can just see some children snuggling under them.  Thank you, Liz.


More Tops with Spectrix Fabric

January 14, 2012

I got some more tops made with the Spectrix fabric, and only enough fabric left to do a couple more.  I have my friend, Ida Gaglio, to thank for the pattern for the first 3 tops.  I didn’t totally follow the pattern in one because I was using up some strip sets I had left over from the bargello quilt.  I hope these tops when they become quilts will bring a smile and comfort and warmth to some children.  Thank you, Arnie with Fabric by Spectrix for the fabric, and thank you Ida for the pattern.


Fabrics by Spectrix

January 13, 2012

When we were soliciting donations of fabric at Quilt Market, Arnie Fielgelman with Fabric by Spectrix offered us some fabric on the bolts.  The bolts weren’t full, but there was some good yardage.  Spectrix was the other manufacturer that I was to make tops using just their fabric.  Arnie wanted to be sure that I was using the fabric for the charity quilts, and I am.   Below is the first one made with the Spectrix fabric.

I had a lot of fun making this top.  I saw one of the Sewing With Nancy episodes called “Bargello With a Twist”.  Maggie Ball was the guest.  Maggie came up with this idea to do bargello by the block.  This top uses Maggie’s technique and really doesn’t take that long and is much easier that traditional bargello.  The Spectrix fabric gives this a very rich feel.


Featuring Andover fabric and me (blush)

January 10, 2012

One of the fabric manufacturers who donated fabric to QBB at Quilt Market was Andover Fabrics and they were  one of my manufacturers to make quilts from that showcased their fabric.  I went after some quick successes and made tops with panel fabric.  I needed to feel like I was creating something even if it was fast and simple rather than just doing all the other administrative work required when volunteering with a non-profit.  Now, I know that children don’t drink coffee or at least they don’t in this country, but I work with the fabric that I get.  And, I think the children will enjoy the quilts for their bright colors.

My friend, DeDe Cranford went through her stash and donated a bunch of fabric that didn’t work for her anymore.  Thanks to her efforts and donation, I was able to make backs for all of these tops.  They are now ready for longarmers  because while I like quilting I already have a stack of tops waiting to be quilted.  So if anybody is in the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas or Louisiana area and would like to quilt any of these, send me an email

And if anybody else wants to go through their stash and donate fabric that doesn’t work for them anymore, our address is above under the “Where to Send Tops…” link