Featuring Andover fabric and me (blush)

One of the fabric manufacturers who donated fabric to QBB at Quilt Market was Andover Fabrics and they were  one of my manufacturers to make quilts from that showcased their fabric.  I went after some quick successes and made tops with panel fabric.  I needed to feel like I was creating something even if it was fast and simple rather than just doing all the other administrative work required when volunteering with a non-profit.  Now, I know that children don’t drink coffee or at least they don’t in this country, but I work with the fabric that I get.  And, I think the children will enjoy the quilts for their bright colors.

My friend, DeDe Cranford went through her stash and donated a bunch of fabric that didn’t work for her anymore.  Thanks to her efforts and donation, I was able to make backs for all of these tops.  They are now ready for longarmers  because while I like quilting I already have a stack of tops waiting to be quilted.  So if anybody is in the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas or Louisiana area and would like to quilt any of these, send me an email csower@comcast.net

And if anybody else wants to go through their stash and donate fabric that doesn’t work for them anymore, our address is above under the “Where to Send Tops…” link



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