Gorgeous Quilting by Midge Flinn!

It was a real treat to look at all the quilts that Midge Flinn from St. Louis, MO returned.  The quilting is just adorable.  Check out the monkeys in the yellow striped quilt, the frogs in the owl quilt, the bear paws in the bear quilt along with all the other closeups of the quilting.  Midge did a great job!  The tops were made by Amy Garcia, Carolina Boulanger, me, DeDe Cranford, Hong Ying-Chang, Kate melillo, Liz Clark and Ruth Blakely.  I can just see the big smiles on the faces of the children who receive these quilts.  Thank you, Ladies, for a job well done.



4 Responses to “Gorgeous Quilting by Midge Flinn!”

  1. Carole Claeys Says:

    How wonderful of Midge to take the time & be so creative on the quilts. She is a very giving person. I’m sure there will be many smiles on the faces of the children who receive these quilts.

    Thank you to all who have taken the time to put these quilts together for those less fortunate.

  2. quiltsbeyondborders Says:

    Carole, we definitely appreciate Midge’s generosity in taking such care and attention to making these quilts special. Can’t you just see the smiles on the faces of the children when they get these quilts! And, we also appreciate the ladies who pieced these tops along with the other women and men who have pieced and quilted for the children. Thanks for acknowledging all of our volunteers.

  3. Midge Bennett Flinn Says:

    Thank you both for the wonderful comments. A big thanks goes to the wonderful ladies who pieced these quilts, as well. I’m looking forward to doing some more very soon.

  4. quiltsbeyondborders Says:

    Midge, more tops will be in the mail to you tomorrow. Thanks for all your help.

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