Quilts from Kay Affolder

I hope everyone had a great  and safe Easter weekend. We may have eaten a little too much candy in our household.

Kay Affolder, from Decatur, IN,  quilted four tops, which she recently sent to me along with a quilt she made on her own. Kay made the lovely orange quilt with blue, green, and orange strips.

The quilt tops she quilted and bound were from Jeanne Whittle, Marsha A. Cribbs, the Willoughby Wallace Library Quilters, and Debora Janis. Jeanne’s top is the one with pretty blue and green flowers fabrics. Marsha put together the delightful multicolored squares. The Willoughby Wallace Library Quilters put together the large squared top with a sports theme, which will surely delight an avid sports fan. And, last but certainly not least Debora put together what I am calling the “ninja quilt top.” Some of the quilt squares feature a ninja from the children’s cartoon, GI Joe. They all look great, and Kay really enhanced each one with her quilting.

Thank you, Kay, for completing these tops and making your own quilt to contribute to Quilts Beyond Borders. These quilts will make some children very happy. Have a great week! – Jodi


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