Quilts for Children in Burundi by Gold Canyon Quilting Bee and Donna

Quilts Beyond Borders has broadened our scope this year, with deliveries to more countries. To do so, we’re working with other organizations which do mission work in various countries and have goals that are in synch with ours. One of these groups, Sister Connection, works with widows in Burundi who are often cast out of their homes by their deceased husband’s families. As a result, many of these women and their children become destitute. One of the activities of Sister Connection is to run a summer camp for these children while helping the women to regain a place in the community. QBB will be working with Sister Connection to provide 300 quilts for the children attending the summer camp this year.

Featured below we have the first group of quilts that have been delivered to Denise Patch of Sister Connection for transport to Burundi. The first picture shows quilts made by one of our “Frequent Quilters”, Donna Sciandra, who has made many beautiful quilts for QBB’s children in Ethiopia and elsewhere over the last couple of years.

The remainder of the pictures show the lovely quilts created by the Gold Canyon RV Park Quilters. One of our Directors, Karen Vander Stoep, is a member of this group, and had this to say about the group and their efforts:

“A group of sew-ers from the Gold Canyon RV Park (Arizona) have been working on quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders, for four years. This year was a banner year, completing 106 quilts, with the push to get them ready to send to Burrundi, Africa. They, along with 200 more, will be distributed to children at summer camp, those that have lost their fathers in war.

I think the assortment and variety of quilts is better than ever. We raised some money by offering grilled chicken sandwich lunches in our park, which enabled the purchase of bright colored fabrics. We had lots of support from long armers in WA and AZ but over 75 of the quilts were completed on our sewing machines.”

Thanks so much to Donna, Karen and all of the great ladies of Gold Canyon who created these beautiful quilts!  I know the children who receive them will cherish them.

Would you like to create a Bee to help QBB?  Here’s what Karen has to say about it:

“Creating a sewing bee group to support the work of QBB is as simple as asking a few friends to come over and quilt together or equally simple to involve a guild, church group or community group to come together with a quilt goal. All the ladies I work with agree that it is rewarding to create “comfort” for orphans but, equally rewarding, is the friendships made in the process.

So, form a group and whip up some quilts for children in need. Super simple quilts are preferred. We can help you with easy patterns, sage advice and even a country and goal to work toward. Let us know how we can help you get started.”

Happy quilting, everybody!  Regards,



One Response to “Quilts for Children in Burundi by Gold Canyon Quilting Bee and Donna”

  1. Mary Jo Gruneich Says:

    Working with Karen and the gals at GCRV was truly amazing. Each quilt is a gift of love and inspiration to keep on sewing for children who desparately need our attention. They have nothing but the faith that someone will care enough to give of their time and talents to protect them. Amen to the quilters!

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