Beautiful Quilting!

The first four tops were quilted by Kathy Morrison from Portland, OR.  She did a beautiful job.  The first top was assembled by me with a kit that Ida Gaglio from Twain Harte, CA provided, and the other three tops were made by me.  Unfortunately, you can’t see the quilting really well on the first quilt, but you can on the next three if you click on the pictures.  I just love the circles on the second quilt.  The third quilt has various type dinosaurs quilted in it, definitely appropriate for a Flintstones quilt.  And, the last quilt, if you look close, you can see the little hands quilted in it.  The quilting on all of them is just wonderful.  Kathy has a longarm business, and you can see more of her quilting on her website and she can be contacted at


The next two tops were quilted by Sue K. from Indiana, again made by me.  Sue did a super job with feathers all over the Flintstones quilt.  On the diamond quilt, Sue had fun trying out new templates and the variety of quilting on it really adds to the charm of the quilt.  Sue also has a longarm business, and you can see more of her quilting on her blog at

Thank you Kathy and Sue for quilting these tops and for doing such a beautiful job on them.  These quilts will bring joy, warmth and comfort to the children who receive them.



One Response to “Beautiful Quilting!”

  1. Carla Says:

    Wow!! I love those! I’m going to try circles like that on something very soon!


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