Quilts Delivered to Orphanage in Thailand

NOTE — This entry has been corrected.  An earlier post was incorrect in assigning credit for creation of the quilts.  My apologies!  Carla

Here are some pictures of the quilts that were delivered to Prachakittisuk Orphanage run by the Prachakittisuk Church in Mai Sai in Chiang Rai province in Thailand. These lovely quilts were made for these children by quilters throughout the US, and some other countries as well, and sent to Carolyn in Alvin, Texas. Some of the other quilts that she has received (and many that she’s personally made or completed) have gone to Ethiopia, Haiti, Costa Rica, Honduras, and now Thailand.  Great thanks to Carolyn and all the quilters who brought their talents to this wonderful work!

Karen Vander Stoep, a member of our Board of Directors worked with the Gold Canyon United Methodist Church (GCUMC)  to put these quilts into the hands of the children in Thailand.   The quilts were delivered by Jackie Douglass of the Gold Canyon United Methodist Church (GCUMC) International Missions Committee.

Thank you SO much, Carolyn, Karen,  Jackie, GCUMC and all the great quilters who made these quilts for making this possible. You can see how happy the children are with their new quilts!




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