Tops from Down Under

Hong Ying-Chang is from Adelaide, South Australia.  She came to International Quilt Festival Houston this past November and  helped in the QBB booth.  She also took some of the Andover Fabrics salesman samples home with her to make into tops.  Of course when she came to IQF, she brought some finished tops with her which left room in her suitcase to take those samples home with her.  Hong has been making tops and quilts for QBB for several years.  In fact, the very first post to our blog where we posted pictures was of some of Hong’s tops.  Here is the direct link to that post

I always enjoy opening a package from Hong because she makes such beautiful tops and quilts, and the ones she just sent in are no exception.  Thank you, Hong, for making these tops and quilt for the children, and for sending them all the way from Australia.



One Response to “Tops from Down Under”

  1. quiltsbeyondborders Says:

    These are very cute! I especially like the one with the white sashings. It’s such a pretty, light, refreshing looking quilt! I’m going to have to try that.

    Thanks, Hong! Your work is gorgeous, as usual!!


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