7 Sweet Quilts from Sara and Sue

I’ve recently received 2 quilts from Sara and 5 from Sue, but that sort of understates the cast of characters that was involved in creating these quilts.

Sara Clark of Kansas City, MO sent me the two quilts pictured right below. They were made as a family project over Thanksgiving involving her nieces and sisters. Sara claims they are novices, but I think these quilts show that these novices have a very promising future! Sara said they learned a lot and had fun doing it. That sounds like a great Thanksgiving to me! After all, what could be better than spending time with your loved ones making some pretty quilts that will warm and comfort needy children? We all have a lot to be thankful for, and it’s a wonderful way to give back!

And speaking of “back”, the back of that first quilt is so cute I have to show it too!

The next 5 quilts came from Sue Dubinsky in Gainesville, FL. Sue is just starting to quilt for others and doesn’t have a website, but she can be reached at her email, kwiltmakr@gmail.com . She describes herself as a utilitarian quilter who loves to do simple all-over quilting for quilts that will be washed many times and carried around and loved by children…and adults alike. Her card has a watermark that says “Just plain and simple quilting”, but I think that minimizes it a bit! I think she did a beautiful job on these quilts, really fitting her quilting to the fabrics in the quilts.

The first two quilts were from tops made by Janet S. from St. Louis, MO. The one with the turtle batiks is really lovely, and Sue enhanced it with a panto of turtles.

The next two quilts were made from tops by the ladies of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton of Plano, Texas. Very cute panel quilts.

The last quilt was a top made by Debra Hoffman, in Michigan. Debra was one of the first “toppers” that ever sent me tops to quilt, several years ago, and I always enjoy her imaginative and skillful piecing.

Ladies, thank ALL of you for these lovely quilts! Some of them will be coming with me to Ethiopia in another week, and the remainder will be going off to Uganda in the next month or so. I know the children who receive them will treasure them.



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