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Top by Ellen Campos

February 29, 2012

It always amazes me how each quilter puts patches and blocks together in their own way and comes up with darling quilts.  This top done by Ellen Campos from Houston, TX was made with a kit she picked up at IQF Houston.  When we put these kits together, we make do with the fabric that we have and try to coordinate the pieces as best we can with what we have.  You can see in this top that Ellen had a lot of different fabrics that she had to try to use and make a cohesive top – not necessarily a simple task.  But, Ellen did a wonderful job and this top came out just as cute as can be.  Ellen, thank you for making this top and doing such a great job with it.  It will certainly bring a smile to a child’s face.



Tops from Down Under

February 28, 2012

Hong Ying-Chang is from Adelaide, South Australia.  She came to International Quilt Festival Houston this past November and  helped in the QBB booth.  She also took some of the Andover Fabrics salesman samples home with her to make into tops.  Of course when she came to IQF, she brought some finished tops with her which left room in her suitcase to take those samples home with her.  Hong has been making tops and quilts for QBB for several years.  In fact, the very first post to our blog where we posted pictures was of some of Hong’s tops.  Here is the direct link to that post

I always enjoy opening a package from Hong because she makes such beautiful tops and quilts, and the ones she just sent in are no exception.  Thank you, Hong, for making these tops and quilt for the children, and for sending them all the way from Australia.


Quilters Working Together

February 27, 2012

Even though Donna Sciandra lives in Buffalo, NY, and Hollis McCright lives in Big Springs, TX, their joint effort resulted in three quilts.   Hollis sorted through her stash and sent Donna fabric that didn’t work for her any longer.  Donna then designed, pieced and quilted these 3 beautiful quilts.  The last picture is a top that Donna designed and pieced from her fabric which Donna will also quilt.  Lately, Donna has started quilting phrases on the quilts she makes.  She finds it fun and a nice change from meandering.  In fact, she hopes to start quilting nursery rhymes in the quilts.  That sounds like such a fun idea!

Kudos to both these ladies for making the effort to brighten children’s lives.  By the way, Hollis also does longarm quilting for QBB.  We love to see you all working with each other to produce finished quilts.



Gorgeous Quilting by Midge Flinn!

February 27, 2012

It was a real treat to look at all the quilts that Midge Flinn from St. Louis, MO returned.  The quilting is just adorable.  Check out the monkeys in the yellow striped quilt, the frogs in the owl quilt, the bear paws in the bear quilt along with all the other closeups of the quilting.  Midge did a great job!  The tops were made by Amy Garcia, Carolina Boulanger, me, DeDe Cranford, Hong Ying-Chang, Kate melillo, Liz Clark and Ruth Blakely.  I can just see the big smiles on the faces of the children who receive these quilts.  Thank you, Ladies, for a job well done.


Martha and Richard Miller Once Again

February 25, 2012

Martha and Richard Miller from New Braunfels, TX are very prolific piecers as we mentioned before.  They just sent off 6 more tops, backs and bindings to a longarmer, Bruce Pouliot with Granite Threads.   The blue panels were donated by Timeless Treasures.  On the tops made of squares, Richard picked up some kits at IQF Houston, but changed out some of the fabric and turned these tops into something way cuter than they would have been otherwise.  Thank you, Martha and Richard.  Keep up the good work, and you’ll keep putting smiles on children’s faces.


DeDe Cranford – Stunning Work!

February 24, 2012

Last weekend I drove up to Humble, TX just north of Houston to meet with DeDe and pick up 15 tops that she had made.  She made these with fabric generously donated by Andover Fabrics, Maywood Studios, and Island Batiks after International Quilt Market.  DeDe did a fantastic job on these tops, and the bonus is she also provided backing fabric which is a great help to us.  Additionally, DeDe returned 12 tops that had issues which she had fixed, and she included backings for all of those too!!!  DeDe, thank you so much for your help!  It really took a big load off of me, and there will be some very happy children when they get these quilts.


Fabric donated by Jean

February 23, 2012

At IQF in 2010, Jean came by our booth and donated a quilt. She even sat in our booth and sewed on the binding. This year when Jean came by the booth, she offered us approximately 20 yards of fabric. The fabric was 58″ wide so I was able to get 24 quilts out of the fabric.  For those who remember ‘Fat Albert’, this will bring back memories.   Below is a sampling of the quilts I made from that fabric. Jean, the quilts look good with that fabric. Thank you for donating it for the children.

Spotlight on Theola Breaux!

February 22, 2012

Theola Breaux from Houston, TX has only been quilting for a couple of years, but she has embraced it wholeheartedly.
A mother of 7, grandmother of 18 and great-grandmother of 5, Theola keeps busy with her family, and finds sewing to be a great way to relax.  Theola learned about QBB because a friend of hers, Laura Casmore, had kits to make tops for QBB and needed some help.  By the way, Laura has a twin who lives in Dallas, TX who has also made tops for QBB.  So, Theola helped Laura sew up the tops, and then asked her to pick up a couple of kits at International Quilt Festival (IQF) this last year for Theola to sew up.  And, Theola really took off from there.

Since IQF 2011, Theola has made 22 tops, and is working on even more. Below you can see the latest 10 tops that Theola just finished.

Theola and I have a good working relationship.  I have a lot of scrap fabric from making backings, tops, kits and donations received.  While I love working with scraps, there is no way that I can sew all of them that have piled up over the last couple of years.  So, I make kits with the scraps and provide those kits to Theola who does a beautiful job of sewing them into tops.  Theola comes to quilting from a background in drapery making.  In fact, she has made drapes for several pro basketball players.  Not content to skim the surface in learning Theola attended classes for 15 years to perfect her skills in drapery making.  That is dedication!  In addition to drapery making, Theola has a degree in interior design.

With all the tops that Theola is making, I am trying to find a local longarmer who can quilt them up so we don’t have to pay shipping costs to send them out for quilting.  Theola did give me a name of a friend of hers that might be able to help out, but I don’t think one longarmer can keep up with Theola.  We may have many different hands in the process (me kitting, Theola sewing, someone else quilting, maybe someone else binding), but our goal is to do a turnkey operation locally where we end up with finished quilts.  They say it takes a village to raise a child, well we are going to have a village providing warmth and comfort to children around the world through these quilts.

Thank you, Theola, for being a part of Quilts Beyond Borders!

Quilts Received from Gail Coles

February 21, 2012

I recently received these great quilts from Gail Coles in North Carolina. Gail enjoys quilting for  family, friends, QBB, and other charities. She did an incredible job and put her longarming talents to good use! We are especially thankful for her dedicating time to QBB.

The pink and light green quilt, with a butterfly inspired design, was made by Mylaka. Kent Njaa make the top with maroon and red squares with purple trim. The adorable watermelon quilt was made by Liz Clark. Jan Landry made the fish and frog combo quilt. And, Carolyn made the precious quilt with yellow squares interspersed with owls.

Gail, thank you for doing such lovely work. – Jodi


Loops and Stars

February 20, 2012

Patti from Ohio did a cute job quilting these tops with loops and stars.  She is practicing free motion on her longarm and the QBB tops are a perfect size for practicing and learning new techniques.  The tops were all made by me, but with some help from Ida Gaglio from Twain Harte, CA on the second one.  Ida picked out the fabric, cut out the kit and sent it to me for piecing.  The first top was made with fabric donated by Windham Fabrics after Quilt Market.  The fabric was once table and chair coverings that has been deconstructed.