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Quilted Tops from Connie Nikolaidis

April 30, 2012

Connie from Tuscon, AZ did a great job quilting these tops.  They should all hold up well to the rugged conditions they will encounter when they get to their final destination.  Connie has a longarm business, Pins and Needles, and her contact email is  Thank you, Connie, for quilting these tops despite all that you have been dealing with.  The children will love the quilts.

The sweet bunny top was made by Anne-Marie Moore.  The nine-patch was made by Faith’s aunt.  The bright, colorful one was made by Liz Clark who is a long-time supporter of QBB.  Thank you, Ladies, for your generosity and concern for the children.



Colorful tops from Ida Gaglio

April 29, 2012

Ida from Twain Harte, CA, a long time supporter of QBB, made these beautiful tops.  I love getting boxes from Ida and seeing what creations or fabric are inside.  The fabrics are always bright and cheerful.  Ida also included backing and binding which is a big, big help to us.  Thank you, Ida.  The children will love these quilts.


More Quilts by Keri

April 28, 2012

Keri, in Amherst OH, has contributed her quilting skills to the completion of four more quilts. The tops were originally sewn together by Theola B., Virginia L., Mylaka, and a QBB friend. Keri did an incredible job enhancing each quilt’s personality with her longarm skills. Keri also included a new business card advertising her longarm quilting service, Quilts by Keri. You can visit her website, to learn more about her services.

Keri, also donated some adorable quilters flannels, which will very soon be put to use with a number of tops I have been receiving. It is important to note that Quilts Beyond Borders LOVES receiving donations of quilters fabrics. Just TWO YARDS of fabric can be used as a quilt backing, and we always need fabric in addition to your amazing quilt donations.

Keri, thank you for doing such incredible work and for the generous fabric donation. I hope your special quilt project you are currently working on turns out great. – Jodi


Quilts from Patti in Ohio

April 27, 2012

The below quilts are from Patti in Powell, OH. She quilted and bound tops previously made by QBB’s Carolyn, Susan, Carol Grant, and a joint effort between Carolyn and Ida. All of these quilts are beautiful to gaze upon. I am especially fond of the color gradient quilts. The country-themed Raggedy Ann quilts are also very cute.

I included a couple of detail shots to show off Patti’s quilting. She also donated some extra fabric, which is always in need for making new kits or for quilt backings. Patti, thank you for doing such great work and for the additional fabric donations. We really appreciate all of your help. – Jodi

Quilts from Tamra

April 26, 2012

I received three well quilted quilts from Tamra in Blacksburg, VA. I was very excited to see quilts coming from Blacksburg because it’s the home of Virginia Tech. Go Hokies!

The tops were originally put together by QBB’s very own Carolyn, Carolina from Houston, and Jan in Michigan. I included a photo of one of the labels Tamra embroidered up for the quilts, too.

Thank you, Tamra, for doing such lovely work.

More Quilt Tops from Theola

April 24, 2012

Theola Breaux of Houston, TX has once again sent more tops. These are also from some of the kits she received from Quilts Beyond Borders. Each quilt is so colorful and well executed.

Thank you, Theola, for your continuing to work on tops for QBB. We appreciate all you do for the children who will one day receive your gifts. – Jodi

Very Special Quilt Tops

April 23, 2012

I recently received some beautiful quilt tops from Kelly Chladil from New Milford, NJ. Once completed these tops are bound to bring a smile to any child’s face. They brought a smile to my face as I took each one carefully out of  the box. She also included handmade binding, which is included in the set of photos below.

In addition to being beautiful each one of these tops is very special. They are all made and dedicated in memory of Kelly’s son, Nathan. When each quilt is completed they will wear a special handmade label in memory of Nathan.

These quilts are amazing in so many ways, and we thank Kelly for sharing the memory of her son, Nathan,  with Quilts Beyond Borders and the children we serve.  – Jodi

Some more theme fabric

April 21, 2012

I used up some more bits and pieces of theme fabric for more quilts for the children.


Featuring Quilts by Loretta K.

April 20, 2012

Loretta from Tyler, TX  has been making quilts for QBB for several years now.  Her daughter picked up a couple of kits at IQF 2011 for Loretta to make into quilts.  It is funny because when we put those kits together we have a idea of what they will look like, but somehow Loretta made these look so much better than we had imagined.  The pink one is so sweet and the green one is so alive.  Loretta did tight stipple quilting that will hold up very well to the rugged conditions the quilts will experience.  Loretta also requested 4 more tops to quilt, and I’m looking forward to seeing them finished.  Thank you, Loretta for your continued support and for making such beautiful quilts.  They make me happy to look at them, and they are sure to have the same effect on the children who receive them.


Another Andover Fabric Top

April 19, 2012

DeDe Cranford of Kingwood, TX made this really cute top with some of the Andover Fabric samples.  DeDe has made many darling tops for QBB and this one is no exception.  Thanks, DeDe.  We’ll get this quilted and off to a child.