19 Great Quilts from the NILAG members

I am a member of the Northern Illinois Long Arm Guild, and the members of this guild have been very supportive to our efforts to bring quilts to orphans in Ethiopia and other countries. At our most recent meeting I was given 19 completed quilts by 5 of the members, Jan Smith, Juliane Schmidt, Sandy Smith, Nancy Sturgeon, and Roger Spurgin.

The first 6 quilts were brought to me by Sandy Smith, from Joliet, Illinois. The first three of those were made from tops by our “Queen of Scraps”, Carolyn Sower. The third one was actually from scraps donated and pre-cut by Ida, who Carolyn says is REALLY the Queen of Scraps! I think they both do some pretty royally great scrap quilts, and Sandy’s quilting really enhanced these lovely quilts. The fourth quilt top was made by Jane, the fifth by Carolyn’s sister Cathy (who claims she isn’t really a quilter, but she could sure fool me!), and the last of the six was made by Myrna Loy Baccus. Ladies, these are all just beautiful!

The next 3 quilts were quilted by Jan Smith and her friend Juliane Schmidt.  The purple quilt is from a top by “frequent QBB Topper”, Donna Sciandra, and the third of the three quilts below was from a top made by the Sisterhood of the Thimble in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Lovely work by all!

The next 3 quilts were quilted by Roger Spurgin of A Quilters Edge.   The first two quilts were quilted with wonderful feathers, and the third one (another purple one from Donna Sciandra) was quilted with a climbing ivy pattern.  Good job, Roger!

The final seven quilts were quilted by Nancy Sturgeon, our Guild President.  Nancy had some helpers.  Her friend Denise helped out with the binding on several of the quilts.  Nancy’s grand-daughter, Mia, and Mia’s friend, Kendall (both 10 years old) made the first top.  The next three  tops came to us from England, where they were pieced by Kathy Osland-Moore and her friends.  The final three tops were more from Donna Sciandra.   Great thanks to all these ladies!  Wonderful work!


Several of these quilts will be going with me to Ethiopian orphanages next week, and the remainder were packed up and sent to a missionary group that will be taking 120 quilts to a school for needy children in Uganda.  I know the children who receive these quilts will love them.  I’m so happy to be a member of NILAG, and able to associate with all these fine quilters who have been so generous with their time and talents!  Thank you all!




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